Another Look at Paradise

HOOOOLLLLLAAAA amigas! :) Finally our exams are over! Well, we still have two exams left for next year but still, the first half is over! Yippie-yay! The last few weeks have been so stressing but still great in a way. :) How are you all doing? I hope you're having a fine holiday season! :) Man, I have seriously missed you all so much and I know I have a lot of catching-up to do here! Therefore, I shall start now. :)

Yesterday, we went back to Villa Igang at Nueva Valencia, Guimaras to re-visit our site for our feasibility study. It's a good thing that we were assigned to this island because tadaaaa, I have finally set foot on an island I've never been before! Haha. That's another item off the list! Yay! For those who are in the Philippines and would like to visit the place, it's a 15-minute boat ride from the Ortiz Wharf in Iloilo and another 45-minute multicab ride to the place. The first time we went there, we weren't able to take a closer look and we were there for only about an hour which isn't enough. So this time, we took our time in looking around and listing details. I tell you, the place REALLY is beautiful and peaceful, and the photos below don't even do justice to it. 

So anyway, (change topic!) I know yesterday's challenge prompt was to write about our Christmas Wishes for other people, but please allow me to swap prompts. Hehe. So December 16 prompt is to post snippets of happenings during that day. There's nothing interesting about me looking serious and hunched towards a test paper, so I give you the happenings yesterday in five eight photos!


A perfect blue, isn't it? :) Guimaras island is surrounded will all these wonderful blue waters that are very inviting!

Eh. #OOTD. Hahah! It was a bit sunny since it was almost noon during the time this photo was taken. Just look at those waters!

So clear. I can't even. The place is surrounded with lots and lots of trees like that in the photo and its just relaxing seeing those. Almost paradise in that case.

That's the dock. Villa Igang is a developing site so it's pretty plain. But when you sit at the tip of that dock facing forward, all you can see are the blue skies, the trees, a distant white sand beach, rock formations and clear waters! Win-win!

Did I mention it has white sand?

The restaurant overlooking the lagoon!

It ain't complete without a group shot!

Aaand another. Haha.

So that was how my 18th of December went. How was yours? :)

Photos (c) of my groupmates.


  1. Thank you Holly! :) It's an unusual December weather though. It gets really really hot during noon! Maybe we can swap places! Hehehe

  2. UGH SO PRETTY!! Your December 18 was definitely lovelier than mine haha.


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