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Greetings from the Philippines! I was planning to apologize for a month-long hiatus, but then again, I'm going to apply what I have learned from sophomore year in college - that is, to never start your speech with an apology. So, I'm totally NOT sorry for not blogging this month. :) Though you should know that I missed you, and I missed blogging. I have not been very active in twitter or email, but I have been on facebook during free time just scrolling past my wall and watching out for tags.

Anyway, February has brought me and my batch mates (some of them you can see in the photo above) a whirlwind of activities that we have (finally!!) overcome! We've had more than a couple of deadlines to beat, things to attend to, exams to ace (not to mention the quizzes) and much more! I think I had my brain drained from all of that. Nevertheless, this month has been very enjoyable and it made me create a much stronger bond between me and my batch mates! 

Here a few events to highlight the month. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy! :)

February 9. We had our Feasibility Study Presentation done. We went back to Guimaras to show our advisers the chosen site for the study as well as the proposed plans for the area.

Don't we look cute in pink and white? :)

The waters were so tempting that morning! It was just so blue and so clear and so so pretty!

February 14. Well I spent Valentines with my friends at a Seminar on Work Ethics at school!

February 15. As part of our annual Tourism Fair organized by the seniors (that's us!), we had our Outreach Program at Barotac Viejo for the residents of Sapa Balo - a remote area in the town. The group in-charge had organized a Medical-Dental Mission and a Reading Program for the children. This just goes to show that Tourism students care too! :)

February 21. A Chromatic Night Run was organized by another group in charge of the Fund-Raising. I wasn't able to join the event since 1) I'm not really into fun runs and 2) I have an event I need to manage the next day. It would have been fun, I know.

February 22. The night has come for our event to take place - we were in charge of this one. Tourism Night is a lot like prom, but with a few changes to it - so I can say that I had been to Prom for four times during college! The theme is Hunger Games, so it was a colorful night!

A photo with our Program Head. :)


February 26. Recollection Day! We were gathered at a small retreat house just a few minutes away from school. There, we had a little lecture about God and His plans for us. That day I had a clearer view of my purpose in life, though it's still a bit blurry. Isn't it complicated? We had a little sharing about certain topics too like abortion, divorce etc. I don't know why we were given such topics but it was eye-opening to hear other's opinions about it. :)

This was at school...

...while this was at the retreat house.

Right now, I sit here in my desk thinking about the things we still need to do before we finally graduate, the plans I have for the future and its uncertainty. Right now I feel excited yet nervous that in a month, I'll be facing the life that is ahead of me outside the four walls of the classroom. I don't know where life will take me in the next few days, weeks or months. But all I have is now, so I'm gonna make the most out of it. :)) Cheers and may all the odds be ever in our favor, Batch 2014!


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  2. I'M SO GLAD YOURE BACK!! I missed your blog! Those Hunger Games "prom" pictures are amazing, you're so gorgeous and I love your dress! It sounds like you had a really busy month so I suppose it's understandable that you took a hiatus. Haha. Life is too much to deal with sometimes, so many things to do! Also I would have opted out of the fun run too...I hate doing runs with tons of people.

  3. I can't deny the fact that I missed reading your blogs and blogging too! Feels good to be back :)) Gee thank you! :D Though I didnt get to achieve what I really wanted, at least I had a dress hahah. I did! January-February was a month of sleepless nights, hunger (hence, the Hunger Games.LOL!) and sore legs. But anyways it was a great month! :) I had a goal of joining a fun run and it was an opportunity but honestIy dont really like fun runs too to start with hhahh


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