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Hello Panda! :) How are you all doing? So another month is about to end and I feel like a bad blogger as this is just my third post for the month! THIRD, guys. On a positive note, it's better than nothing right? Hahaha! Ahhh finally, I'm almost almost done meeting my deadlines - only one left! I am at the verge of finishing our Feasibility paper and hopefully it's binded and submitted before the end of the week! I can't wait! :)

Now let's get to some fun links I fancied this weekend! Aside from 9gag, I guess I found another entertaining site that can make me just sit and scroll for hours! Plus, you get a thing or two from here so it's not really a waste of time. Is it? :) The site is called Bored Panda - the only magazine for Pandas! I'm a Panda so I definitely have to read this magazine. Hahah. If you're a Panda too, come join in!

Here goes the 30 Happiest Animals in the World! I couldn't agree more! I mean, how cute are these little buddies? And look! They smile like humans too! Ohhh cuteness overload!

And if you still can't get enough of that, here are photos of sun-kissed kitties to make your day!

Well there's also winter kissed animals that are as enchanting as when they are sun-kissed...

On a different note, there's also first-world anarchists who don't care about your rules. Like people standing where they shouldn't stand, stepping on the grass, touching the please-do-not-touch sign and cutting the box open with a knife when it tells you that you shouldn't do it with a knife! Hahaha!

Sometimes, it's funny when kids are being, well, kids. Duh. Check out these hilariously honest letters from kids!

What made me tear was this father who recreated his wedding featuring his daughter. His wife died of cancer after about three years of marriage. So before they moved out of the house, he decided to recreate his wedding together with his daughter in memory of her. :')

And here are the Luxton brothers recreating old photographs for their Mom. I myself would love to try this someday too. :) It would be so much fun, ha!

This girl is the man, or should I say woman. Believe it or not, Chino Otsuka, a Japanese photographer, inserted herself in her old photos using some software and I am blown away! It's her series called 'Imagine Finding Me' where she envisions what it's like to meet herself as a child. Brilliant, no? It looks like she really is in the photo when in fact, she isn't. 

If you think it looks like a painting, well, look again. Jee Young Lee has made her little studio into a surreal other-worldly place. You can guarantee that this is photoshop-free and it's all work of the hand. It's amazing and just wonderful that there are a lot of people with creative minds like her in this world. :)

This one is in the Tianzi Mountains in China. Kind of reminded me of an anime called Sky Land or something. It's a story where people lived in floating pieces of land like this one. Isn't it magical? What would you do if you lived beneath these mountains? I would be terrified but it would be cool saying that you lived under these gigantic pieces of earth. But they don't allow anyone to live here, do they?

And last but definitely not the least, a super cool (i'm out of words here) photo of a thunder and volcanic eruption photographed by genius Francisco Negroni! Genius!

Have you ever been to Bored Panda? 
Which ones are your favorites?

*All images are from bored panda with credits to their respective owners.


  1. Arent they the cutest?? :) I also cried at the dad recreating wedding pictures.. :(
    I know! LOL The studio recreation is amazing too!

  2. Im starting to believe that cats are the cutest creatures on earth! :D


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