5 Things Tetris Taught Me

Tetris is an interesting and highly entertaining game of bricks! Back in our time, a.k.a the 90's, we used to plead our dads to buy us this toy we so commonly called brick game. And then we'd go gaga over it and play with the sounds in full volume at the living room. Cray cray. Basically, it was the only thing we had before our parents bought computers - I think. Anyway, Tetris is not just a game. It has something that we can learn from, too. Maybe not literally. If you look behind the bricks, there's actually a lesson or two you can extract from it. In my case, I got five! 

But before we go to that, I know you love trivia's so here it is! :)

1. You don't determine what piece will come next, but you choose where to place it.
In Tetris, the panel on the left gives us clues as to what piece will come next. Therefore, we can decide where to place it. Life is a lot like this. There are signs. The only difference is that sometimes they're invisible. We choose to see or not to see it. But when we do, we are the ones who make a choice on what to do with it. We may like the outcome, we may not. Nevertheless, we should still watch out because there are more to come.

2. It doesn't always go right but the good news is that there is a 'New Game' button.
Several times, I'd end up having stacks of bricks that reach the top and I'm out. But being the determined young lady that I am, I press the 'New Game' button and start again. Yes, we all make mistakes. Most times we make a lot and we do nothing about it except let it pile up. Mistake after mistake. The good news is, we always have the option to start again and make things better. The next time you play, you will be careful how to position and where to put your bricks. The longer you play, the more you become an expert with it. 

3. There may be holes below, but you can always fill them in.
I hate seeing holes in my stack of bricks. These holes are from pieces that don't really fit due to lack of tactics or confusion. But you can always fill them in later. The most important thing to focus on is the top of the stack of bricks. I think I'm talking about setting priorities here. Accomplish first what is most important - family, career, friends. You can do the rest after you're satisfied with your top priorities. If all else fails, see number 2.

4. Sometimes we keep waiting for the long pieces, not realizing that the smaller ones can suffice.
There is no shortcut to your dreams, only a long, winding and rocky road. Notice that the long tetris piece rarely comes. A huge opportunity rarely comes. So use the smaller ones to your advantage. Stack them smartly and well. Know that the small ones matter. The small blessings matter. The small accomplishments matter. It will play a huge part in leading you to your goal. And when the long piece comes, take it and use it to make a big leap!

5. You can top the high score if you keep on playing.
Let's say high score equals success. Like every other game there is, in order to get on top of the game, you gotta keep playing. KEEP PLAYING NO MATTER WHAT. Whether you've hit the 'New Game' button ten times, just keep playing. No one ever made it to the top without having fallen once or twice. But once in a while, take a rest and remind yourself why you're doing it. Set a goal. Only then can you play well and hard.

Have you learned from Tetris, too?

On another note, my blog just turned ONE! Well, last month actually. But hey it's never too late to let the confetti and party poppers exploooooode!! So like most of you do, I'm doing a survey to know what you guys think so I can further improve my blog and myself. 

I know I haven't been in my element lately, or should I say I have been kind of off. I haven't been blogging properly for a while because maybe I've been here and gone more than a couple of times. But I'm slowly getting back on track and I need you to help me do it! :) And I would really appreciate it if you would take time in answering this survey. Thanks a million! :)


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS. I never thought of any of these things before but you're so right! Every single one of these is true. This is such a creative and thought provoking post, Mary. Go you :]


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