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May 20, 2014

Reasons why I buy stuff

Who loves shopping? We all do, don't we? Though sometimes I kind of prefer the type we usually call window-shopping. But you don't own anything from going window-shopping, so let's go back to shopping - as in really buying stuff. When I have extra money, I often immediately think of what I'm going to buy with it on impulse. What's supposed to be a whole lot of savings is spent instead on notebooks, trinkets, shoes, bags and other things that we don't often need. So here, without further ado, I have listed some of the reasons why I - and most probably some of the reasons why also you - buy stuff.

1. I really like them - I am a total notebook and perfume junkie! Often after school, we would pass by a mall and go inside the bookstore. I would go straight to where they would display the notebooks and my love for them just becomes stronger. Lol. What I love the most is when they're sold for not higher than a hundred pesos ($2)! I would immediately grab 'em and pay at the cashier (especially that I have a bookstore card, I'd want to earn points!) Phew! Imagine if that was what would happen everyday! During the last few months of college, my friend noticed this habit and she tried her best to lure me away from the notebooks. But nice try, though. Hahah!

2. The packaging is cute. I'm a really visual person and at the age of 21, I still can't resist the cuteness of things. This totally applies to perfumes! Did you also think that 'Hmm this must smell nice 'cause it's in a nice bottle'. I did too! Haha. It's either they have a really cute packaging or I like those words they put at the back of the bottles. I have one in particular that says 'It happens the way it does in your dream. He asks you out and you simply gleam! Crazy butterflies resume on cloud nine. Amidst a scent so vibrant and so fine'. It smells good too! :)

3. They're ON SALE! If you are a true-blooded-cross-my-heart-hope-to-die shopaholic, then you can't resist a sale! I don't usually go to Sales, though. There are a lot of people (duh) and your money can never be safe in there. But I went to a sale once and brought a shirt with my cousin, that ended up as my favorite shirt until now. Hehehe.

4. I don't want anyone else to have it or 'I'll surely find a place to wear it'. I may sound greedy at this point but don't we all feel that way sometimes, especially at a thrift store? We once held a garage sale at school where there were lots of really good dresses! I was made to fit one of it, and one of my teachers said it looked good on me. I was like 'Seriously?'. Then they told me that I should buy it but I declined. I had it going in my mind the whole evening, so the next day after seeing it for a few times, I was like 

...and gimme the dress! Hahah!

3. I need them, or I just think that I do when I really don't. Like those times when I would buy accessories for one particular event. I would go with my friends, so of course I'd want to buy some for myself too. I don't really wear accessories on a daily basis, only my good ol' watch. So those accessories I would buy will just go hidden in the closet. Later, I'd see them inside and say 'I bought these?'. Lol!

6. Because I'm embarassed to just go out of a store without buying something. Sometimes I pick some products and the salesgirl/seller has her eyes on me that I'm just forced to buy it. Hahah. Happens everytime!

What makes you buy stuff?


  1. I can completely understand buying things at thrift stores because of the "got to have it" desire. Then, hopefully, if I get home I don't experience shopper's regret. But of course, there is also the possibility of not buying it and then experiencing regret at home. :-/ I think that's why I quit shopping at thrift stores. Too much temptation.

  2. Cute packaging is my downfall! Dang my graphic design degree!

  3. Hahah! At least you know you really did a really good job when you get people to buy the ones you've designed! :)

  4. misslouisechelleMay 29, 2014 6:26 PM

    I agree with everything you said. And in the same order too! TOTALLY AGREE. Hehe.