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January 25, 2014

Love in 7 Languages: A Movie List

Rose bouquets, cute teddy bears with hearts on their tummies and red. Lots of RED everywhere (that includes the Coca Cola tents set up on the streets)! At least that's what we saw yesterday while we were walking downtown. Apart from the people running here and there busy preparing for the Dinagyang Festival that is going on right now, there's the fact that February will be here a week from now. Time indeed flies like a falcon! 

So given that the Love Month is just around the corner, and the fact that we all love movies (don't we?), I've listed some of my favorite movies from my desktop to keep you entertained this season! Wow. I've included some download links in case you want to watch. I hope you enjoy! :)

THAI - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
This movie was released during my first year of college (2010) and became an instant hit! It was so because this movie was made for teenagers, and you know how teenagers go crazy over a movie when they can relate to it! *wink. The plot is about dark-skinned 7th grader P'Nam falling in love with her senior P'Shone. She tries her best to make him notice her (you know, the crazy things we do to make our crushes know that we do exist) using the book Nine Recipes of Love. In the process, she improves herself as well as her grades and grows up into a beautiful and smart girl. It's a very fun and cute kind of movie and I'm sure you'll watch this a hundred times like I did! Go watch it! 

SPANISH- Three Meters Above the Sky (Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo)
This has got to be one of my new favorite movies! This was introduced to me by one of my friends who said that there are still a lot of other good movies out there in a foreign language. And indeed there is! This movie tells the story of Hugo, a 'bad guy' and street racer who falls in love with good and rich girl Babi. Good-girl-loves-bad-boy and vice versa may be a common plot for a movie but this one got me crying! So eventually Babi falls for Hugo as well, and they share a love that goes three meters above the sky a.k.a. muy muy muy muy mucho!

You'll then realize that these guys do have big hearts and are just acting bad for a reason. For example, only he knows that his mother is seeing somebody else and he saw her wrapped in a blanket in this other guy's apartment and he beats the guy up and he ends in court and his family cannot protect him because they do not know the truth (Whoops! Spoiled it!) This means to say that not all bad guys are bad. Most of them are just misunderstood and have deep secrets. Watch the movie! Trust me you won't regret it! :)

THAI - Hello Stranger
Imagine yourself going on a DIY tour to a foreign place like Korea. You meet an unlucky person who lives in your country. He then decides to tag along with you, eventually relying on you for food and accommodation. You get annoyed but you agree. You go to a place where you would drink a whole bottle of soju (korean alcohol) if he ate a whole live octopus (and he did!). You go to a club and dance like crazies, experience snow for the first time together, attend someone's wedding, become instant millionaires and other fun things imaginable. And after the time you've been together, you still don't tell each other's names so you can do anything as you please. Later, you feel that you sorta like him but you can't pursue you feelings because his girlfriend wants him back. So you part ways at the plane without any names or numbers. If you can't imagine those, you can watch it here. Haha! :)

If you love classical music and time travel, then you'll certainly love this! Secret tells the story of Xiaoyu, who travels to the future by playing a musical piece called 'Secret' (but of course) that she discovered at the old piano room. The first person she sees in the future, who is Xianglun, is the only person who can see her. They both spend happy times, go to secret (and beautiful) places, and be partners at the school dance. Towards the end, Xianglun noticed that Xiaoyu rarely ever went to school, and discovered that she was time travelling. Aside from the wonderful love plot, I simply love their piano skills. This movie made me wish I can play the piano. Go watch it here!

KOREAN - Daddy Long Legs
Yay for Korean movies! You probably know Daddy Long Legs as the anime character who helped little Judy Abott go through her life as an orphan. He's been used many times in movies and it includes this one. Young-mi lost her parents at a young age, but she went through life with the help of a person who sends her gifts and payment for her dues. She landed a job at a national radio station and was relocated at a house near it. 

Then, Young-mi received an email from the house owner and opened it. She then discovers that the house owner has programmed these letters to be sent a year after they are written (kind of like futureme.org hehe). You see, the house owner (whom she assumed was a girl), is losing her memory and the only way she can remember them was to email herself. It's a long story and I don't know how to put it in one short paragraph but this one is gonna give you the sweet chills too. :)

HINDI - My Name is Khan
Well, this is not your ordinary love story. A true gentleman keeps his word, and that's what Rizwan Khan is. He has Asperger's syndrome and is gifted with the ability to repair things.  Once upon a time, he met Mandira, a hairdresser. This is one of my favorite parts in the movie! Khan fell for Mandira and he wanted to marry her but on one condition - he must show her a view that she hasn't yet seen in San Francisco. 

Khan finally shows Mandira a wonderfully breathtaking view of the skyline just before dawn! How sweet is that? So Mandira agrees to marry Khan and be the father to her son Sameer. The real thing starts when Sameer, being Muslim, is beaten to death during the time of the 9/11 attack. Mandira is shattered because Rizwan's last name is the reason why he died - Mandira and Sameer are Hindu. Their relationship fall apart and the only way that Rizwan can be with Mandira again, is for him to tell the President of the US that his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. Khan takes this seriously, and his long journey begins. Now this is what real, pure and sincere love is. A love against all the odds.

ENGLISH - Something Borrowed
I love this movie because Colin Egglesfield and Ginnifer Goodwin make such a cute couple! Anyway, this movie had made me laugh and cry and adore Dex. Haha. But on a serious note, what would you do if your bestfriend is going to marry the only man that you ever loved? How can you fight your feelings if he's always there? What if he told you, days before the marriage, that he is in love with you and that you were the only ones he ever thought about in college? What if the Hampton's really are a zombie movie directed by Ralph Lauren?

TAGALOG/THAI - Suddenly It's Magic
I am a fan of Erich and Mario so this is a must watch (though I missed it in the cinemas). It's a story of a famous actor named Marcus who wanted to get away from all the stress of celebrity life, and Josephine who is still in the pain of her would-be husband leaving her at the altar. They meet when Marcus, having a Pinay as their house helper, recommends him to 'get lost' in the Philippines. He stays at a resort where Josephine bakes. Joey, being badly hurt, chose to close her heart but eventually gave Marcus a chance. Thus, making them both believe in fairy tales again. Get a dose of Filipino-Thai romance! :)

Have you watched any of these movies?
What will you watch this love month?

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  1. I looooooove something borrowed. This movie kinda boggled my mind. It's simply like a no no to going for your best friends guy BUT due to the circumstances (and how they look oh so cute together!) you really can't help who you love. Who you fall in love with. But then again your friends guy ahhhhhh do you see how it boggled mind? I guess it teaches in a way to sometimes you just have to go for it and follow your heart. And also learn how to move on and let go.

    Oh and i also love Suddenly it's magic. Such a cute movie.

  2. I've watched My name is Khan & I LOVED IT! It's something very else than a normal love story. The man is a genius! And I cried a lot during this film!

  3. Oh wow. I've never heard most of these movies except Crazy Thing Called Love which I really enjoyed. Guess I need to watch them!

  4. I haven't watched any of these movies! I am a sucker for action/horror/thriller films if I am honest but lately I have enjoyed romantic movies more.

  5. What a wonderful list! I loved something borrowed :) I also love watching foreign films. I need to jump on it and check these out. Thank you for sharing!


  6. I loved Something Borrowed and My Name Is Khan! I think Secret is a Taiwanese film and a pretty popular one at that but I've never actually seen it. :P Thanks for sharing this great list Mary Belle, I really need to watch more foreign films!

  7. I'm so so glad everyone loves it as much as I do! One of the best movies evuurr! :D
    You are so right! It's a complicated story and you dont know who to blame but I guess that's the thrill in it! haha. And may I add taking the risk and say what we feel rather regretting not having said it at that time... <3

  8. No love story can match My Name Is Khan! :)) This man really is worth looking up to! Sharukh Khan really did great job portraying the character :D

  9. You MUST watch them! :) Especially the Spanish one. I saw it has a part two but no subtitles booo...

  10. Perhaps its now time you watch these, and with Dan too. :)

  11. Thank you Nancy! :) Arent foreign films one of the best? Though we cant understand a thing about what theyre saying, we can certainly feel it :)) Ive left some youtube links so you can watch with me! :)

  12. Yay thank you Shawn! :) Foreign films are awesome! Secret is such a beautiful movie! It is never too late to watch all this! hehe.

  13. I LOVEEE Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Something Borrowed! Mario Maurer is so cute ain't he? Never heard about Suddenly It's Magic it sounds interesting, I think I'll watch it. Have you watched Seven Something though? I watched it because Nickhun played in it, and even though it's not too lovey dovey it's quite interesting! p.s.: Sorry I misspelled your name on my reply the other day!

  14. Omg saving this so I can watch these with my boyfriend this month. Thank you so much!