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November 13, 2013

October Beachcapade + Why Majeanta?

That shirt is obviously my favorite. Haha!

Beach + Escapade = Beachcapade. I'm good at forming words, yeah? :) I know it's late, but let me just share to you yet another little high school class reunion we had last 27th of October!

Say hello to my high school buddies - we don't seem to look like senior college students! Haha! I'm not in here since I arrived late. I was with my aunt the whole morning paying a visit in advance to our ancestors - she went home before All Souls Day. I arrived at the beach only that afternoon and found them having fun while playing Spin the Bottle. It's sad that I missed half of the fun!

So I found a seat while they went on with the game. The bottle was spun again and it found me! I was then asked, as a consequence, to choose whether to tell a Truth or do a Dare. That's how the game goes. :)

After that, we talked and talked and talked about the things currently happening in our lives plus little gossips. Hehe. With all the talking, none of us even cared to swim! Hahah! Why did we even choose the beach? We could have just chosen the park in town or have a little picnic at our high school! But then, the beach holds a special place in our hearts, that's why we always choose the beach for our reunions. :)

That's a slumbook/autograph notebook I'm holding. :) If you had this back in high school, grade school even, then your childhood/teenage was awesome! Ha! Can you believe this book has been with the owner for 5 years or so? She kept it the whole time and I'm glad she brought it with her. I felt kind of  ecstatic reading about my high school self! Haha!

There's a funny story I made up behind the photo above! Haha! But that's between us. ;)

If you want someone to take the best jumpshot ever, don't ask me. I took this shot and it's a total failure! Haha! Yes, they did jump from the top of that wall down to the sands, only I wasn't able to capture it perfectly. Hey, nobody's perfect. I asked them for a second try but they were afraid to jump since it was high. So, yeah.

If you've watched Meteor Garden, then you can totally relate to this. ;)

An attempt to make the L-O-V-E sign. They were having trouble with regards to forming the E, so we had the SMS version of it instead- LUV U. Lol!

It was a rather gloomy kind of sunny, if you know what I mean.

We were the only group of people in the beach that day, so we realized how noisy we were.

To finish is off, three group photos! Yayy!!

I went ahead with some of my friends before sundown, but the rest stayed until about seven, and actually managed to swim! Haha! Being with them for two to three short hours were not enough, but it was still fun - another memory to be treasured. :)


Drumroll please! After months of blogging, I finally got a domain! Hurrah! From the long secretobsessionblog.blogspot.com, I am now officially at majeanta.com - short and memorable. :) You can still access my blog using the previous url - it will redirect you to the new one. :)

Why majeanta? I've always wanted a domain name that has either my name on it or something that describes me. So, I found the perfect one with my whole name in it (or all the first syllables of my whole name in it) - majeanta. Clever, eh? Mary Belle is sort of a pseudonym and my name is actually Mary Jeanette Ta_____. So, there you have it. :)

Enjoy the rest of the week! :)


  1. I wan to buy a domain too. Where did you buy? :)

  2. Wow, love your photos, Mary! Especially on the one on the stone pier overlooking the water, absolutely lovely!

  3. Looks like you all had fun! :)

  4. Omg that jump shot! I laughed so hard at your description haha. This sounds so fun :] I love reunions, especially with big groups like this. It's always so fun and precious.

    Congrats on your DOMAIN!! I loveee majeanta...so clever and pretty :]

  5. Yes we all did, Ali! :) It was short, but fun!

  6. I have to say that I'm very proud of this one! Hahahah! Epic! :D Yes it is! Its always important since we dont know when well ever do this again.

    Yaay!! Thank you Marla! :)