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January 11, 2014

Ways I'll Meet My Soulmate

Today, I went through my old notebooks and saw that I wrote something that seemed funny (at least to me hehe). I know it's too early for the love and cheesy stuff because it's still weeks until V-day, but who cares? Hahah!

Did you ever wonder how you'll meet your soulmate one day? Well, I did. During this particular time I wrote this, I think I was alone and my mind was totally not here on earth aka daydreaming. So what I did was list down the probable ways I'll be able to meet my soulmate just for fun hehe. So without further ado, here it is! Enjoy! 


1. At a bookstore, I find that this particular Nicholas Sparks novel has only one stock left. I come rushing towards it only to find out that someone was going for it too. As if on cue, we both get the novel and play good ol' tug-of-war, and have a cute argument whether who gets to have the book based on either who saw it or touched it first. After a few minutes he would finally give in, though I really have no intentions of buying the book because I have the complete ebook duh. Haha.

I only wanted to read the plot at the back, so I tell him that he can have it. But he insists. 'I insist!', I say too while I put the book back at the shelf. Then this little girl would appear out of nowhere, grab the book and proceed directly to the counter. We both look at her then stare at each other and laugh. He would then extend out his arm and say his name. I shake his hand whilst saying my name and eventually, he asks if I could go with him for a snack or something. Oh how serendipity-ish is this? Haha!


2. One day, my friends would finally succeed to invite me to join a late friday night partaaayyy. Of course I was a bit underdressed for the ocassion wearing a pair of pants and a decent party-blouse, something like that. During the party, my friends would become wild on the dance floor and some would talk to their partners, while I just sit there at the corner like a wallflower and fiddle with my cellphone as if playing a game or something. So I would go to the party to play with games in my phone. I'm that cool! Then a slow song starts to play - like Closer You and I by Spongecola (a Filipino band), or Hero by Enrique Iglesias or If You're Not the One by Daniel Bedingfield. 

Give it a listen and MELT! :)

So I just continue to play with my phone, then I would notice someone standing in front of me. I look up and see this angelic shining figure (courtesy of the lighting behind his back) asking me to dance. Eventually, I say yes as if I'm being hypnotized. Then we would dance and talk and become friends!

3. It's the first day of Grad School. The whole room is a chaos and I seem to be the only one who does not have someone to talk to. Or at least I'm one of the few. Then someone (a guy!) sits beside me. I look at him and we smile at each other awkwardly (see Zooey Deschanel gif above). Then I would start a silly conversation like 'So were classmates!'. Like, duh. Haha. And then hewould actually start talking to me and then we'd be good friends! Hence, it could be the start of something!

4. At school perhaps when graduation is near, there will be this creepy guy who would shoot stares at me every time. Eventually, he'll get the courage to talk to me and hopefully get to know me. So I would be the one to start the conversation. I'd tell him how creepy he is and command him to never act like that anymore. Eventually, he does that and never talks to me ever again. Uhhh, maybe I should have let him start the conversation...?

5. I'm at a fastfood restaurant eating alone at a table for two. The restaurant isn't that full and there are still a few vacant seats around. Then, this guy would walk over to my table carrying his tray and ask me if I can share the table with him. Wow. I make a poor joke that runs along the lines of, 'Oh you can have the whole table if you want.' Fortunately, he doesn't take it too seriously and places his tray on the table and sits across me. He would then say 'You joke pretty well'. Haha! So that was how the conversation would start.. :)

6. One day at the mall, I would come across an old acquaintance with his friends. Luckily he would see me too,  approach me and ask 'Hey what are you doing here?' in a really jolly mood. Then I would answer in a joke-like manner 'The same reason you're here, of course (strolling at the mall)!' and laugh out loud. And then he would 'Oh! Okay. Gotta go. See yah! *End of Conversation* Ain't that sad Zooey?


Hahahahah! So there is supposed to be seven of this because, this is after all, in the 'List of Seven' category. I'll just be updating this sooner or later. Has some of these ways proven true to you?

How do you want to meet your soulmate?
or if you already did,
How did you meet him?

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  1. This was the cutest post EVER! I think a lot of people meet their soulmates in situations they thought they would never be in.

  2. Thank you Brittany! <3 I think so too! Stuff in movies do happen in real life after all :)

  3. It's never too early for Valentines day! :) <3

  4. Omg this is so perfect hahaha. I like your fast food restaurant one the best I think, nothing breaks the ice like an awkward joke!