2013 in Retrospect

2013, I have to admit, has been a long year. It's been a bit of my year too! For the eight short months that I have started blogging at my new home (which is blogspot), I had come to learn more things about blogging and the blogosphere. This year, I took my blogging one step higher and I am more than happy and thrilled that I did! 

2013 was a year full of fun, surprises, new discoveries, learnings and more importantly, new friends! Given that, I have decided to do a recap to look back on some highlights/favorites as well as a summary of each month! I hope you enjoy! :) P.S. A wave of links is coming right up!

Yep! That would be my second name. :)


As much as I want to keep my old posts, transfer them to blogger and just continue on with it, I had decided to start in another clean slate. Thus, a new beginning. I started with the name Maryiad for a blog name and url (mary + myriad = maryiad. genius! :p), which means 'the many sides of Mary'. Later on, I noticed it's a little bit corny haha. So I thought hard of what to name my blog, something I can use in the long run. Finally, I thought of Secret Obsession, which is perfect! You can read the blog name story here.

I was on a writer's block and wondered 'what now?'. So what I did was transfer a few not-so-personal posts to the new blog. There's our October 2012 Asian Adventure divided into three parts (because it was too damn long and I think I wrote too much haha) and our Celebratory Outing to name a few. Also, I posted some bad habits I need to break, of which I think I still haven't. Lol!

TOP 5 PICKS: Life Lessons Worth Sharing | DIY Paintbrush/Pen Holder | The Asian Adventure 2012 | The Visayan Invasion 2011The Garinfarm Adventure


Ah, summer! I think it was during this month, or perhaps late in April that I was introduced by Ms Camie to the Better Blogger Network. I had met a few Filipino friends here! :) This introduction to BBN led me to the Blog Every in May Challenge hosted by Jenni of SOML. Though I wasn't able to finish it, I still had so much fun! Aaaand, I was able to meet new people and learn the rule 'comment to those who comment unto you'.
  1. A Day in my Summer Life
  2. What and Who I'm Missing
  3. Ten Words that describe me (Oops! I mean Eight)
  4. A Moment in My Day + Embarrassing Moment!
  5. Advice: Choosing A Course
  6. Things I'm most afraid of
  7. The Perks of being in the Tourism Industry
  8. Blogueurs que j'adore
  9. A Quote to Inspire
  10. Things that make me Uncomfortable
  11. DIY: Perk Up your White Sneakers!
  12. Allow Me to Educate You
  13. My Little Autobiography
  14. Blog Everyday in May Challenge!
  15. An Essay Lovely as a Tree
  16. Expect the Unexpected
TOP 5 PICKS: Expect the Unexpected | Advice: Choosing a College Course | My Little Autobiography | Essay lovely as a Tree | A Quote to Inspire


June was still vacation for me since I was waiting for my OJT (on the job training - a course requirement) to start. This time, I had started the concept of Takeover Tuesdays wherein every Tuesday (duh), a blogger gets to be exposed in the blog (for free!) through a series of Q&A! I had recently stopped it but I'm planning to have it back, but this time, no Q&A's. :) Also, I had made a List of Seven series in case I run out of blog ideas. haha On a personal note, this is also where I had traveled to Zambales (5 butt-aching hours away from Manila) along with my aunt to attend my cousin's wedding.

TOP 5 PICKS: My First Liebster AwardWhat to do when you're alone and bored | Gotta Love Pants | Cousin's Chicken Breast Recipe | Cousin Camwhore


So our Training has commenced. Blog posts were scarce as I and my co-ojt's had things to accomplish (and memorize!) Most of the blog posts were about Five Among Friends (a Q&A that Taby of Closet Intellectual started) and the Takeover Tuesdays. It's a good thing I have these lovely ladies to take over my blog for me while I was away making lemondes (if you know what I mean!

TOP 5 PICKS: Clothing HaulFive Among Friends 3.0Five Among Friends 4.0 | Five Among Friends 5.0 | The Training + Giveaway


No post this month. Boo! I wonder what I did that I haven't updated the blog for a month! Our training was already finished by then and I guess I had totally enjoyed my vacation that I decided to be on an unannounced hiatus. Or, I had so much fun tinkering with html codes and such that I had no time to blog!



Vacation extension! Our OJT is our only subject for the semester that started from June to October. So I was in Manila from June to the first two weeks of August, had my OJT starting July, and no classes onwards. Fun, eh? It would have been boring since I was the only one left in the house with chores to do (everyone was at school). But thank goodness that the internet existed to keep me company! I had made my very first playlist named This Love. I think it was during this month that I found time to read posts that discussed the pros and cons and how to's of blogging. Given that, my own version of blogging tips was born.

TOP 5 PICKS: Blogging Tips from an AmateurThings that a 20 year old should know | Korean Restaurant Experience | High School Reunion 2012 | Getting the VSCO Effect with Photoshop


I must say, October has been the bestest blogging month for me this year! I had come up with a blogging challenge called the October Daily and hoped that at least a few bloggers would join. I was so thrilled when 54 bloggers signed up! More participants equals more fun! This was the month were I met more great friends from all over the globe (or most parts of it).
  1. I Will Remember You
  2. Even a little help can feel fulfilling
  3. Happiness is...
  4. Beautiful Brights
  5. My 18th Birthday Bash
  6. How to Win My Heart
  7. My Little Hometown
  8. A Letter to Yong Hwa
  9. A Day with Erich
  10. Book Review: True Blue by Luanne Rice
  11. What's in my [School] Bag
  12. The Things I believe in
  13. Smelling memories
  14. The Real Purpose of Blogging
  15. Goals and Dreams before 2014 Ends
  16. A Problem-Free Philosophy
  17. Top Five Favorite Posts
  18. A Quote to Remember
  19. Saturday in Photos
  20. Things to Do on a Sweater Weather
  21. Blog Lovin!
  22. Songs that Elevate My Mood
  23. Tips: Designing your Blogger Blog
  24. A Day Sans Sleep
  25. A Childhood Snippet + Sunday Currently 3.0
  26. Filling in the blanks
  27. Update + My First Few Weeks in Blogging
  28. An unforgettable High School memory
  29. Soundspiration
  30. Why blog?
TOP 5 PICKS: Soundspiration | Tips: Designing your Blogger Blog | Things to Do on a Sweater Weather | Even a little help can feel fulfilling | My First Few Weeks in Blogging


I finally got a domain name! Huzzah! What else? Hehe. I think this was during this month, or late in October that I got to receive Sunshine Awards from seven awesome bloggers! Whoa! And a Liebster from Marla that I still haven't done yet. Boo..But seriously ladies, thank you so so much from the bottom of my hypothalamus! :)


This is where I frequently say 'Can you believe it's only __ days until Christmas?'. And now, it has come and gone too fast. TOO FAST. I can't even. This month, I had come up with another challenge called 12 Days of Christmas. All the while, I thought December was going to be a not-so-busy month for most of us. Only to find out that with the arrival of the holidays, and with more holidays than classes, most of us are indeed busy. I feel like such an awful host. :( Still, I am happy that some of you who joined in were able to finish or post more than I did! :) Kudos to you! This month, I finally got a 2014 planner - a doodle planner! I'm not much of a doodler but let's see how this goes in the end. Haha.

TOP 5 PICKS: Villa Igang Beach | Typography-ish | Things I'm Thankful for this ChristmasDear Santa, here is my wishlist... | What To Do on Christmas Eve

So that was how 2013 went for me. Given those above, 2013 is a blogging year to be treasured. I am sure that 2014 will be a more productive one too! I am currently planning on some posts and a series (hint hint!) that I'm hoping you'll like! :) Since you're already reading this, I would like to thank YOU, yes YOU, for being a reader and a friend. You are one of the main reasons why I keep this blog. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sending my big cyber bearhugs to all of you! I do hope that we'll 'see' each other next year and in the years to come! Goodbye 2013, and in a few days, hello 2014! Happy New Year everyone! Saranghae! ^___^

I challenge you to do a recap of your blogging year too!
So, challenge accepted? *wink
If you did, put a link to it in the comments or tweet it to me at @itsmaryspeaks!
I'd love to read it! :)


  1. I think I abandoned my blog for more than 6 months this year? Hahaha.
    I've been a graduating student too last January to March so I'm terribly busy during that time plus I need to maintain my grades to remain on the list. Then I focused on my review last April and May so I rarely use the internet. My volunteer job started last June and I decided to end it last October and try blogging whenever I had the time. Wala yata akong marerecap hahaha :D

  2. Oh how can you do that your blog? ;p
    Heheh That's understandable and besides there are more important things. :)

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR!!! It sounds like your 2013 was awesome even if it was long. I LOVED the October Daily Challenge you did :] And I still am dying for that doodle planner haha. But anyways I am really glad we "met" in 2013!

  4. It sure was! Hahah! THank you Marla! I'm glad you liked it and Im REALLY happy that it has brought me friends including you! :) It's still not too late to get that doodle planner though! Hehe Im not sure if they still have stocks but you can check here shop.filed.com.ph :)


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