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Last Tuesday, I only had classes in the afternoon, so of course I had the whole morning for free. The thing about having a lot of things to do at the same time is not knowing what to do first (which is the hardest part, don't you think?). So instead of thinking about what I should do that morning, I ended up reading The Happiness Project which I downloaded at epubbud. Hehe :) I think I shouldn't have readily listed all 24 books in my booketlist (book+bucketlist. I am a genius!) because even I don't know what I will read next!

Anyway, going back to the Happiness Project, I do agree with Gretchen Rubin when she said that 'Everyone is weird...We're all idiosyncratic'. There are some traits that we may or may not have in common. And there will be always that one trait or 'thing' that only one person can have. Which leads us to today's post! Smooth transition, eh? Hahah!

So today, I am going to be talking about the weird stuff that I do, or in one word - quirks! Yay? Yay! :D I figured I should give away a little bit more information about me since that's how we can connect to each other in one way or another, right? :) So on to it!

1. I don't like my chicken with gravy. While most people would pour their cup of gravy right onto their food, I don't. I don't know what it is with people and gravy but I was never a fan of it when I was young. It was only until college that I get to notice that a little container of gravy was sitting right next to my chicken. Most of my friends would ask me 'You don't like gravy?', then I would shrug and say 'You can have it' and immediately they would swipe it off my plate and pour it onto theirs. Right now, I do eat my chicken with gravy but not that often. I just like my chicken as is. :)

2. I can write backwards with both hands. I just kinda love doing it. Haha

3. I can't stand my nails being long. If I notice that my nails have grown about 10mm long, I feel the need to cut it already. I just know that short nails look good on my fingers! Haha. And I rarely put nail polish on because I feel suffocated. The last time I did, it didn't last a few days, and when I finally had it off, I felt so free and my hands don't feel like it has tape on it.

4. I find it hard to say no. Ugh.

5. I don't really like lechon. Whoops! Sorry lechon lovers! I know it looks so yummy and irresistible but I tend to skip the menu. When I do eat lechon, I eat only one or two small cube-like pieces or sometimes the crunchy skin. Don't get me wrong. I love pork, but I just don't really lechon that much. 

6. I am not allergic to any food! Thank you Lord! 

7. And speaking of allergies, let's talk about shrimps. Like gravy, I wasn't a huge fan of shrimps and all my life, I refused to eat it. I don't know why. Maybe because most people are allergic to it, and I thought that when I eat it, I will have allergies too. Haha. But it wasn't until I was like 18 or 19 that I finally got to take a bite and I looove it! And I ask myself why did I refuse it? Now it's one of my faves! I especially love the ones marinated in sprite. :)

8. When I find a piece of clothing comfortable, it may be the only piece I wear (like fo-e-vah!). I do have other pieces of clothing, but once a favorite, always a favorite! Take for example my yellow shirt here. I wear it to school, to the mall, to church and just about everywhere I go. I think I wear it too often that it looks old now. Well, I better shop for another favorite! Haha.

9.I don't know how to be angry. My classmates often ask me about that. They would say that they can't tell whether I'm angry or not that they have to ask like 'Mary, are you angry already?' I do get angry but I would rather vent out my anger when I'm alone.

10. I'm suffering from a bad case of ATMI find it hard to focus on one task alone especially now that a lot of things need to be done at school. This kind of disorder is commonly known as the Attention Deficit Disorder, but has been renamed as Awesome Time Management by one of my favorite magazines. I hereby declare that official! Lol! 

11. I can do the browcomotion! I can move my brows up alternately and a bit fast! It's fun! Haha! I might show a video sometime! :D

I know it says only 11 but here is a bonus! Am I the only one who feels like my lips are sooo bright eventhough I'm only wearing the slightest shade of red or pink or whatever?

Now it's your turn!
List 11 fun and weird things about you and link it in the comments!
I'd SO love to read it!
Who knows maybe we can have something in common!


  1. You can write backwards? OMG I am seriously amazed . I try to write with both hands but being a righty , it doesn't work !

  2. I also find it hard to say no too :( haha

  3. Writing backward with both hands. I think that one stands out from the rest! I can't even write nicely with my dominant hand.

  4. I just came across your blog and I love it! I usually don't like chicken with my gravy either. You are very lucky you're not allergic to any foods- being allergic to most fruits is the worst curse a girl could have. I'm looking forward to following your blog (:

  5. Yes I can hahah! You can try to practice it and before you know it you can write backwards too! :)

  6. It's not bad to say yes, but the aftermath of it sometimes is just not good. gahh. :(

  7. Hmm I think so too! Hehe :) Are you a righty as well? My left handwriting isnt that good though haha

  8. Aw thank you Sammiey! <3 And welcome! :) High five! ^__^ Chicken itself is already deelish! Oh no no are you allergic to fruits?

  9. Browcomotion and writing backwards with both hands? Those are real talents! You should definitely do a video, it would be awesome!

  10. Most of them. But I can eat watermelon and pineapple which I like a lot, so that keeps my spirits high :)

  11. YOU CAN'T BE ANGRY? You're the best creature living on planet then or at least my favourite!

  12. I find it hard to say no too, LOL :))

  13. I envy that you don't have any allergy. I love shrimps marinated in sprite but after eating one my lips always swell and I feel itchy all over :( Thanks for always giving me blog post ideas, check out my blog post about it as well.

    Jem of <a href="> The Jem Diaries </a>

  14. Agree with nails. If my nails get too long I feel dirty thinking about all these dirts that are trapped underneath. It's SO cool that you're ambidextrous! About ADD, I think my BF also has the same thing, he HAS to do at least two things at once otherwise he gets fidgety... Do you feel the same?

  15. I love that you wear your favorite item of clothing so much…And can't stand to have your nails long. I am the same way, so it's nice to hear that someone else in the world has that in common with me. :)

  16. I'm just weird in so many ways. I always say that being weird and different is great. OK, I'll share - I talk to myself out loud and may do it when I'm not at home. How embarrassing!

  17. Aw but at least you get to eat delicious watermelons! They're my fave too! :)

  18. Whoops! I forgot to put 'in public'. Hahah. I CAN be but just when no one is around. I think I would burst in tears if people saw me angry. ^___^

  19. Aww but at least you're not allergic to most foods. I know someone who is even allergic to coconut. COCONUT! I can't believe some is even allergic to coconuts..
    That is sweet :) Thank you Jem!

  20. Absolutely correct! And I love cutting my nails soo... :p I don't get fidgety though. Maybe mine isnt that really bad?

  21. High five to you and @Zia @ Bits of Days! :) I know there are still more of us like that :) What are your quirks?

  22. We all are idiosyncratic after all :) And there's nothing wrong with being different as long as its a good kind of different. :D

    You have got to be kidding me... I'm like that too! I dont know if I unconsciously do it in public. I hope not. That would have been embarrassing. Hahahah!

  23. It's fun to find out all the unique differences we have! And I think it's a good thing to not be too easily angered.


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