Christmas Vacation To-Do List

Hello cookies! Wait, did I just call you cookies? Hahah. Nope, I'm not hungry at the moment. :p So, how was your Christmas Day y'all? It's currently the 27th in our side of the world and another year is just around the corner! :) Looks like this challenge is ending so quick and I'm not even halfway done with all of the prompts! Ah, I guess I'll have to break more of the rules don't you think?

I had intended in posting this yesterday, but something personal came up (trust me, you don't want to know). So here goes my ever late goals for Christmas Vacation.

Exactly, Patrick! |

1. Study for my exams - Guess who's enjoying her Christmas vacation so much that she still hasn't touched her notes. (Yes, me!) Sure I had promised myself that I would put off schoolwork until after Christmas vacation, but that doesn't include exams. Can someone please convince me to study? :)

2. Make a schedule for my major subjects - Read: Gantt Chart

3. Do some DIY or craft - I have some good news!  See these pretty little paper stars below? Yes, yes I have finally learned how to do it! Haha (The truth is that I was only interested with them a couple of days back when I saw a jar full of them at my second cousin's house during our Christmas party. So I asked her to teach me how to do it, and those were the only things I ever did the whole morning today.) I now have filled almost half of the jar with it. If you want to know how to do it, here is an Origami tutorial! I have to warn you, making the little cuties are a bit addicting!

4. Write in my journal - I recalled it was ages ago when I wrote in my journal! I would need a pen like this in order to actually write though. Haha

5. Finish reading P.S. I Love You - This is the last Ahern book I should finish to finally cross off another item from my bucketlist! I am currently on Chapter 16 and I know I can finish all 51 Chapters before this vacation ends! Whoop! This was yesterday and it's all been done madame! ;) Applause to Cecelia Ahern for writing such a good book that almost made me cry. Almost! And applause to me for finishing 35 Chapters in one day!

I know it's too late to ask for some Christmas vacation To - Do List, so instead of that,
What are your New Year's Resolutions?
Ha! :)


  1. Crafting and writing are always on my to do list! Those stars look so cool!

  2. Hmmmm, read more and watch less tv.

  3. I suck at origami skills! Writing and hitting DIY is definitely on my to-do-list!

  4. Oh but the stars are easy peasy! Try it! :) Yup we definitely need more DIY since everything is so expensive nowadays. D

  5. That's more like it! For me that would be read more and less internet. :p

  6. I would LOVE to be good at origami haha. Too bad I'm not! But I love vacations because you have so much more time to do lovely lists like these and actually check things off haha.

  7. I still scratch my head over most of them and sometimes even throw my hands up in despair haha! But this one is actually pretty entertaining! You gotta try.. :)
    Totally agree with ya! To-do lists are for vacations...or vacations are for to-do lists? hmm haha


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