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Was there a time when you’ve done your best for something, but it didn’t pay off? Like joining a competition, doing your best, giving your all, but still you didn’t bring home the bacon? There are times in life when we feel forsaken or betrayed, when we feel that our best efforts were useless. We ask Him, “Why? I have done everything. I have put my heart to what I did, but why didn’t it work?”

Dear, do not question nor doubt the will of God. We are just actors in this movie entitled “Life”. HE is our director. Everything happens according to Him. You lost the fight not because He wanted you to. You didn’t lose because you thought your best wasn’t good enough. I believe that there is a reason for everything. Have faith in Him, because He, and only He knows what will happen next. Think: “I have done my best. It’s okay if I didn’t win. This is because I was made for something better or something bigger.” Only He knows what it is - and it is yet to come. My mother always told me, “If it is meant for you, it will be no matter what.”

Trust. Have faith. He knows what He’s doing. :) 


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  1. Thank you Trish! :) It's an old one I got from my old blog. heheh

  2. I am with you . In other words , everything happens for a reason . Sooner or later , you figure it out.

  3. Truly does Noor. That would sum up the whole post in one sentence. :)

  4. I always trust Him, He's the BOSS! And we just don't know what's the reason behind our tragedy. Ahhh everything happens for a reason!


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