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November 20, 2013

Iraira (Pet Peeves)

Iraira?! What? Haha! No, iraira is not 'Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act'. Why would I write about that anyway? Haha! Iraira is a Japanese word for 'pet peeves' or 'the state of being irritated'! (Please do correct me if I'm wrong.)  I'm currently taking Japanese Language classes as part of our curriculum and I figured I should put it to use here in my blog. ;) So anyway, going back to the topic, here are some things that tick me off:

1. Smoking. I just can't describe further how I totally looove the pungent smell of cigarette smoke! Don't you just like it when you stand beside a smoking person while waiting for the traffic, and he's just there enjoying every millimeter of it? Bonus points if he says 'hi', thus breathing out the smoke right in front of you! 

2. Whistling. It's annoying every time my brother does that. It makes my ears feel, well, irritated. The more I tell him to stop, the more he does it. I can't even.

3. People who talk with food in their mouth. Who else wants to see what's inside people's mouths? Definitely not me. If I do, I might as well be done eating.

4. Waiting / Tardiness. Once upon a time, someone sets 8:00 as the assembly time for a meeting etc. Little Miss Mary, as time conscious as she is, arrived just in time or earlier than that. One hour later, only three more have arrived among the ten or more people expected to attend. Isn't that just great? And when you ask them why they're late, they would answer 'Aren't you used to Filipino Time?'. Oh boy I sure am! So in the future, when you already have a job, that's what you will answer your boss when you come in late?

5. Loud eaters. Let this girl (this is Britney, right?) say this on my behalf.

6. People walking slowly ahead of me It just happens sometimes that I am in a hurry and there's a crowd in front of me, chatting and walking ever so slowly like they're on a leisure park or at a funeral (excuse me)! When I'm not excused, sometimes I try to bump one of them (haha) or step behind their shoes for them to notice that someone behind them is trying to get through. And when they still can't notice, I finally believe that I have invisibility powers.

7. Spitting beside hallways or in the streets (with matching gleeking). Gleeking is the word, right?

Please.Just.Don't. Do it someplace else and not where I can see you.

What are your pet peeves?

P.S. Gifs are fun! Haha!


  1. I hate when people walk slow in front of me! Since I live in NYC, we have no time to be walking slow and dealing with those type of people. My fiance will bump into them on purpose. I also hate when people stand or stop in the middle of a sidewalk or hallway. Again, we have no time for people who do that. We're always on the move and in a hurry. And I hate when people are walking towards the left or right and they're looking in the opposite direction. Or even when they're looking behind them and walking straight ahead. OMG! That's my biggest pet peeve. It's like, hello! Pay attention! NYC is an obstacle course.

    xx Courtney

  2. THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER. I laughed so hard!! I completely agree with you on every one...that Rihanna gif was so perfect for the smoking thing haha. I HATE how smokers think they have the right to just give the rest of the world second hand smoke. COOL THANKS. And people walking slowly in front of me...that is probably my number one biggest. PLEASE JUST MOVE BEEP BEEP COMING THROUGH. It always happens when you're running late too...it's just the worst.

  3. Hi Mary! I miss reading your posts! I also hate noisy eaters and people who walk soo slow ahead of me. I sometimes bump them intentionally too, hahaha. It's kinda weird but I also hate improperly folded papers, haha :)))


  4. HAHAHAHA #6 is my pet peeve too. Like seriously people, the whole walkway is not YOURS :O hahahaha, and yeah, the bitch move :)) But for tardiness, unfortunately, I can't hate them because it would make a hypocrite out of me. (I'm sometimes tardy myself -sad-)

    Haha anyways, hello! I stumbled into your blog and I guess you can expect me to 'comment' form time to time. Keep on writing :)

  5. Literally every single one you listed is a pet peeve of mine. I can't even stand it. But the ones that stand are the ones that are dealing with the mouth. Eating, making noises, chewing gum, sucking candy, eating chips, whistling. I can't stand it.

  6. Love this list!
    I hate it when people smoke next to me. I mean, they have the right to smoke, but I also have the right to breathe clean air, so please go away. Sometimes people will ask, "Do you mind if I smoke?" Uhm... yes? There's a reason I'm not a smoker I guess?
    Lolll #4. In Indonesia we call it rubber time, meaning if you're 15 minutes late you're still on time. To be honest I've been guilty of it myself, but in a formal setting (not just gathering with friends) I always try to be on time!
    #6 is also mine too! Especially when I'm in a hurry. I will usually say "Excuse me!" that really shows I'm annoyed lol.