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April 24, 2014

Job Application Blues

Yaaaayyyy! School is over!!! Weeeee! FreEeEeEdoooOOooooMMM! True indeed. The end of school life means no more stress (and hopefully no more pimples). It's a great feeling to be over school, but what they don't know is that it's kinda hard because if you're like me, you can't take it to just stay at home and do nothing after school has ended. You can't stand the fact that you're doing nothing so you NEED to find a job. 

It's exciting going to different establishments submitting resumes and you're very lucky if you get called like a day after you submitted your application. BUT what if after a week or two of waiting, no one has called you back? That's when thoughts come flooding into your mind. Thoughts like:

1. Did I type in my mobile number wrong in my resume? 
But I checked it like a thousand times already and it CAN'T be wrong...CAN'T!  T_T

2. Maybe they're just putting it off until the next hiring period.
Well the job I applied wasn't hiring anymore when I submitted my application, but they took it anyway. So I bet they're just putting my application off until they need a new employee. #keepingmyhopesup 

3. Maybe I was under dressed when I submitted my application. 
I was wearing a shirt and jeans! Maybe I shouldn't be a plain Jane the next time I submit my application. Shouldn't I? 

4. Maybe I'm too short for the job???
I believe I'm 5'3" (lol) but on a standard measurement, I'm only 5'2". WHYYY?

But I've only submitted two resumes. Hahaha. The key here is to just keep trying, not lose hope and look good, yes? Yes! The good news is, there's a job fair next week and I can't wait for it! Wish me luck! Now here are some songs I'm currently obsessing over! I hope you like them as much as I do! :)

Demons-Tribute To Imagine Dragons by The Infinities on Grooveshark
Demons - Imagine Dragons
(This is L-O-V-E!)

  I Miss You by blink-182 on Grooveshark
I Miss You - Blink 182
(Why haven't I heard of Blink 182? Have I been living under a rock?)

  The Violet Hour by Sea Wolf on Grooveshark
The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf
(A 'feel good' song!)

What were your thoughts when the employer didn't call you back?


  1. WAIT YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF BLINK 182 how is that even a possible thing!? Hahaha well I'm glad you found them! I was obsessed with I Miss You back in like 2003 lol ;] But I totally hear you on this post...I hate not having a real job but I get discouraged so easily when I'm looking for other employment.

  2. HHAHHA! I just seen them a few days ago when I was looking through youtube! Now I can't stop listening to it!:D :D Imagine the time,,,We'll eventually come to the part where we get the actual jobs we want. :)

  3. I suck at remembering cell numbers and when I first gave my job interview for school's temporary teacher, I PUT THE WRONG NUMBER -__- And I love this Demons song! It's a hit!