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November 9, 2013

Update + Motivating Saturday

Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has finally left the Philippine Territory thirty minutes past one o' clock this afternoon. Barely a month ago, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake has struck Central Visayas, and now another calamity has struck the whole of the Visayan Region. 

In here, we've had no electricity for more than 24 hours, continuous pouring and pounding rain and dangerous strong winds the whole day yesterday. We've just had our electricity back late this afternoon, which is lucky. In some parts of the province, electricity has not yet been restored. This morning, when I went out of the house, we were very thankful to see everything the way it was (except maybe for some broken tree branches and fallen leaves). The sun is back in all it's shining glory and everything was back to normal, as if a raging storm did not pass. It was a hot day once again and we spent the early afternoon playing badminton in the front yard.   

Now, footages of what the storm has left is all over the news. It was a horrible sight of torn down houses, unrooted trees, upside down cars and a lot more - a total chaos. I don't know how many days or weeks it will take, but I know that all of us, especially those who were badly harmed, will be able to get over this soon and start a new life. You know how the Filipino spirit is waterproof and still manage to smile after all their tragedies in life. Bagyo ka lang. Pinoy kami. (You're only a storm. We're Filipinos.) No storm or earthquake can stir us because were strong like that. :)

Today, I am linking up with Areeba and Christina for Motivate, Inspire and Dreams link-up! Hop on in and share what motivates and inpires you as well as your dreams every Saturday!

Many times, I have heard of stories about people whose grades were below average during high school or college, but later on had become managers, executives, captains, and have achieved more and went ahead in life than those who had medals at the end of school. A rare case it may be, but we can't deny the fact that it happens. 

You don't have to be really smart to get ahead in life. I don't mean to say that knowledge isn't important, because it is. Knowledge is something that no one can take away from us and we shouldn't be deprived of the privilege to learn. But knowledge isn't the only key to being successful or in reaching your life goals. You need to pair it with skills, courage, determination, and a strong and fighting heart. 

A person's knowledge alone wouldn't have made the greatest inventions in history. It required a great amount of determination to reach their desired perfection. If they had such fragile heart and faith, and had given up at first try, these great inventions wouldn't have existed and these people wouldn't have been known all over the world.

A brilliant mind is useless without a fighting heart. Brilliant mind and fighting heart - these two should always come together. Only then can we say that we have truly succeeded.


  1. Indeed! I'm truly in awe of the Filipino spirit. Everytime I watch the news, I would always see people who would laugh or smile despite the tragic incidents and we're very resilient! It makes so proud to be a Filipino. Also, there are a lot of celebrities, local and international, supporting the Philippines. <3

    Keep safe! :)

  2. I'm glad that the storm has passed. O gosh, I'm loving this quote about Filipinos!
    Yeah that's true! Some great personality here in Pakistan weren't much educated but they helped their people to get independence from another country's rule! Thanks for linking up, this means a lot :)

  3. Great quote! I'm glad you are safe from the storm!

  4. This is really beautiful and I am SO GLAD to hear that you are ok after the storm. I was really worried about you!

  5. What a beautiful post bunso :) I'm glad that you're ok. It's so sad how so many people passed away though.

  6. Agreed! It's truly a scene how Filipinos can even pose for a selfie even in tragic situations! Ha! ;) Filipinos truly are the best and it's very heartwarming how people are always there to give help anytime. :)

  7. Glad you love it Aree! :) That' right! With that, I think it's more of bravery. Thanks for having this link-up too!

  8. Thank you so much Marla! <3 I truly appreciate that. :)

  9. Thank you! :) It is sad indeed Ate, but were just glad that a lot of people were evacuated earlier avoiding even more casualties.

  10. So glad you are safe and sound! Thoughts and prayers are with you! You rock for being positive through it all!

  11. I couldn't even stand watching the news about the Typhoon. It broke my heart seeing the town all destroyed and thinking about those family.

    Good quote :)