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May 30, 2014

Daily Diaries 03: Surprise surprise!

Hello y'all! TGIF! How have you been this week? The weather here has been pretty gloomy lately and it usually rains in the afternoon...which shouldn't be the case because IT IS SUMMER! And it's kind of scary how time flies so fast. It's feel like last month I just got into college, and then here I am now, out of it and into the real world. And speaking of time, it's a day before June! Cray cray! I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Life happened. :) I'm just glad Kate hosts this wonderful link-up! This week has been pretty a-ma-zing and I can't wait to share it to you!

Monday. I went to the interview at S Hotel that I mentioned previously. I thought they were going to interview me, but instead the manager (who was very nice) gave me an essay type of test with five questions to answer. It was quick and I was then dismissed. I then met with my brother after his enrollment and had some snacks (ahem pizza) before going home.

Tuesday. It rained in the afternoon (that's what my diary says). So instead of slouching in front of the computer, I managed to do some writing and read some blogs in the evening. It was a nice day. :)

Wednesday. Another interview was scheduled for today at M Hotel. It was a really hot afternoon when I came in, but a few minutes later, it started to rain really hard. Oh, dear weather. In there, I met Marvie and Jenny who were also called in. I met the hotel's manager and he was very nice. After the interview, I planned to stop by the mall and eat something because my stomach was growling. It was perfect timing because I saw two of my college mates in line at the cashier, so I had a little chat with them and went home after a few donuts.

Thursday. I was starting to read Anna and the French Kiss that afternoon when S Hotel called, informing me of another set of interview for the next day. Yay! That evening, I judged a pageant for boys-dressed-as-girls called 'Beautiful Papa'. I honestly enjoyed every minute of the show! I truly admire their guts and they were really brave in joining since not all guys would dress up as girls and strut their stuff on stage like nobody's business in public, right? It was a really fun night! I went to bed at midnight thinking about the interview the next day, and praying to God that may what's best for me hire me first.

Friday. So I wore a red blouse I bought two weeks ago for the first time, wore no stockings (because I always always wear stockings), and hoped for the best. When I arrived at S Hotel, I met a girl from the same school as mine but on a different location. We talked about our trainings and stuff. Then the Manager arrived and interviewed her first. While she was being interviewed, I kept looking at the front desk and there were the staff, especially this really friendly biperson who kept smiling at me and wishing me goodluck. I guess it worked because when it was finally my turn, I was immediately hired! On the outside, while Maam was discussing work schedule and meals, I was like...

But on the inside, I was all like...


I beg you not to imagine me doing what the little girl does 'coz that would be embarrassing! Hahah! I am just giddy happy that I met this month's goal - to have a job! So after that, I met with the owner then proceeded with the hotel tour. I felt at ease and at home since Maam R (who was my guide and supervisor) and I both graduated from the same school and course. Lucky me! She introduced me to everyone and they were all very friendly and accommodating and I just hope they'll stay like that. I have never had any hotel experience before and I still have a lot to learn. I feel excited and just nervous for my first day of work but you know what they say - baby steps = big leap. YAY ME! :))

How did your week go?

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  1. Hello- from the link-up! Congrats on the job! Happy Weekend!

  2. Woahooo! Congratulations on new job! Work hard :)

  3. Congrats for the new job! your days went pretiily! Congrats!

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  4. Whoaa you changed urls? It's Pau btw, glad to have found your blog once again. Congrats on your new job! Hopefully I'll get a new one soon... Keep in touch ha!