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November 17, 2013

Sunday Currently 5.0

I have been looking through my archives and noticed that there are two 'Sunday Currently 4.0's. This is the 5th so, haha. My bad.

What a tiring Sunday it has been! If you have been reading some of my previous posts, I've mentioned that we're having a Sports Meet here in our little town. It started last week, but due to the typhoon, it was postponed and continued last Saturday. A closing program was held earlier (but there are still a few unfinished games). I'd love to share this event with you too but I've been sort of busy (and part lazy). Hopefully I can ask for photos and post it here! Heheh. Earlier, I had helped cook lunch for 50 students together with one of the parents. These students are ushers and usherettes for the event, and my mom (the  teacher in-charge of them) can't find someone to cook for them because it seems every cook in town is busy as well. So, yeah. It was tiring, but it was fun! And of course, I get to learn a few secrets in cooking, too! Yay! Might as well become a chef someday hahah!

  • Reading my twitter feed as well as some of my favorite blogs. :)
  • Writing this Sunday Currently post (typing, rather).
  • Listening to the silence of the surroundings and the sound of rushing motorcycles in the streets.
  • Thinking about what I would post tomorrow. Haha! Also, I'm thinking of what else to put on my new blog planner that also is a school planner. It's just a very simple one, nothing fancy. I would love to hear your ideas about this! :)
  • Smelling and feeling the cold November air.
  • Wishing, again, that time would slow down. I can't believe that 2014 is just around the corner! (Calm down, Mary. It's just November 17!) 
  • Hoping to start crossing off my Goals and Dreams before 2014 ends
  • Wearing one of my favorite shirts and brown shorts, and as always, a ponytail.
  • Loving the fact that it's cold and that it's quiet. 
  • Wanting to sleep already because I have a class at 8 tomorrow. Cross fingers that I doze off the moment I hit the sack.
  • Needing height. Haha! I'm 5'3-ish and I think I need to add more height because I know I will need it in the future. Hello growth food supplements!
  • Feeling good. I took a nap for about an hour late in the afternoon and I don't look as haggard as yesterday anymore. Haha!
  • Clicking my keyboard! :)
Happy Sunday everyone! And wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! :)

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  1. Happy Sunday! Hope you get lots of rest this weekend so you continue to feel good.

  2. 2014 really is coming up so fast!! And 5'3" really isn't that short! :P I'm slightly taller than that, but not much!

  3. omg I'm just 5 ft! and you're tall to me haha

  4. hahah but then most of my other batchmates are taller than me and I feel kind of feeling small. haha

  5. I bet time has an appointment that's why its in a hurry! haha! I know but I want to grow a couple of inches. heheh

  6. Thank you so much Kate! :) I hope the same to you too!

  7. I always think about my new post, we're real blogger hah!

  8. Hahah! It's crazy! At night, I can't sleep because that's where most of the post ideas come in!

  9. I need to get a blog planner too, omg. Such a good idea! I don't know how you always come up with such great post ideas...I need to spend some more time thinking things up. I'm reading my Twitter feed too...so bad! I can't stop! I love the Sunday Currently...such a nice little insight into each other's lives.