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January 30, 2014

Hunger Games Inspired Dresses

Uhhh, dresses I mean. You may be wondering why I suddenly posted about Hunger Games and dresses. Don't get me wrong. Though I don't wear dresses a lot, I still love them. And the trilogy happens to be the theme of this year's Tourism Night. It's a yearly culminating activity organized by the seniors (in this case, us) and happens during February, and that makes us feel like going to Prom every year!

Of course it is fun, but expensive too! You can't just go to an event like this wearing something very simple unless you want to look like the odd one out. It is a night of gowns and make-up and glamour! For the three years that I've been joining this event (perfect attendance!), I always had a new dress since each year has a different theme. Thank goodness the dressmaker's labor is affordable! Rentals in here cost about Php1500 ++, so its better that I buy the fabrics and let the dressmaker do her magic for a total of not even close to Php1000. In the end, I have a sassy affordable dress that I can call my own!

So last year's theme was Oscar's, which leads us to this...

Ehhh, I look so pale in here. I was busy with the powerpoint presentation (which I made at that night) so I didn't have time to even retouch my make-up, let alone go to the bathroom. Yikes! 

O_o This one was based on a gown I saw at the internet. I just love how it's long and flowy!

For this year's theme, I was originally planning to wear this on the night. I want something that would resemble Katniss' gown in Catching Fire, or at least have a 'Katniss gown' element to it. So I came up with this. :) 

But last Friday, when we went hunting for fabrics, the concept of my dress just blurred up. I didn't know what fabrics to buy! Hahah. Perhaps I should have consulted the dressmaker first. But anyway, I found a fabric I liked with the same color as the gown Katniss used in the first part of the trilogy. I then googled prom dresses and hunger games inspired outfits and came up with this...

What do you think of it? The photo above shows the real color of the drawing, by the way. The ones below are a little too edited heheh.

Now I can't wait to show this to my dressmaker next door!
What do you think?
Any suggestions to improve it? :)

January 25, 2014

Love in 7 Languages: A Movie List

Rose bouquets, cute teddy bears with hearts on their tummies and red. Lots of RED everywhere (that includes the Coca Cola tents set up on the streets)! At least that's what we saw yesterday while we were walking downtown. Apart from the people running here and there busy preparing for the Dinagyang Festival that is going on right now, there's the fact that February will be here a week from now. Time indeed flies like a falcon! 

So given that the Love Month is just around the corner, and the fact that we all love movies (don't we?), I've listed some of my favorite movies from my desktop to keep you entertained this season! Wow. I've included some download links in case you want to watch. I hope you enjoy! :)

THAI - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
This movie was released during my first year of college (2010) and became an instant hit! It was so because this movie was made for teenagers, and you know how teenagers go crazy over a movie when they can relate to it! *wink. The plot is about dark-skinned 7th grader P'Nam falling in love with her senior P'Shone. She tries her best to make him notice her (you know, the crazy things we do to make our crushes know that we do exist) using the book Nine Recipes of Love. In the process, she improves herself as well as her grades and grows up into a beautiful and smart girl. It's a very fun and cute kind of movie and I'm sure you'll watch this a hundred times like I did! Go watch it! 

SPANISH- Three Meters Above the Sky (Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo)
This has got to be one of my new favorite movies! This was introduced to me by one of my friends who said that there are still a lot of other good movies out there in a foreign language. And indeed there is! This movie tells the story of Hugo, a 'bad guy' and street racer who falls in love with good and rich girl Babi. Good-girl-loves-bad-boy and vice versa may be a common plot for a movie but this one got me crying! So eventually Babi falls for Hugo as well, and they share a love that goes three meters above the sky a.k.a. muy muy muy muy mucho!

You'll then realize that these guys do have big hearts and are just acting bad for a reason. For example, only he knows that his mother is seeing somebody else and he saw her wrapped in a blanket in this other guy's apartment and he beats the guy up and he ends in court and his family cannot protect him because they do not know the truth (Whoops! Spoiled it!) This means to say that not all bad guys are bad. Most of them are just misunderstood and have deep secrets. Watch the movie! Trust me you won't regret it! :)

THAI - Hello Stranger
Imagine yourself going on a DIY tour to a foreign place like Korea. You meet an unlucky person who lives in your country. He then decides to tag along with you, eventually relying on you for food and accommodation. You get annoyed but you agree. You go to a place where you would drink a whole bottle of soju (korean alcohol) if he ate a whole live octopus (and he did!). You go to a club and dance like crazies, experience snow for the first time together, attend someone's wedding, become instant millionaires and other fun things imaginable. And after the time you've been together, you still don't tell each other's names so you can do anything as you please. Later, you feel that you sorta like him but you can't pursue you feelings because his girlfriend wants him back. So you part ways at the plane without any names or numbers. If you can't imagine those, you can watch it here. Haha! :)

If you love classical music and time travel, then you'll certainly love this! Secret tells the story of Xiaoyu, who travels to the future by playing a musical piece called 'Secret' (but of course) that she discovered at the old piano room. The first person she sees in the future, who is Xianglun, is the only person who can see her. They both spend happy times, go to secret (and beautiful) places, and be partners at the school dance. Towards the end, Xianglun noticed that Xiaoyu rarely ever went to school, and discovered that she was time travelling. Aside from the wonderful love plot, I simply love their piano skills. This movie made me wish I can play the piano. Go watch it here!

KOREAN - Daddy Long Legs
Yay for Korean movies! You probably know Daddy Long Legs as the anime character who helped little Judy Abott go through her life as an orphan. He's been used many times in movies and it includes this one. Young-mi lost her parents at a young age, but she went through life with the help of a person who sends her gifts and payment for her dues. She landed a job at a national radio station and was relocated at a house near it. 

Then, Young-mi received an email from the house owner and opened it. She then discovers that the house owner has programmed these letters to be sent a year after they are written (kind of like futureme.org hehe). You see, the house owner (whom she assumed was a girl), is losing her memory and the only way she can remember them was to email herself. It's a long story and I don't know how to put it in one short paragraph but this one is gonna give you the sweet chills too. :)

HINDI - My Name is Khan
Well, this is not your ordinary love story. A true gentleman keeps his word, and that's what Rizwan Khan is. He has Asperger's syndrome and is gifted with the ability to repair things.  Once upon a time, he met Mandira, a hairdresser. This is one of my favorite parts in the movie! Khan fell for Mandira and he wanted to marry her but on one condition - he must show her a view that she hasn't yet seen in San Francisco. 

Khan finally shows Mandira a wonderfully breathtaking view of the skyline just before dawn! How sweet is that? So Mandira agrees to marry Khan and be the father to her son Sameer. The real thing starts when Sameer, being Muslim, is beaten to death during the time of the 9/11 attack. Mandira is shattered because Rizwan's last name is the reason why he died - Mandira and Sameer are Hindu. Their relationship fall apart and the only way that Rizwan can be with Mandira again, is for him to tell the President of the US that his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. Khan takes this seriously, and his long journey begins. Now this is what real, pure and sincere love is. A love against all the odds.

ENGLISH - Something Borrowed
I love this movie because Colin Egglesfield and Ginnifer Goodwin make such a cute couple! Anyway, this movie had made me laugh and cry and adore Dex. Haha. But on a serious note, what would you do if your bestfriend is going to marry the only man that you ever loved? How can you fight your feelings if he's always there? What if he told you, days before the marriage, that he is in love with you and that you were the only ones he ever thought about in college? What if the Hampton's really are a zombie movie directed by Ralph Lauren?

TAGALOG/THAI - Suddenly It's Magic
I am a fan of Erich and Mario so this is a must watch (though I missed it in the cinemas). It's a story of a famous actor named Marcus who wanted to get away from all the stress of celebrity life, and Josephine who is still in the pain of her would-be husband leaving her at the altar. They meet when Marcus, having a Pinay as their house helper, recommends him to 'get lost' in the Philippines. He stays at a resort where Josephine bakes. Joey, being badly hurt, chose to close her heart but eventually gave Marcus a chance. Thus, making them both believe in fairy tales again. Get a dose of Filipino-Thai romance! :)

Have you watched any of these movies?
What will you watch this love month?

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January 17, 2014

The Quirky Stuff

Last Tuesday, I only had classes in the afternoon, so of course I had the whole morning for free. The thing about having a lot of things to do at the same time is not knowing what to do first (which is the hardest part, don't you think?). So instead of thinking about what I should do that morning, I ended up reading The Happiness Project which I downloaded at epubbud. Hehe :) I think I shouldn't have readily listed all 24 books in my booketlist (book+bucketlist. I am a genius!) because even I don't know what I will read next!

Anyway, going back to the Happiness Project, I do agree with Gretchen Rubin when she said that 'Everyone is weird...We're all idiosyncratic'. There are some traits that we may or may not have in common. And there will be always that one trait or 'thing' that only one person can have. Which leads us to today's post! Smooth transition, eh? Hahah!

So today, I am going to be talking about the weird stuff that I do, or in one word - quirks! Yay? Yay! :D I figured I should give away a little bit more information about me since that's how we can connect to each other in one way or another, right? :) So on to it!

1. I don't like my chicken with gravy. While most people would pour their cup of gravy right onto their food, I don't. I don't know what it is with people and gravy but I was never a fan of it when I was young. It was only until college that I get to notice that a little container of gravy was sitting right next to my chicken. Most of my friends would ask me 'You don't like gravy?', then I would shrug and say 'You can have it' and immediately they would swipe it off my plate and pour it onto theirs. Right now, I do eat my chicken with gravy but not that often. I just like my chicken as is. :)

2. I can write backwards with both hands. I just kinda love doing it. Haha

3. I can't stand my nails being long. If I notice that my nails have grown about 10mm long, I feel the need to cut it already. I just know that short nails look good on my fingers! Haha. And I rarely put nail polish on because I feel suffocated. The last time I did, it didn't last a few days, and when I finally had it off, I felt so free and my hands don't feel like it has tape on it.

4. I find it hard to say no. Ugh.

5. I don't really like lechon. Whoops! Sorry lechon lovers! I know it looks so yummy and irresistible but I tend to skip the menu. When I do eat lechon, I eat only one or two small cube-like pieces or sometimes the crunchy skin. Don't get me wrong. I love pork, but I just don't really lechon that much. 

6. I am not allergic to any food! Thank you Lord! 

7. And speaking of allergies, let's talk about shrimps. Like gravy, I wasn't a huge fan of shrimps and all my life, I refused to eat it. I don't know why. Maybe because most people are allergic to it, and I thought that when I eat it, I will have allergies too. Haha. But it wasn't until I was like 18 or 19 that I finally got to take a bite and I looove it! And I ask myself why did I refuse it? Now it's one of my faves! I especially love the ones marinated in sprite. :)

8. When I find a piece of clothing comfortable, it may be the only piece I wear (like fo-e-vah!). I do have other pieces of clothing, but once a favorite, always a favorite! Take for example my yellow shirt here. I wear it to school, to the mall, to church and just about everywhere I go. I think I wear it too often that it looks old now. Well, I better shop for another favorite! Haha.

9.I don't know how to be angry. My classmates often ask me about that. They would say that they can't tell whether I'm angry or not that they have to ask like 'Mary, are you angry already?' I do get angry but I would rather vent out my anger when I'm alone.

10. I'm suffering from a bad case of ATMI find it hard to focus on one task alone especially now that a lot of things need to be done at school. This kind of disorder is commonly known as the Attention Deficit Disorder, but has been renamed as Awesome Time Management by one of my favorite magazines. I hereby declare that official! Lol! 

11. I can do the browcomotion! I can move my brows up alternately and a bit fast! It's fun! Haha! I might show a video sometime! :D

I know it says only 11 but here is a bonus! Am I the only one who feels like my lips are sooo bright eventhough I'm only wearing the slightest shade of red or pink or whatever?

Now it's your turn!
List 11 fun and weird things about you and link it in the comments!
I'd SO love to read it!
Who knows maybe we can have something in common!

January 13, 2014

Links I Love 01

Hello world wide web! :) I hope you're all having a great Monday! It's been a cold day in here - strong winds and no sunshine. But anyway, it's still a happy day. After class, we went to this new store that sells US brand products for a cheaper price! I got a bottle of a Victoria's Secret perfume for only 120 pesos! Also, there were huge bottles of lotions, shampoos, body wash and more for less than a hundred pesos! Coolness! They also sell clothes that are still a bit expensive even if discounted. I wanted to buy but I currently can't afford a shirt for 500 pesos. Haha!

But anyway, I would like to introduce to you perhaps a new weekly feature on the blog - the Links I Love! :) Yeah! Sometimes, when I have nothing to blog about, I go to random sites in the interwebz to kill time - even if I have a bunch of homework to be done. Whoops, bad! Most of the time, I find these sites actually very helpful and entertaining so why not share them? So today I'm going to share to you a few ones that I have loved ever since! 

If I ever do get into facebook (which I rarely do now), I go to two wonderful pages I love the most! First is Beautiful Minds - a page full of quotes. :) When I feel down or lonely or just need some inspiration, I go there and read! Here are some for you:

Another facebook page I love so much is Word Porn! I have actually learned a few words such as petrichor and brumous and some other words that describe what seems to be undescribable (if you know what I mean). For example, you might wonder what the scent of rain on dry earth is called in one word - it's petrichor. Oh, and a ring left on a table by a cold glass is called a cullacino! :) 

This site led me to Other-Wordly, a tumblr site that is full of strange and lovely words not just from the english language but also from other languages. Actually, this is where most of the words from Word Porn came from. :)

I didn't know there was a word for warmed leftovers!

I have tons of ebooks in my desktop and most of them (yeah all of them) are downloaded from this awesome site called The Book Valley. I found it perhaps years ago and it was still addressed as Novels4You. Isn't the new name beautiful? If there was a place called as such, I'd want to live there! Don't you? :)

Have you been to one of these sites already?
What other sites have you found interesting lately? :)

January 12, 2014

The Blogger Confessions

Holla amigas! How are you all doing? Though December is over, the days are just starting to get chilly in here. It's so cold that I just want to stay in my room under the comfort of my blankets and pillows fo-evah! But I can't because I have school tomorrow. This polar vortex is making things hard especially to those who are in the Northern hemisphere. I've seen photos of ice covered plants and buildings on the internet and read that it gets below freezing point in there. Keep safe in there you guys! 

I wish this doesn't last for long. This makes me recall the movie The Day After Tomorrow. What if it happens for real? Oh God forbid. We've been having a brumous kind of weather for days now, and according to accuweather.com, we won't be seeing Mr. Sun until Friday. I kinda miss the sunny weather.

Anyway, I've just been tagged to do a Q&A by no other than the lovely Toni of One Chocolate Box! I know everybody loves answering and reading Q&A's so let's get to it! :)

When did you first start blogging and why? 
I think that was in January of 2012 when I first started blogging. The first blog I had was a reblog-blog at tumblr, and was still in my stages of discovering-tumblr-and-the-world-wide-web. One day, I came upon this site where this girl wrote about things happening around her in a diary-like manner. So, I said to myself 'Hey I want to do that too!'. Thus, the start of blogging biz for me. It's an addicting hobby and I do it because I want to share what I know, as well as learn from others. Not to mention, documenting my life and knowing how I grow in thought each day. :)

Have you had any past online presence?
Hmmm...I don't think so? Sure I had friendster, myspace and facebook. I had also registered in almost about every blogging platform there is (xanga, livejournal, typepad, etcetera) but that's all there is to it. I was still at the how-do-you-blog? stage at that time so...

When did you become serious about your blog? 
T'was the moment I started this blog on blogspot. My definition of serious blogging is to post more about what people can relate to, and things and thoughts that can inspire the people who read my blog, plus a bit of me and my life minus the very personal ones. I was actually afraid of starting at a blank page, but what do you know...it's been nine months since that time!

What was your first blog post? 
The very first post I had in my very first blog was a bible quote. Those were the days of 'The Last Song' and I liked this particular quote from the book (and I had no idea what to post first) so that was it! 
But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, He will produce this kind of fruit in us:love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
What have been your biggest challenges blogging? 
It's always a challenge thinking about what to post. I have to consider whether my readers like and can relate to it or not. Sometimes, I hit the writing wall that I have no choice but to do throwback posts. Hehe. I also have some troubles finding my niche, so I decided to be a general-personal kind of blog. Time is also a challenge as I am still in school. 

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging? 
I'd like to think that there are a lot! That feeling of satisfaction once you hit the publish button, the friends I meet and gain overtime, inspiring people and learning from their different characters and cultures! It's amazing how one can do all the travelling, socialization and learning in one place! :)

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging? 
Sometimes, I would look at blogs with tons of followers and pageviews and get jealous. How did they get so famous so fast? What did I do wrong? I want to be as successful as this blog! Then I realized that numbers don't really matter. As long as people read my blog, no matter how few, as long as I know that I have inspired them in a way or another, numbers are no that big of a deal. :)

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation? 
The things happening around me will always be one of my inspirations in writing posts. Reading other people's blogs inspire me too! And my readers and bloggy friends will always be one of my biggest motivations in blogging! :)

What is your blogging dirty little secret? 
I do have a blog planner but it is not as organized as you think it is! Haha! I have post ideas in sloppy handwriting all over the pages, and I don't think I'm as organized as I want to be. I also have like 30+ draft posts and now that I think of it, I might finish one perhaps this week. Might, guys. Lol! 

What is your current goal as a blogger? 
I honestly have no idea. Haha. I think it is to post regularly more about topics that can actually inspire people. I want to bring back my 'advice-giving' side (uhm yes I do have that haha) and I want to do that here. :)

Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise? 
I am still at the verge of figuring this one out..hehe

Uhmkay, so there goes my confessions! I now hereby tag these lovely bloggers to answer these questions:

Zia of Bits of Days
Brianna of Endlessly Beloved

I tag you too! :)

January 11, 2014

Ways I'll Meet My Soulmate

Today, I went through my old notebooks and saw that I wrote something that seemed funny (at least to me hehe). I know it's too early for the love and cheesy stuff because it's still weeks until V-day, but who cares? Hahah!

Did you ever wonder how you'll meet your soulmate one day? Well, I did. During this particular time I wrote this, I think I was alone and my mind was totally not here on earth aka daydreaming. So what I did was list down the probable ways I'll be able to meet my soulmate just for fun hehe. So without further ado, here it is! Enjoy! 


1. At a bookstore, I find that this particular Nicholas Sparks novel has only one stock left. I come rushing towards it only to find out that someone was going for it too. As if on cue, we both get the novel and play good ol' tug-of-war, and have a cute argument whether who gets to have the book based on either who saw it or touched it first. After a few minutes he would finally give in, though I really have no intentions of buying the book because I have the complete ebook duh. Haha.

I only wanted to read the plot at the back, so I tell him that he can have it. But he insists. 'I insist!', I say too while I put the book back at the shelf. Then this little girl would appear out of nowhere, grab the book and proceed directly to the counter. We both look at her then stare at each other and laugh. He would then extend out his arm and say his name. I shake his hand whilst saying my name and eventually, he asks if I could go with him for a snack or something. Oh how serendipity-ish is this? Haha!


2. One day, my friends would finally succeed to invite me to join a late friday night partaaayyy. Of course I was a bit underdressed for the ocassion wearing a pair of pants and a decent party-blouse, something like that. During the party, my friends would become wild on the dance floor and some would talk to their partners, while I just sit there at the corner like a wallflower and fiddle with my cellphone as if playing a game or something. So I would go to the party to play with games in my phone. I'm that cool! Then a slow song starts to play - like Closer You and I by Spongecola (a Filipino band), or Hero by Enrique Iglesias or If You're Not the One by Daniel Bedingfield. 

Give it a listen and MELT! :)

So I just continue to play with my phone, then I would notice someone standing in front of me. I look up and see this angelic shining figure (courtesy of the lighting behind his back) asking me to dance. Eventually, I say yes as if I'm being hypnotized. Then we would dance and talk and become friends!

3. It's the first day of Grad School. The whole room is a chaos and I seem to be the only one who does not have someone to talk to. Or at least I'm one of the few. Then someone (a guy!) sits beside me. I look at him and we smile at each other awkwardly (see Zooey Deschanel gif above). Then I would start a silly conversation like 'So were classmates!'. Like, duh. Haha. And then hewould actually start talking to me and then we'd be good friends! Hence, it could be the start of something!

4. At school perhaps when graduation is near, there will be this creepy guy who would shoot stares at me every time. Eventually, he'll get the courage to talk to me and hopefully get to know me. So I would be the one to start the conversation. I'd tell him how creepy he is and command him to never act like that anymore. Eventually, he does that and never talks to me ever again. Uhhh, maybe I should have let him start the conversation...?

5. I'm at a fastfood restaurant eating alone at a table for two. The restaurant isn't that full and there are still a few vacant seats around. Then, this guy would walk over to my table carrying his tray and ask me if I can share the table with him. Wow. I make a poor joke that runs along the lines of, 'Oh you can have the whole table if you want.' Fortunately, he doesn't take it too seriously and places his tray on the table and sits across me. He would then say 'You joke pretty well'. Haha! So that was how the conversation would start.. :)

6. One day at the mall, I would come across an old acquaintance with his friends. Luckily he would see me too,  approach me and ask 'Hey what are you doing here?' in a really jolly mood. Then I would answer in a joke-like manner 'The same reason you're here, of course (strolling at the mall)!' and laugh out loud. And then he would 'Oh! Okay. Gotta go. See yah! *End of Conversation* Ain't that sad Zooey?


Hahahahah! So there is supposed to be seven of this because, this is after all, in the 'List of Seven' category. I'll just be updating this sooner or later. Has some of these ways proven true to you?

How do you want to meet your soulmate?
or if you already did,
How did you meet him?

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January 7, 2014

Weekly Wishes 02

happy girl, balloons, smile, happy, love


So last week, I had tasked myself to do three things: study for my remaining prelim exams, answer at least 10 random items out of 50 from 'Questions that Will Free Your Mind' and arrange my drawer/s. So congratulations to me because I did it! YAYAY! 

First, I had finally arranged my drawer that didn't even take ten minutes to tidy up! Now I don't have a hard time finding what I need! I also answered ten random questions out of the fifty and it was fun! I think you should try it too! 

Last but not the least (though listed first haha) is to study for my remaining prelim exams. I have been such a lazy student last week since I wasn't able to actually study (like focus on just studying). I have been overthinking and my mind is just preoccupied with a lot of things that I find it hard to focus. I only got to studying yesterday and this morning (thankfully our exams were still at three pm). I'm glad that I was able to answer all the items (and I hope they're correct) in our essay exam. Hallelujah! I thought it was hard but it was close to easy peasy! Of course it won't be that easy if I hadn't studied! :) Only one exam left tomorrow and it's finally over - the prelim exams, I mean!

This week, I learned that...

Don't let your lazy self control you. How can you say it's hard when you didn't even try? How can you say you can't do it if you did not even start? So don't just say it. DO IT!


1. Answer another random ten from '50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind'.
I had fun answering this last week, that I'm gonna go for another ten this week! :)

2. Finish (or at least have a draft of) the first chapter of our feasibility study.
So it's the midterm period of the semester. Midterms, I think, is where all the craziness happens. This is where all researches and preparations are made for the finals period and I can foresee lots and lots of stress. But what are stresstabs for, right? Hahah! Anyway, I hope that me and my groupmates can finally get to work on the first chapter of our study this week.

3. Sleep before 10 PM.
Sooo I've been sleeping late since the new year started. Often I would stay up later than ten and just keep on clicking and clicking on blogs and finally stop when my Mom tells me to sleep already. Thankfully, there's no clock in our room (uhm yeah us girls share a room) so she doesn't know that it's really late. Hehe. I don't think it's healthy staying up late (though it can be healthy for the pimples I'm sure) so I'm going to try to break this habit of mine.

4. Go to Book Latte.
It's a library, lounge and cafe (every book lover's dream place!) or a library cafe here in our city. Library cafe sounds good, doesn't it? I've been there once when my friend met another friend to get something from her in there (though it was only for a few minutes). From what I can recall, it's a pretty place fit for a small amount of people which is just great when you want to review for exams or read books (they have plenty in their shelves)! I found some information about it right here!

What are your goals this week?
January 5, 2014

10/50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind

A few months ago, I came upon a blog (I'm so sorry, I cannot recall!) that led me to this site called Marc and Angel Hack Life: Practical Tips for Productive Living, specifically to the post 50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind. I wanted to answer it right there and then, but upon reading the questions, I was like 'Uhhhhh, how do you answer this?'. 

Then, it occurred to me that in order to answer these questions, you need to think, and to think, you need to free your mind. Thus, the post title. And to actually answer this properly, you must not be in a hurry - it may take a few hours or so. So as part of this week's wishes, I have finally found time to answer ten out of the fifty questions! Yayayay! Without further ado, here are my answers! :)

Do you push the elevator button more than once? Do you believe it will make the elevator go faster?

Hahahah! Yes I do, most of the time! Funny isn’t it? It’s just that sometimes, I am in a hurry that waiting for a few seconds  for the elevator doors to open feels like forever (though I don’t really use elevators that much. I’m more of a stairs-person.) Speaking of elevators, is it just me or do you also feel like suddenly bursting into giggles the moment the elevator doors close? I don’t know why I do that. Perhaps it’s because people inside the elevator are serious and it gets SO so quiet that I can’t resist. Haha!

Anyway, I press the button several times because I think that will make the elevator go to us first and fast? Lol! For instance, I from the top floor and a person from another floor would press the button at the same time, so me pressing the button like a hundred times would make the elevator go to us first than that person. Do you get it? Lol! But I do not think that is technically possible unless I am on the 2nd floor, she’s on the third floor and the elevator is from the ground floor. LOLOLOL!

How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?

Individual differences, that is. We are all different, and that makes our tastes and preferences different as well. It can be associated with me finding this guy cute, while you don’t. I feel happy whenever I blog but they don’t (because they don’t blog!), I feel happy when I eat cake though some people don’t. It could be also because of past memories associated with that thing that makes people refuse to be happy. Like bowling doesn’t make a person happy because that was what he/she used to do with this special person, and bowling only reminds him/her of those happy memories that they can no longer have.

Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?

The worse would be losing touch with a good friend who lives near you. It would be okay for a friend to move no matter how far, as long as the strings between you are still strongly connected. But it would hurt when you suddenly lose touch with someone who is a good friend that lives close to you. Imagine seeing her everyday and not seeing eye to eye. Talk about awkward.

What are you most grateful for?

Life, without a doubt. I am thankful that I am breathing right now, and that I have existed for more than twenty years, that there lies hope amidst all the obstacles, that I am here and that I am given a chance to use this borrowed life to make a change and influence people’s lives. Without the gift of life, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now writing this post. I wouldn’t be able to go to school, make friends, travel, do things that make me happy, see the beauty of the surroundings and the people…Yup, I’m most grateful for the life I’ve been given.

Why are you, you?

I am me because this is how I was brought up by my parents, this is how I was influenced by the people around me, this is how I viewed the world and most of all, this is how my Author planned me to be! :)

What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

In my opinion, being alive is literally being here on earth- breathing, eating three times a day, and doing the things that you would normally do. However, truly living is what I call living life to the fullest. It’s not the going-to-the-bar-get-drunk-and-do-whatever-reckless-things-you-like-to-do kind of living. It is living life to the fullest and for a purpose.

Truly living, for me, means to make a change, to fulfill your purpose here on earth, to influence people, and to be able to create an impact on someone else’s lives. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a founder of a charity to say that you have actually lived. You can in your own little ways. Whether it be encouraging a child to go to school or sharing your skills. 

Being alive, I believe, is more on the physical aspect. On the other hand, truly living is something we cannot see. It’s just there. It is felt. To truly live is to linger in the hearts of many people and to fulfill the purpose He has for us.

Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?

Having less to no work is mostly boring, so I would rather be glad to have more work that I actually enjoy doing. They say if you love what you are doing, and you do it with all your heart, then it wouldn't feel like work at all. So no matter how much work there is in front of me, it wouldn't be such a big deal.

If you won a million dollars, would you quit your job?

No-no. Nope. Of course winning a million dollars and being an instant millionaire is something that doesn't happen everyday, but for how long can it sustain me? Knowing myself, I tend to splurge and a million can be gone in what, a month or a week. I mean, you can’t resist spending if you know you have that amount of money. I wouldn’t quit my job, even if I hate it, because 1) I need security in order to sustain living, and to have that I would need a job 2) having a million dollars won’t last me a lifetime and 3) besides, both having a million dollars and a job is deeply satisfying.

What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

The negativity. You know, most people nowadays see more of the negative than the better side of things. I know I may not be much of a positive person, but I’m trying to change that. I would love to see people happy everytime (I think everyone would look much younger if they're always happy!) and a world without hatred and frowns. Imagine what the world would be like...I'm sure it would be more colorful and alive! You know how they say that ‘you should be the change you want to see’, so I guess I better start with myself and gradually influence people to do so, too!

Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?

Honestly, NO. It is for the simple reason that being attractive or famous is nothing compared to the things I can do, learn and achieve in ten years! Beauty fades and fame doesn’t last that long. But imagine the things one can do in ten years! You can build your image and create a name for yourself during these years, reap your rewards AND you can say that you have lived a long time here on earth which is fulfilling because not all people are given the chance to live long.

So there goes ten out of fifty!  hope you enjoyed reading my answers! Even if it was just a few hours of thinking, it felt better and somehow made me wiser *wink. If you would like to answer these questions, you can too! Check it out here! And if you did, let me know in the comments! I would love to read your insights and opinions, too! Don't be shy because there are no right or wrong answers! :)


So yesterday, I was just sitting at my table with my laptop open and my reviewers sitting just beside it. I was wondering what to do since I wasn't still in the mood to study. We had no internet connection too so I thought why not play with photoshop? And so, I made this! Haha! They're not that good but the quotes are really pretty! I'm currently using the second one and I hope you'll grab yourself one, too! Enjoy! :)

January 2, 2014

Weekly Wishes 01

ORANGE SUNSET | This photo was taken during our HS reunion in 2012.

2013 has brought both gleeful and sad moments, but it has been mostly great in many ways than I can imagine. It was the year I found myself in the country's capital and away from home for a long time (being almost three months) and learning how to live within a budget, the year I had started a new blog, the year that has taught me a lot of lessons as well as the year that made me see more of myself and my capabilities.

This 2014, I look forward to more learnings experiences and adventures along the way. I do expect a lot of goals that must be met especially at school. I will be graduating this year, and the fact that school will be over in less than three months scares me. The world out there is a jungle and I don't think I am ready for that yet. But you know what they say, what comes around, comes around. So what I say is make the best out of everything that comes my way.

This year and in the years to come, I will constantly push myself to become more optimistic, more productive and more organized coupled with the need to promptly finish the goals I set for myself. This year, I have listed a couple of major bucketlists that I am determined to finish - 101 in 1001 Bucketlist and Goals and Dreams before 2014 ends. I have printed these out so I can always take a look at it and be reminded that I've got goals to get done and get motivated in doing it.

Of course, with the need to get productive, one must also set short-term goals. And what better deadline than a week! It's a great way to get ourselves accustomed to setting goals and having it done, thus preparing us in accomplishing greater long-term goals in the future! 

So that's where the Weekly Wishes link-up by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective comes in! It is a link-up where we all of us set goals to finish for the week, as well as to get inspiration and motivations from other participants from around the world! I have been meaning to join this link-up since the time I learned about it last year, but what better way to start than the new year! :)


1. Study for my remaining prelim exams. 
Exams aren't over, but thank goodness I only have two left (both major subs!!!) out of five. I've had this listed in my Christmas Vacation to-do list but I failed to do so. I am such a lazy bum, aren't I? Haha! I have indeed managed to scan my reviewers and I must put my heart into this if I want to pass.

2. Answer at least 10 random items out of 50 from 'Questions that Will Free Your Mind'. 
I found this awesome questionnaire from an equally awesome site and they're pretty intriguing. Thinking is healthy for the mind and that's what I'm doing this week.

3. Arrange my drawer/s.
It has been a real mess lately and finding something small under a heap of untidy clothes takes forever! I'll at least work my way to organizing one drawer at a time... :)

Do you join the link-up too? If so,
what are your goals for this week? 

January 1, 2014

24 in 2014 Reading Challenge

Before anything else, I would like to greet you all again a HAPPY AND WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! So how did you celebrate the dawning of another 365 days? It had rained in here during the last hours of 2013 and stopped before it was midnight. Given that, 2014 started with a weather so cold that I had to wrap and hug myself. Haha. We joined the mass at 9PM and had fruit salad (can't get enough of salad) and cake for media noche while watching Pitch Perfect and listening to the sound of rain. Great way to start the year, eh?

Anyway, since it's the New Year, I know most of you already have their resolutions listed. I still haven't done mine but I'm pretty sure one of them is to read more books. This year, I had completely read only four books, all by Cecelia Ahern - P.S. I Love You, If You Could See Me Now, Thanks for the Memories and Where Rainbows end. These were all good books and I totally recommend you to read it. I also had started reading a few books by Coelho, Bronte, Green and other authors but I never got close to finishing them (just read a few pages/chapters and stopped).

Good thing I found this reading challenge over at After April! She has listed 24 books for us to read over the year (that gives us time to read about two books in a month) as well as a few links that will teach us how to get motivated in reading! I wanted to follow her list, but I also have my own bookshelf full of books pleading my attention so I opted to make my own. With that, challenge accepted! :)

The Books I've Read
  1. Paper Towns by John Green (12/30 - 1/2)
  2. 5 Centimeters per Second by Makoto Shinkai (1/3 - 1/6)
  3. Like A Flowing River by Paolo Coelho (2/27 - 3/1)
  4. One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern (3/3 - 3/5)
  5. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen (4/27 - 4/28)
  6. Everyday by David Levithan (4/29 - 5/3 )
  7. Bloodstream by Tess Gerritsen ( 5/21 - 5/22)
  8. To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han (5/22 - ____ )
  9. The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners by Luanne Rice (August) 
  10. The Enchantress by Michael Scott (September)
*links lead to the book review


  1. Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami
  2. The Winner Stands Alone by Paolo Coelho 
  3. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
  4. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  5. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  7. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith
  8. Small Eternities by Michael Lawrence
  9. Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult
  10. The Appeal by John Grisham
  11. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  12. Butterfly's Child by Angela Davis Gardner
  13. Black Order by James Rollins
  14. The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
  15. The Manual of the Warrior of Light by Paolo Coelho
  16. The Witch of Portobello by Paolo Coelho
  17. Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom
  18. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
  19. Looking for Alaska by John Green
  20. Paper Towns by John Green
  21. All American Girl 01 by Meg Cabot
  22. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
  23. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  24. 1984 by George Orwell
So there you have it! Go on and join us in reading 24 (and hopefully more!) books this year! Join the link - up on April's blog! Wish us luck! :)

After April

What's on your reading list this 2014?
Are there books on my list that you have already read?
Suggest me some good books too! :)