Weekly Wishes 02

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So last week, I had tasked myself to do three things: study for my remaining prelim exams, answer at least 10 random items out of 50 from 'Questions that Will Free Your Mind' and arrange my drawer/s. So congratulations to me because I did it! YAYAY! 

First, I had finally arranged my drawer that didn't even take ten minutes to tidy up! Now I don't have a hard time finding what I need! I also answered ten random questions out of the fifty and it was fun! I think you should try it too! 

Last but not the least (though listed first haha) is to study for my remaining prelim exams. I have been such a lazy student last week since I wasn't able to actually study (like focus on just studying). I have been overthinking and my mind is just preoccupied with a lot of things that I find it hard to focus. I only got to studying yesterday and this morning (thankfully our exams were still at three pm). I'm glad that I was able to answer all the items (and I hope they're correct) in our essay exam. Hallelujah! I thought it was hard but it was close to easy peasy! Of course it won't be that easy if I hadn't studied! :) Only one exam left tomorrow and it's finally over - the prelim exams, I mean!

This week, I learned that...

Don't let your lazy self control you. How can you say it's hard when you didn't even try? How can you say you can't do it if you did not even start? So don't just say it. DO IT!


1. Answer another random ten from '50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind'.
I had fun answering this last week, that I'm gonna go for another ten this week! :)

2. Finish (or at least have a draft of) the first chapter of our feasibility study.
So it's the midterm period of the semester. Midterms, I think, is where all the craziness happens. This is where all researches and preparations are made for the finals period and I can foresee lots and lots of stress. But what are stresstabs for, right? Hahah! Anyway, I hope that me and my groupmates can finally get to work on the first chapter of our study this week.

3. Sleep before 10 PM.
Sooo I've been sleeping late since the new year started. Often I would stay up later than ten and just keep on clicking and clicking on blogs and finally stop when my Mom tells me to sleep already. Thankfully, there's no clock in our room (uhm yeah us girls share a room) so she doesn't know that it's really late. Hehe. I don't think it's healthy staying up late (though it can be healthy for the pimples I'm sure) so I'm going to try to break this habit of mine.

4. Go to Book Latte.
It's a library, lounge and cafe (every book lover's dream place!) or a library cafe here in our city. Library cafe sounds good, doesn't it? I've been there once when my friend met another friend to get something from her in there (though it was only for a few minutes). From what I can recall, it's a pretty place fit for a small amount of people which is just great when you want to review for exams or read books (they have plenty in their shelves)! I found some information about it right here!

What are your goals this week?


  1. I swear, every night I attempt to sleep before 10pm. But my body refuses to sleep anytime before 11! Lol :)

    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  
    Giveaway going on now!(: 

  2. I try to sleep before 10 but ending up laying down playing with my phone. The next thing I know its like 12. That sucks when you have to get up at 6 the next day. Cool idea not to have a clock in your room. I should of thought of that when I was younger.

  3. Library cafe sounds like heaven haha. But my goal is to finally sit down and read those questions you posted! I have had it open on my computer since you posted it but I haven't gotten the chance yet. It's so thoughtful I want to do it when I have a lot of time!

  4. But congrats on finishing all of your wishes this week :]

  5. I always plan to sleep on 10 but eventually end up sleeping on 2am! IT'S A GLOBAL ISSUE!

  6. Hahaha! Indeed it is! It's so hard to resist especially when you're doing something that you really feel like doing! Like blogging, for instance :)

  7. Hahaha! THank you Marla! :) Yes it does. Let me know if you answer those questions! :) Id love to read what you have to say.. I failed on answering another ten this week though.

  8. Body clock totally are a bit hard to adjust! hahah, I failed in sleeping early this week. Maybe we should try to let our bodies sleep at least ten minutes earlier little by little until it becomes 10pm.. :)

  9. I heard once that when you face the laptop or your phone before going to bed, you have the tendency not to fall asleep immediately. Maybe its because of the lights or something? hehe Having no clock in the room worries me too like when I have a class early in the morning and dont know the time..

  10. I know right! I had it on track for about a month then right when I was on a roll I got kicked off tack!


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