The Filed 2014 Doodle Planner

Because 2014 is just around the corner, I got myself a planner! Yippee! But wait, I didn't just get myself a simple planner, I got me a DOODLE PLANNER - a really cute one I tell you! *dance dance!

I figured it's time I finally get myself one because I want to be more organized and accomplished next year. I can picture 2014 being very busy and I can't afford to miss something important. I'm very optimistic about the coming year and I'm ready to conquer it (and the years that come after)! Dear 2014, I'm gonna rock ya! :)

So the planner comes in black or white and with a personalizable cover! I chose the white one so I can color it all I want. Haha. And it comes with a pen bandolier and a really cute plushy keychain too (that blue cutie in the first photo)! 

During the day I got the planner, I spent a whole free afternoon coloring it. Haha.

It's got a color chart so you can see at a glance your mood for the whole week and the whole year! Awesome, right?

My birthday month! :))

Marked it in case I forget. Haha

An expense tracker at the end of each month! What a fun way to get motivated to save! :)


I seriously just can't get enough of it! Haha. I can't wait to fill it with happiness and really good and great things! Banzaaiii!


  1. What a great planner!! I want one but I already have a planner. Well there's 2015 hehe.

  2. Indeed it is! What's your planner like? :) (Show it show it!) Heheh.There are still a lot more years to come and I think filed doesnt run out of pretty good new ideas each year. :)

  3. I've planned a planner post before the new year begins :D Really want to get a filed planner for next year! It looks really awesome!

  4. So I see you already have your planner for you! :) So jealous that you can doodle. I just couldn't. Haha. So this is not for me obviously..

  5. Omg that's such a cute planner!! I already have a planner but I've been so bad at using it...definitely a New Year's Resolution! Although this post makes me want to toss mine and get one of these...

  6. Yes I do and I'm really excited! :) Don't be Ali. I'm not all that good in doodling haha I loved your dayplanner too but I can't afford it haha We are so gonna rock 2014!

  7. Haha thank you Marla <3 Maybe you can go all crafty and re 'make' your planner or just kinda grab this one. haha

  8. Looking forward to that Anna! :) Doesnt that make you excited for 2014 to pass? heheh

  9. That looks like an awesome planner! I love how artistic it is. I should try to incorporate something like this within the next year.

  10. Thank you Rachel. Having a planner like this makes someone giddy to get creative! <3 Happy holidays :)


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