Update + The Happy List!

6 AM duty with the girls...aren't we cute? Hehehe ^^ 

HELLO BLOGOSPHERE! How are you all doing? Man, I know it has been such a SUPER DUPER LONG time since you've last seen my thoughts and my face floating around the internet! Hence, the picture. Teehee! I believe I've have missed almost three months of blogging action and fun...ugh. The way things work have been different since I landed the job. I've also noticed that time has begun to go fast since then. I feel like all I ever do now is go to work, go home, eat and sleep and back to work again. It's like the sun just let the moon take over for five minutes and it's morning again.  

But anyway, though I haven't been updating my blog, I really haven't been away. I've always been sneaking around your blogs and checking once in a while. :) I hope you don't find that creepy. Hehe. I know I have a lot of catching up to do, as well as catch up especially with all the bucketlists I've started. Hahah! Go figure! I haven't yet planned my daily posts but let's all leave that for tomorrow. Haha! Who knows what I'll have up in my sleeve? For the meantime, I hope you enjoy this happy list! xx


1. The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack! Even though I haven't watched the movie and (honestly) cannot get through the book, this soundtrack totally is my jam! :)
2. Seeing the ocean. Memories written all over the waves...
3. Food. You can't argue with me on that.
4. Hilarious and random moments at work.
5. Walking by the river at 5 in the morning. Often when I start office at 6, I arrive at the city ten to fifteen minutes after 5, giving me time to walk a few minutes to work, passing by the Iloilo River and admiring the lights reflecting in the water. And sometimes I even catch the sunrise which is always breathtaking. :)
6. This Coca - cola commercial. I dropped a tear watching this. Okay maybe three. Okay fine, I cried!
7. Christmas songs playing from afar. It's the -ber months here in the Philippines which means the start of the Christmas season - that usually lasts up until January!
8. Getting a letter from the past via futureme.org. I decided to run though my loads of email today (mostly nonsense) and saw that my email from my 20-year old self had arrived talking about my love life! Ha! Gotta thank my younger self for that. :)
9.  Books! I recently bought The Enchantress of the Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series, fell in love and wanted to buy the whole thing - all six books! It's my first novel of such genre and I can't wait till I read more from Michael Scott. Also dying to read the Inkheart series... ^^ 
10. Watching a movie alone. A few weeks ago, I watched If I Stay at the cinema. Add that I was the ONLY ONE sitting in the row on the left side which really completed the scene! Hahah! But anyway it was a really cool and exciting experience. The only downside was that I wasn't able to really cry it out, so I gulped my tears, if you know what I mean. Next time I'm watching a tear-jerker, I'm going to lock myself in my room.

Cheers to today! Ciao!


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