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December 4, 2013

Dear Santa, here is my wishlist

Who doesn't love presents? Anyone? I don't receive a lot of presents during Christmas (not even at all sometimes), oh but isn't LIVING already a wonderful present? Who said presents come only in the form of material things? This makes me remember a quote I came across back in high school - that today or everyday is a gift, that's why we call it the present. Genius, right? :)

Anyway, it's the second day of our Christmas Blogging Challenge! Today's prompt is to list down five christmas presents you want to receive. Ooooohh, fun! So ahem, dear santa, here is my wishlist!

1. Tablet / Android Phone - or anything where I can access my email, twitter, blogger, blog, etcetera anytime anywhere! :) It's not that I'm obsessed but I feel like I am totally missing out on A LOT of things and people when I can't access the internet. I mean I can't bring my huge laptop all the time, can't even put it in my bag. I will need it too in case our teacher suddenly announces to research this and that and submit in 5 seconds. (haha) In that case, I can just pull the thing out and tap tap tap away! Aaannnd, it's where I can read all these e-books that are rotting in my desktop.

THIS! Oh please please please! Uncles? Aunts? Godfathers? Godmothers? Anyone? Hahah!

2. Cecelia Ahern Books - The first time I saw one of her books (Thanks for the Memories), I read the back cover where it says 'Cecelia Ahern is queen of the modern fairytale. - Irish Times' and I was sold. I was sold by the 'modern fairytale' and the cover. Yes. The cover (I broke the dont judge the book by it's cover rule there). So that was a modern fairytale and a really cute cover. I read it and I was hooked! So I totally definitely 102 percent believe Mirror in their statement (or book review) that 'The key to Ahern's success is her ability to not just tell a good story, but sprinkle it with plenty of laughs, tears, and a little bit of magic.' MAGIC, guys! haha! There definitely is something in Cecelia's books (I say this like were BFFs) that just makes it unputdownable and so addicting!

Anyway, I would love a complete collection of Ahern's books too! :) I currently have four - Thanks for the Memories, If You Could See Me Now, Where Rainbows End, and PS I Love You (next on my reading list). I would love to read all of her books! :)

That is all for my Christmas wishlist. :) Okay what else? It says five haha. Oh yes...

3. Clothes / Shirts - I love shirts! Plain old shirts. I'm a shirt and jeans girl and the only shirts I seem to be wearing are my yellow (see about-me photo) and maroon shirt that I bought with my cousin. Ah...people must think I don't have other clothes anymore. That's why I sometimes dislike going out because I don't like dressing up or thinking about what to wear (it takes me more or less 30 minutes most times and still end up with a plain old shirt and well...jeans). Sometimes, it happens that I open my closet, find a lot of clothes, and still scream inside my head that I have nothing to wear. It's a shared closet, that's why. Haha! Oh no I'm talking typing too much! Yep, I would want new clothes. Thank you.

4. A movie ticket for Catching Fire! I'm broke and watching at the cinema is expensive! No more explanation needed. ;)

5. Enchanted Perfume by Taylor Swift - I love love love perfumes. But as much as I love these heavenly concoctions, I can't afford buying the expensive ones (those that cost more than 200pesos). (That's why I'd reaaaally appreciate it as a gift haha) Don't you think the bottle costs more than the perfume itself? Hahah Just saying. Anyway, I heard that this one smells much better than the blue one. But I can't really say so since I haven't tried it myself.


What's on your Christmas wishlist?


  1. We have the same sentiments with the first one. Hehe. It would be a very useful gadget in the future. I can really tell. Hehe~

    Geez! I saw this perfume you posted and... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Haha. Where to buy that? So I can tell my rich friends to buy one for me. Hehe. Gondo nomon non. Hmpz.

  2. A phone would be great ha? I had an android phone for a year. Really good , but i preferred the iphone more :) Great wish list!

  3. I hope you get a tablet , they're SO handy . Plus they will buzz even if your tweets come . Haha!

  4. at #4 -whispers- torreennttttt LOL just kidding. Cam rips would be so bad; haha but anyhow wow it's the first time I saw this perfume of Taylor; looking really elegant! <3

  5. Wow the perfume bottle looks amazing and would be a present in itself already ahaha! As for the tablet: I have a windows phone (Nokia) and all I say is the OS is BEAUTIFUL!! sometimes a bit buggy, but it's a million times better designed and faster than Android... just an opinion...

  6. That perfume bottle looks awesome! I Hope you manage to get the tablet, I've got an iPad and I love it! =) I even got my twitter handle engraved on the back, ha. I've had it for almost two years now and it has never ever let me down! Still runs as smoothly as they day I got it.

    Corinne x

  7. I would love a canon 5d camera. I want one so badly!

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  9. Heheheh :) I know! And it would be very useful too if I had it now. hahah :D

    Yes, Anna (anna Czarina) and I were talking about this and being a perfume junkie, I just wanna try it! I don't know where it's available in stores or malls. But it's always available in the internet! :))

  10. I'm wishing for an iphone too but I know we can't afford it at the moment so an android phone would also do just the same :) Thank you Mel! :)

  11. *cross fingers to that moi friend! So handy and very very useful for students, bloggers and student-bloggers. haha And I think if I ever get a tablet I'll get addicted to twitter more than ever haha!

  12. hahahah! :D Yes it is..it took me several minutes to finally decide to put that up hahah Of course, that beauty bar in the credits (ommorphia) did a great job capturing it!

  13. It sure is! It's sooo Taylor! hhahah That would be like one of the prettiest gifts ever! No need to wrap in a pretty box! Hmmm I guess I better look for phone models before buying (im saying this as if I have lotsa money hahaha). Ive seen Nokia phone ads and they look pretty cool too!

  14. That would be a 600D for me! Canon cameras are just the best (IMO)! :)

  15. Those would all be pretty fun to receive! I would like a little new reading material, that's for sure!