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November 24, 2013

Sunday Currently 6.0

Howdy mates! :)) Earlier, after the news had finished, the number of days before Christmas was flashed on the screen. 31 days before Christmas, it said. I was like, WHAAAT?! I seem to say this a lot, but let me say it again: Where has time gone? Last year's Christmas, though the memories are vague, seemed like only months ago. And now, another Christmas is rolling in! 

Anyway, here is what's currently happening in here:
  • Reading my twitter feed and some of my favorite blogs. :) I'm also on Chapter 29 (out of 43) of Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. I've been reading it during my spare time since Friday and I am so in love with it! If you still haven't read the book, then you should! It's a story I've never read before, nor has it been told in other books! Another unputdownable one! :)
  • Writing (yep you guessed it!) this Sunday Currently post. :)
  • Listening to the sound of the television, the distant thud of a sound system and the sound of my laptop.
  • Thinking about a lot of things, actually. My mind is filled with ideas for our incoming Tourism Night that we are in charge of, our Feasibility Study, as well as my 101 in 1001 challenge
  • Smelling uhhh nothing...
  • Wishing that time would slow down, again. 
  • Hoping that all our plans will be materialized, that we'll have a successful Fair and that I can survive this last semester of school! I know I can! :)
  • Wearing a gray shirt with the word 'LOVE' printed in big playful letters, a pink heart under it and the phrase 'Where are you soulmate?'. Hahah! 
  • Loving the conversation between me and twinnies Aree and Noor! Haha! We're making our own secret language! Sshhh...
  • Wanting a boyfriend. Haha. Or at least a guy friend who can be my best friend.
  • Needing whole 8 hours of sleep. I usually only get 6-7. Whoops.
  • Feeling butterflies in my stomach. Although it's just a movie I'm watching, it still gives me butterflies. Haha. How childish.
  • Clicking my keyboard! :)
P.S. I can watch this gif all day long and never get bored! :)) 


  1. Woah... 31 days until Christmas has got me freaking out a little bit.

  2. Awwwww to the movie butterflies in your stomach :] That's so cute! And I totally agree about time...where are you going?! Please come back! I seriously need to start staying up all night because I don't have time for anything anymore ha.

  3. Now that you mentioned it... whoa... indeed, just a few days till it's Christmas! Shoot! >_< Haha! The days are going by so fast :O

  4. Flipped! <3 Loved that movie! Happy Holidays! :))

  5. Hahah! Yes it is! That means were getting older fast too! O_o

  6. You've watched it? Me jelly! I'm going to try to download that on youtube. :) Happy holidays as well!

  7. *shivers* ..it's already December in tomorrow~

  8. Heheh :) Me too! And with that, I feel like sleep is getting in the way of me making things done. So sad. T_T

  9. yes! that movie is so nakakakilig! Hahaha

  10. I can totally watch gifs all day long without getting bored too, haha.

  11. oooohh im jealous! Ive read that too and i look forward to the day i get a boy bestie! :)

  12. hahah! Arent gifs just the best? They're the ultimate cure to boredom!