Villa Igang Beach

About two days ago, I posted about our second visit to paradise. So this one is during our first visit - our first look at paradise. Hahah. Okay Mary, lame.

Last December 2, we decided to conduct a site visit for our target area for our feasibility study - a subject requirement. Thus, I had finally set foot on an island I have never been before! Though it's just 15 minutes away from the Iloilo's port, I didn't have any reason or time to go there. So, thanks to this subject, I finally crossed off another item from my bucketlist! Yeehaw!

We went there at about 12 noon, just after class. From school, we proceeded to the Ortiz Wharf where rode a pumpboat to the island. The ticket costs 13 pesos (student rate) by the way. Upon reaching the Jordan Port in Guimaras, we rented a multicab, one of the local means of transportation, for 900 pesos back and forth. It was an enjoyable 45-minute ride to the place. We were noisy (which I'm sure the driver didn't mind) and just in awe of some of the sceneries along the way. Talk about new people at a new place! I think I had done too much editing on the photos hehe. But anyways, I hope you enjoy! :)

The hole that bent tree makes looks like an entrance to some magical world, eh? This is not yet the entrance to the Villa though. To get to the actual entrance, you still have to walk at least a kilometer. But worry not 'cause there's a tricycle available to take you to the beach for 10 pesos!

This is a few meters away from the actual entrance. Yes, that's already white sand in the pathwalk. Sweet! It's a developing site so it's not that fancy. On both sides of the pathwalk are mangroves. By the way, Villa Igang is part of the whole EcoPark owned by the John B. Lacson Foundation (JBLF) System. That explains the mangroves. Villa Igang is not even a resort according to the owner, but a lodging facility for visitors of the EcoPark. But it has a beach and just about almost everything that a resort has, so I guess it's totally okay to call it a Beach Resort. :p

Those are the newly constructed rooms in the Villa. These are the more modernized looking rooms aka hotel-ish. Adjacent to it is the cutesy restaurant overlooking the lagoon!

The beachfront with it's glorious white sand! Remember this post showcasing my errr ...feet? That's how the sand in the beach looks like. Hehe

The resort was very quiet that day - no guests, just us. So it was a perfect timing for a site visit!

A view from the porch.

Though the weather was calm that day, we didn't dare break any rules. We are law and rule abiding citizens, ya know!

I couldn't stop staring at this view! It just looks so SO perfect, I have no words.

Us onboard the pumpboat bound for Iloilo. I guess I'll be coming back more frequently to the island. :)

Au revoir!


  1. So so so beautiful!! I'm jealous of all these exotic trips you get to go looks like you live in a truly beautiful part of the world<3


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