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April 29, 2014

How I survived with 150 pesos for a day

...well, ALMOST! Hahaha!

I don't know what got to me that day. Being the curious young woman that I am, I made up my mind and brought Php150 (USD3.37) plus a few coins to school. If you're like me who lives 45 kilometers away from school and have to commute everyday, has to buy herself a lunch plus some snacks every now and then (I'm quite a snacker), Php150 won't even last for half a day!

For everyone's reference on why Php150, here's a list of major expenses for the day:
LUNCH - Php 50 
FARE BACK HOME - Php 40 (Thank you Law for 20% off the regular fare for students!)
*Doesn't include minimum fares (Php 6) and fees for handout photocopies.  

There you go. My class during that time [towards the end of school] starts at 2PM. I could have had lunch at home to save at least Php 50, but being the curious young woman that I am, I ordered my favorite lunch at Jollibee. After that, all I have left is my fare back home. Sweet.

You may be wondering why I did this. Well, I try to save. I AM TRYING. But mostly I just can't resist an irresistible food or an item. And when I know that I have a few extras enough for it, I'd buy it on impulse! Like a pizza or two on the way home, or when I see a cute notebook whenever I would pass by this bookstore, or when I just feel like eating, or when I want to buy something because I don't want anyone else to have it and the list could possibly go on. I think I need to get myself to hear a seminar on handling money. Like seriously. Now that classes are over and I'm on staycation, I save a lot! Duh. Haha. But there are times when I go back to the city to hunt for a job and follow up transactions at school that I just get hungry and thirsty that I can't resist because

Hahaha! Kidding! Anyway, back to where we were. We had straight classes for three hours, and then came THE VACANT HOUR. And you know what people do when it's break time. Right there and then I knew I was gonna blow up the whole 'I survived with only Php150 for a day!' thing. I tried telling my friend that I'm on a very tight budget and all I have left is my fare for the ride home. But inside I was screaming 'I WANT TO EAT TOOOO!'

After a few deliberations with my own self inside my head, I told my friend 'I told you I only have about Php 50 left in my purse.' I told her about what I was trying to do but she laughed. What a very supportive friend I have. I continued with 'But if you're willing to lend me money to buy snacks then I'm gonna go with you.' Indeed, she let me borrow her money and we bought ourselves a combo at 7-Eleven just beside our school. Oh temptations.

At the end of the day, a report was made.
Mission: Kind of failed. Big FAIL.
Important reminder: Avoid vacant periods.
Conclusion: One can survive with a Php 150 a day AND a good friend with extra money at hand. :)
Will I ever again bring just Php 150 wherever I go? 

Hahahah! Maybe 250. :)

Have you ever done this kind of thing?
How was it? I wanna know!!

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