What to Do on Christmas Eve

Hello beautiful snowflakes! Guess who's waaay behind the Christmas Challenge? Yep, that would be me. :( I didn't actually plan on taking a week-long hiatus, but it happened. Exams, activities, my two major subjects and mostly exams have taken over my first two weeks of December! It was stressful but we all had managed to put sprinkles of fun on top of it. :) I have decided to put off schoolwork till after Christmas, so I'm pretty less occupied since the weekend. Given that, I'm a total laze for not catching up during those days. Whoopsies. 

December 22nd's prompt which is five things I plan to do on Christmas Eve will make a perfect post right now because it's just less than 10 hours until Christmas Eve! Wahoo! I've planned to do the remaining prompts in the next few days too, so for those who haven't done some of the previous prompts, let's do it together! Here goes...(in order. hehe)

1. Get together with my high school friends. You might think that my high school friends are my only friends. Hahah. I do have a lot of friends but nothing can ever compare to the friendship I have with my high school buds. They are all like my bestest friends. Anyway, someone posted on facebook saying we'll meet at the plaza before the Christmas Eve Mass tonight. Hopefully, all or at least a lot of us can come.

Priests making their entrance to the Church. Even the outside of the church is full of people!

2. Go to Church and attend the Midnight Mass. As we all know, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. And what better way to celebrate His arrival than a Mass! As Catholics, it is a tradition that is observed since the ancient times, perhaps. Though the mass doesn't always start at midnight, it frequently ends around that time. I remember when I was still a child, a huge 'flying' star with colorful fabrics to serve as tails would pass from the back of the church towards the front, ending right above the manger.

Remember the star that the three wise men followed? Yup that's it! It was just magical! Nowadays, at our church, the star is already fixed right above the manger. No more flying stars then. During the mass, almost everything is sang. My favorite part is the singing of entrance song which is Gloria in Excelsis Deo. :) If you are to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines, expect every church to be full! If you want to know more about Filipino Christmas, you can read it here.

3. Eat. One of the most awaited parts of the Christmas Eve is the feast! Usually when family members go back home from Luzon, Mindanao or abroad, families hold feasts and sometimes even invite neighbors over! Good neighbors! :) For us, we usually turn the television on or have a movie marathon while feeding our stomachs. The main stars of the Noche Buena are the Ham (never lose the ham) and Queso de Bola (Edam cheese). Sometimes, people serve spaghetti, pancit bihon or palabok, and more Pinoy goodness!

I can watch this all day! hahah. He's so cute when he's hungry!

4. Sleep? Hahah! So after all those events, a nice sleep to wrap up the day!

5. Feel the cold Christmas evening air & watch the stars. Though sometimes I want to spend Christmas Eve in solitude too. Or with my family. We'll all go to this hill, lay out a cloth, feel the warm earth and the cold air, lie on our backs, watch the stars, enjoy the quiet, talk...you get the picture. :)

P.S. I found this photo on facebook and just thought I'd share it to ya! Merry Christmas everyone!

What are planning to do on Christmas Eve?


  1. We will also attend the midnight mass later and eat noche buena with my family and those who are on-duty in the hospital just across our house :D


  2. I'll still be on campus and we're going to have Christmas dinner tonight. In Germany, Christmas Eve is THE Christmas itself, so the festivity is more intense at that time! By the way, I think it's really cool that you still can hang out with your high school friends! My friends spread across the country and even some around the world so it's pretty hard to meet up together, unless maybe during the long summer holiday.

  3. My family Christmas Eve tradition is eating my mom's homemade pizza and watching Elf :] I hope you had a wonderful holiday, dear! And that you got to eat everything you wanted :]

  4. That feels so relaxing and Oh my! PIZZAAA! I wish I had a pizza-making mom too. heheh. :) I didnt get to eat tho cause I went straight to bed after the mass. Boo. Because we only had fruit salad for noche buena ok. hehe. I did eat a lot during the night of Christmas day itself. :)

    Hope you did too Marla! And hoping you have a wonderful New Year too! :)

  5. Tell us all more about the Christmas in Germany, will ya? It sounds fun! :)

    We failed to meet though. :/ But that's ok. At least we get to spend time at least several times a year. It must be a bit hard living in a lot of places and leaving friends behind but hey at least you get to meet and make friends with all kinds of people! I kinda envy you for that matter. hehe. I hope that someday you do find a way to catch up with them. :)

  6. Ooh what's for noche buena right there ate? :) We had salad. haha

  7. We also had salad too- macaroni and fruit! My tita prepared it, haha :))
    My mom cooked fried chickens while I made a peach graham cake. I don't know how to cook different dishes so.. hahaha

  8. That's a bummer! Maybe you can meet up with them for new year?
    Haha sure, but since Christmas has passed, I'll save it for next year, hahahaha

  9. There's still plenty of time for that Im sure! :)

  10. That sounds just so yummy! Graham cake is LOVE! Haha. We only had eaten during the night of Christmas Day itself.

  11. We eat the typical dinner as a family during the night of Christmas. I mean, me and my parents only.
    When the clock struck 12, we (me and my parents, my tita and my cousin; and my tito) will gather with all our contributed foods, hahaha!
    We're just a small family so we prefer it celebrating altogether. The more, the merrier :D


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