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May 17, 2014

Daily Diaries 01: Applications, Interviews and Starbucks

Hello! How is everyone? And how is your week? :) Well mine has been totally great and quite a lot has happened. Here is a lowdown on how it went.

Saturday - I have been thinking of starting to write another novel. I like starting novels but sooner or later I can't just figure out how to finish them or how to run the whole story. Anyway, I found the perfect topic and I hope I do finish it! Haha.

Sunday - Spent Mother's Day with the family at home!

Monday - I was supposed to go job-hunting at the city but I woke up to a mild fever. Thank goodness it wasn't that bad. I also printed A DOZEN of resumes. No kidding! I started taking the job search VERY seriously.

Tuesday - A productive day! My friend and I went around every hotel in the city and submitted resume's. We made it through the tremendous hot weather and applied at nine hotels! I hoped that at least one would call me back. We ended the afternoon with a drink. I only had enough money for the ride home and my friend was really eager to get a drink and she was kind enough to treat me one! Nothing is as yummy as a FREE Chocolate Chip Cream Frapuccino! :) That night just right after dinner, I was sitting at the couch with my phone in hand when a hotel called! Well that was fast. I was like ooooooohhhhmmmyygooooossshhh. I was too startled that I quite forgot the name of the hotel, the time and the name of the caller. LOL.

Wednesday - Highlight of the day was when I received a text from D Hotel saying that I have to report the next day for an interview! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! :D

Thursday - The D Hotel interview came. I was quite nervous. I arrived at the hotel 15 minutes earlier. Later, I discovered that there were four of us to be interviewed. We were made to fill out an employment application form, then interviewed a little later. It was fast and did not last for five minutes, I guess. But what I was really curious about was the last interviewee who stayed there for more than 20 minutes. The others and I decided to wait for her at first to know what took her so long. But 30 minutes later, she was still inside reading or writing something, so we just went ahead. We thought maybe she got hired already. We were sad, but hey it's not the end of the world.

Friday - Another day, another interview. This time at M Hotel (the ones that called me on Tuesday). I came at 10 AM and learned that I was expected at 2:30 PM. Hahah! But Miss D interviewed me anyway. It was a LONG interview. It took us almost an hour, believe me! I was asked all sorts of questions starting from my whole bio-data, work preferences, etc. It was long but equally enjoying. I'm so glad that Miss D was very nice. I'm hoping I'd get an approval from ze boss. :)

Saturday - I had a fever in the middle of the morning. I'm wondering why these fevers keep coming. I also felt pain in my neck. So after lunch, I drank some paracetamol, prayed and slept until 3 PM. Later that afternoon, I felt better. Now here I am at 8:53 PM, at my desk, blogging.

At 9 PM I came upon the movie My Name Is Love. I had a really good night watching it!

Here is some upbeat music to brighten up your day! :)

How did your week go?


  1. Sounds like a very productive week, hopefully you get the job! :) The job search is always a stressful event!

  2. Girlie , you've been so productive these days :) I bet a great job is waiting out there for you. I've always tried to write a novel but always, run out of story #sadlife

  3. Thank you for the words Noor! :) Me too. It's THAT part of writing that kinds scks..

  4. Thank you Jess! I do agree! And finding a really good job after the tedious search is very rewarding:)