Daily Diaries 02: Books, A Wedding and Youtube

Here come another summary of my week! Let's get to it! :)

Sunday, May 18. I got invited to be an usherette to a wedding on Saturday. Exciting! But what do I wear? 

Monday, May 19. I forgot what happened that day. Dang my short-term memory.

Tuesday, May 20. My brother and I grilled some pork for breakfast. After which, I watched some clips from a Korean reality show called We Got Married featuring my ever favorite YongSeo couple! That afternoon, I watched some youtube videos and made myself a pimiento sandwich and ice cold coffee! Yum!

Wednesday, May 21. I saw this One-Line-A-Day type of diary from Rachel and thought this might be a great idea to help me recall my day with the help of a sentence. I wanted to buy one for myself too, but there are about a couple of slightly used little notebooks in front of me so I thought why not improvise? ;) I do hope I get to the habit of doing this everyday so I can actually fill a diary for the first time! Haha! That morning, a friend texted me asking if I could be judge for a local competition, and I said yes! That afternoon, I slept with an alarm set for 30 minutes and felt refreshed and active. So I started the book Bloodstream by Tess Gerritsen and downloaded a heap of YA novels that evening! Well, that was a lot. Haha!

Thursday, May 22. I dedicated the whole morning and afternoon to finishing the novel I started the day before and it was really good! Scary and disgusting, but really good! Tess Gerritsen really is the queen of medical thrillers! I clearly cannot understand medical jargon but I loved it!

Friday, May 23. I went to the city with Mom today to settle her transactions. Before going home, we searched Pop Shop for something that I can wear to the wedding which is tomorrow! Mom tried showing me a couple of dresses but they weren't really my type (and I'm not a dress-person) so I finally decided to wear that outfit I wear for my interviews. Haha! We had a really good time anyway. :)

Saturday, May 24. Today is the wedding. It was a small event with only family, close friends and work colleagues. During the program, I was made to join the game where single ladies would gather and the bride would throw the bouquet. But instead of that, we were made to pick flowers with ribbons tied to them. The one with the shortest ribbon is the 'lucky girl'. Alas, I had the shortest ribbon. Haha! After that, I was instructed to turn back and all the single guys were each made to put a shoe for me to choose from. I'm glad it was a kid's shoe I chose! LOL! That afternoon, I got a call from S Hotel informing me of an interview on Monday! Just when I thought no one else would call back, they did!

Sunday, May 25. We attended our relatives' thanksgiving party for her three children: one for passing the board exam, one for her 25th birthday, and one for her homecoming. It was a bright and sunny morning when we went there. En route, I got a call from M Hotel informing me of another interview schedule which is now for their Travel Agency. Of course, I was excited! Hopefully, this will really be it! The afternoon skies were brumous - thank goodness it did not rain. We went home before dark, just in time to see the setting sun from our back porch.

Well that was one of my longest daily diary posts yet! We'd love to know how your week went, too! 
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Here's another Priscilla Ahn song! Enjoy! :)


  1. Lol, its funny that you picked a kids shoe :)
    Sounds like you had an amazing week, oh, and don't worry about forgetting what you did on some days. I always forget what I did on "normal" days.
    ├čerry ♥ Stylish  


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