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Things to do before I turn 25

We've all had those times where we just want to do everything but just can't get the inspiration to do so. We want this, we want that and sometimes, we lose track of what is it that we want. (Is this even relevant? Haha!) So just to keep me going and productive for the next five years, I've listed a few things I need to do before I turn 25.
Here it is in no particular order:
  1. Learn commercial cooking.
  2. Get at least 500 followers on my blog.
  3. Get into photography classes.
  4. Own an SLR, better yet a DSLR. Is there any difference between the two? (Edit: Save for a DSLR/SLR)
  5. Go back to Disneyland.
  6. Go out.
  7. Wear something fashionable.
  8. Get my hair treated.
  9. Find a stable and good-paying job.
  10. Write a feature for Living Asia (dream workplace :D)
  11. Learn how to ride a bike.
  12. Learn how to drive a car.
  13. Get into gym classes.
  14. Actually have a healthy diet.
  15. Save to own anything designer.
  16. Try something extreme like river rafting.
  17. Own a bank account.
  18. Fill my bank account with at least 20 thousand pesos.
  19. Own a pet.
  20. Go stargazing.
  21. Go on a really long roadtrip. 
  22. Write a mini novel.
...and more to come!

Hopefully this will not be just a list. I'd really love to cross out all of this before reaching twenty-five. *cross fingers* Wish me luck! I'll be updating on this list from time to time. :)


  1. i like your list! i think i'll add nr.3 to my list aswell ^^

  2. thank you! :) ive always wanted formal photography lessons. and hopefully get a dslr to practice with. :)