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December 13, 2013

#AskAwayFriday with Lanaya

A few days ago, I checked my email and I saw this particular one from Lanaya. It was her questions for me for this week's AAF! Gah, thank goodness I opened my email. If not, I wouldn't have remembered that I had a scheduled swap. So anyway, here it is! :) Time for Ask Away Friday! Hurrah! 

Today, I am swapping with pretty Lanaya of Raising Reagan. She's a 30-something Gemini and a mother to cute and smarty pants Reagan Lizabeth! She's a businesswoman too! She put up an online store called Reagans Toy Chest which offers educational toys for toddlers and unique gifts. So if you're a mom and you have kids, give it a look! :)

Now we proceed to my answers to her questions. :)

You and I are both in very demanding courses either through work or school. How are you handling the heavy load?

I can be a procrastinator and sometimes when things become really heavy and the tension builds up, I tend to break down and cry like a child who lost her toy. Yeah. So what I do is I try to schedule ahead of time so I can properly list in detail the things I need to do. Currently we are planning for a big event and I want everything to be in order, so advance planning is really necessary. I tend to forget a lot of things most times and I cannot afford to miss something on a very important event. Also, I try to have a break and a laugh in between and not take things too seriously 'coz I don't want wrinkles at 20. Hahah. Though school is taking most of my time, I still find time for myself and other people to keep balance between everything. So, there. :)

You mention often that the internet is your guilty pleasure. What is your favorite place to go to online.

Yes it is! Upon opening the browser, the first three tabs I immediately open are blogger, gmail and twitter. I also check my facebook sometimes. 

One of your Christmas wish list items is a new tablet or android phone. Of all your family members, who do you think is the best person to get you one and why?

My dad? Heheh. I think it's easier to convince him than my mom! :D

You are a lover of fine perfumes. If you could afford any perfume in the world, which one would you own a constant supply of?

You've stalked me enough, Lanaya. Hehe. Yes somehow, and I am currently in the pursuit of finding 'the perfect scent' for me. :D If I could own a constant supply of one perfume in the world, I want the Victoria's Secret in Secret Daydream (or was that Pure Seduction?) I haven't tried it but I heard it smells good!

You are going to be 21 next year! Are you looking forward to your 21st birthday? And {I know 2 questions in 1!) do you have any special plans to celebrate already in the making?

Yes I am! Hehe It's on the 11th of March by the way *hint hint! A year ago, the last time I checked, I was 18. And then when my birthday came, I was suddenly 20. Like whaaaat? Anyway, like everybody else, I sure do look forward to my 21st birthday! I can't believe I'm turning 21 next year, but whether I like it or not, I will still grow a year old. haha. I'm not really particular on throwing parties. A simple get together would do. As long as I have my family and friends celebrate with me, I'm good :)

Time is a rare commodity these days. If you could freeze time and didn’t have to worry about any commitments, what would you do?

I would probably do anything that pleases me and of course spend time bonding with my family. We rarely come together these days because my brother and I live in the city and come home only during weekends, or sometimes a day during weekdays. So, that would be it - spend time with my family and go out somewhere we can enjoy.

I know you don’t have a boyfriend just yet .. but do you have your eyes on a special someone?

To answer that question, yes I do. :)

You have never been outside the Philippines. If I gave you an all expense paid trip around the world, where would you start?

I have been outside of the Philippines already during last year's Asian Adventure. :) I have never been outside Asia though. Omg I will forever love you and honor you and be indebted to you and even build you a statue if you'll give me an all-expense paid trip around the world! Hahah :) I would love love to start in Paris or Italy!

You mentioned once that you would like to confess a secret. Care to share?

I'm shy...it's awkward sharing this here, but I know we all had these moments too so here goes. Heheh. I hope a little hint will do: I still like (or maybe just forcing myself to like) my crush from freshmen highschool. He is the story I can't tell. #storyofmy(love)life

Have you opened a bank account yet?

Eh. Sadly, not yet (which is why my Paypal account was suspended. :( I saw the email just this evening.)

Blogger Update

So once upon a time, I told myself to just answer the AAF questions tonight, post them and get back to studying. But then, a wicked fairy came and put a spell so I ended up reading a couple of blogs. Hahah. This week has been heavy but my classmates and I are still laughing despite all the unpleasant things that happened. After all, the good things still outnumber the bad ones so there's totally nothing to be worried about. I want to apologize for the lack of posts and for not being with you in the December challenge but I promise to make it up to you after my exams. :) I also want to thank you for still reading my blog and for understanding. :) Thank you so much everyone. And I wish you all a Mary Merry Christmas! Aishiteimasu!


  1. Aww ... I loved your answers.And how sweet that you divulged your secret to us. You are so brave for doing that. Just remember that everything happens for a reason. If it's meant to be, it will.

    Great answer to the world question -- but no monument needed! LOL I love Paris and Italy. In fact -- I made mention of Paris in my answer to your question!

    Thank you for swapping with me -- and good luck with your exams.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. Oh.. few days from now, I'll be turning 21 too :D
    You never had a boyfriend? :)

  3. She sounds cool, I'll have to go check her out!

    Corinne x

  4. Girl we have to get ourselves to Paris, seriously! And I laughed so hard at the Dad being easier to convince than Mom thing...it's the same in my family haha. Miss you! Good luck with exams <3

  5. Great answers and wonderful getting to know you better! Have a great week!