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November 11, 2013

How to brighten someone's day

Keep the good vibes coming, they say. Positivity is a state of the mind, so we ourselves mostly determine the outcome of our day, say 70-80% of the time (wild guess). And this remaining 20-30% is determined by the people around us, the weather, the surroundings and other factors. This is little compared to our ability to determine the outcome of our day, but we should keep in mind that even a little rotten tomato can affect the entire basket. Right? So, even the smallest delay or nuisance can continue until the time we go to bed - which is bad.

How can we help? Well, here are a few ways that we all can contribute to that 20% and make everyone's day brighter, lift their spirits up and keep the protons rising! These may be little things, but they still matter! Remember, even the smallest gestures combined can create a huge impact or change!

1. SMILE -It is the equivalent of a 'hello' or a 'hi'. A smile is a language that everyone knows and understands. It is a curve that sets everything straight, and is free! It takes only a few seconds, nanoseconds even, to bring out those pearly whites a smile! If you've read this story, I bet you'll believe how powerful a smile is! So today, tomorrow and everyday, while walking down the street, give that serious or sort-of-problematic-looking stranger a sweet and reassuring smile that says 'Everything will be alright! Have a great day!'.

2. HUG - Did you know we do not only need a glass of water 8 times a day? We need  hugs, too! According to an article from MindBodyGreen, hugging is a therapy and is a powerful way of healing. Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one's serotonin levels, thus elevating mood and creating happiness! Once upon a time, I was feeling so low because I was bombarded with so many school tasks (the one where I don't even know where to start). I cried, then my Mom saw me and gave me a hug. Everything felt better after that and the rest of the day went pretty well! Sometimes, when were down and lonely, all we really need is just a hug - a tight and comforting hug. :)

“We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.” - Virginia Satir

3. ENCOURAGING WORDS -  'You can do it!',  'I'm so proud of you!', 'I've always believed in you!' or 'You are the best!'. These are only some of the magic words or phrases that do the trick! They may be short but they can make anyone's day brighter! If you know or see someone struggling on getting a job, tell him or her that 'It's not yet the end of the world. There are still more jobs out there. If they won't accept you, then that only means something better is waiting for you. Just keep looking.' You did not only brighten his day, you also made him believe in himself and not give up too easily! Words are very powerful and we should use it to boost ourselves as well as others.


4. A NOTE - Isn't it sweet when you find a wonderful note like that between the pages of your notebook or taped on a mirror at a public bathroom? It's a little gesture, but it's echoes are endless. Since were talking about notes now, let me share to you a movement called Operation Beautiful. It's mission is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find, and aims to remind everyone that we are all enough and beautiful just the way we are. So why don't we all start writing encouraging little notes, post 'em on mirrors, some library books, hallways, doors etc and spread the positivity! :)

5. HELP - A little help goes a long way. Yes it does! Whether it be helping an old lady with her groceries or in crossing the street, helping a neighbor mow the lawn or pick apples, or helping children in learning how to read and write! It's a small act, but they will be forever grateful and glad for what you did. The old lady would be happy that she didn't need to carry all those bags all by herself, your neighbors will be happy and thankful that they were able to do more important things because you volunteered to do the lawn, and those children will be forever grateful that you did not only brighten their day, but also their future. :)

6. COMPLIMENTS - 'Hey you look beautiful today!' 'I love your dress!' 'Your new haircut looks great on you!'. Admit it, we all love it when people notice the little things and say something nice about it. All wonderful compliments instantly put a smile on our faces, and a compliment a day doesn't keep anyone away! (Now that's a new quote!) So instead of staying in a corner at a party, approach someone who seems to be having a bad time and give him or her a nice compliment! Congratulations! You didn't just make someone smile, you also made a new friend!

I know you also have ideas!
So go post them in the comments, or tweet it to me at @itsmaryspeaks
I may add them here, or make another post with you and your ideas. Yay!

Image credits: Happy Girl | Free Hugs | Smile! You're beautiful!


  1. Great post Mary :) A little smile can surely brighten a day . And I'll tweet you my idea *wink

  2. Great post! I'm gonna check out Operation Beautiful.

  3. Love this post! Encouraging words, compliments and notes are such little things but can make a huge difference in somebody's day.

  4. Tiffany Mrsh HaywoodNovember 12, 2013 2:32 AM

    Love! I always need hugs and it's good to know they help me more than I realized :) I used to leave notes all over the house and in my Kiddies lunches, etc. I've eased back a bit but maybe it's time to get back in the habit? :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I love this so much. I was going to go back and comment about my favorite points, but I can't pick favorites. They're all equally good! I love giving compliments to strangers. That doesn't mean just randomly saying something nice either...I think you can find something you genuinely like about anyone you meet, from "you have nice eyelashes" to "I love your nail polish," a little something can go a long way when it's genuine! Bookmarking this...I love it!

  6. Sure Noor! Thank you! And yes it really does! A little can last for hours! :3

  7. Thank you Lesley! You should definitely check it out and take part in it too! :)

  8. Thank you Donna! So true! It's sad that the little things are often left unnoticed.

  9. Thanks as well Mrs Tee! I should remind myself that I need hugs too. :) Hugs are just calming and great! I think you should get back to that!. It's a really sweet gesture and reminds your kids how much you love them! :)

  10. Thank you so much Marla! <3 Even I can't pick a favorite! Hahah! I really think so too! It's true what you're saying that a little genuine something can go a long way - pretty much like diamonds! :)