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November 14, 2013

Emails from the Past: My Mail-pal Story

Happy Thursday! Whoa! Is it really Thursday already? Time is so much in a hurry that 5 minutes feel like 5 seconds and a year doesn't even feel like a whole year at all! Is it just me? This gives us all the more reason to enjoy every second of our lives while using time wisely. I need reminding of that.

Anyway, since it's a Thursday, I'm going to do a throwback! Hooray for throwback Thursdays! :) This might be the second or third time I'm actually doing this on a thursday - most of my throwback thursdays are not during thursdays at all! Hahah! Today, I'll be sharing a blast from the past - my penpal story! The idea of this post came from Wendy, since she asked in one of her questions for Ask Away Friday if I had a penpal outside of the country. It was perfect since I was out of post ideas today! You definitely deserve a shoutout dear Wendy! :)

Have you ever had a penpal when you were still a teenager? Come on, I know you did! :) Penpals existed waaayy before the internet (am I right?), and other than walkie talkies, penpals are one of the greatest ways to connect and make friends with people from across the country or all over the world - in traditional snail mail! Penpals still do exist today. And since we're highly modernized now, penpals have evolved into the form of electronic mails - one which I prefer to call mailpals. :)

Once upon a 2009, I was still in my internet-discovery stages and was busy clicking around. I think I was still all over friendster and knowing the perks of myspace at that time. Also, I made an email account. Haha. Then one day, I can't recall who emailed who first, but one thing was for sure - I had made a mailpal. 

Her english name was Lianne and she's from from Hong Kong. She is Chinese (but of course) and has Chung Yan as a name, too. I can recall her on her email display photo wearing black and a pair of eyeglasses. She's very nice and I bet we'd be great friends if we didn't stop the emails. I myself didn't know what happened. Haha! We've had a few email exchanges and I'm about to share to you the conversations that went! Although, these are only my own messages to her. I don't know where her emails and the rest of the conversation went - probably deleted by msn. 

This must be my first or second email to her. Like two typical teenage girls, we shared our lives at school! I told her about our town fiesta done every January - a town celebration in honor of our town's Saint.

I was being curious so I asked her what her real name was. Haha!


Just so you know, I used to love lots of periods! Haha! I don't know what's up with the one-sentence-per-line, but that was how I emailed when I was seventeen. I thought there was snow in HongKong! Haha! It's pretty obvious what we were talking about - school, exams and the happenings in our places. She had difficulties learning English in school. I hope she's fluent now...

Honestly, I've never been to a night club! Hahaha!

So we decided to exchange photos. I sent her a photo of our prom while she sent me a couple of photos of their colorful dragons during their Lunar New Year!  

This was the last email I sent to her - or maybe not. I forgot if she replied. But I guess that was the end of our being pen-friends? Even so, I really had fun exchanging emails with her and knowing something about Hong Kong and the Chinese people. Hopefully, I can contact her thru the same email and I'll let you know if she replies! :)

Having a penpal is fun and enjoying! This was what kept me eager to go home and jump right on the computer every afternoon at that time! Hahah! If you haven't experienced what it's like to have a penpal/mailpal (aside from bloggers), go and try have one. I'm sure you will have a great time!

What's your penpal/mailpal story?


  1. You are so sweet, Mary! Thank you for the 'shout-out'. Years ago I joined FB because a pen-pal from Australia asked me to. We met when she sent me, in error, a message on AIM. We oddly kept in touch with little messages here and there, and became good friends. She even invited me to her wedding. Of course we were electronic pen-pals, but also send snail-mail. Enjoyed your post!

  2. I once had a friend from myspace. Her name is Whitney and she's from Oregon. I treat her like an older sister. Although sometimes she has a bit of an attitude, she still sends me pretty photos of fall and winter in her place, two seasons I love but never had. She had a rough childhood so she comes to me if she couldn't sleep (perks of different time zones). we are friends on fb, she has her own life now with a child and a husband. :) I don't know if she can still remember me but I bet she still does.

  3. This was an awesome blogpost idea and one I might consider stealing. Online friends are awesome! :)

  4. This is so cute :] I loved having penpals/mailpals. I met a guy in an online guinea pig club when we were 8 hahaha. We still keep in touch though!

  5. OMG that must be so wonderful attending a penpal's wedding! :) I mean that is just so sweet and thoughtful of her! I should try wrong-sending messages too! Maybe I can find a penpal or two. Haha! Thank you Wendy! :)

  6. That must have been wonderful! :) I'm sure she still remembers you since you were her go-to person when she can't sleep or just wants to talk. I would remember you if I were her. <3

  7. I certainly won't mind Mandy! :) Indeed they are! It's like a whole new world in here! :)

  8. Haha Thanks Marla! You told me once about that (or did I read it? haha) It was in aol right? I wish I had a penpal when I was a kid too! My childhood would have been more awesome! Penpals for more than ten years? Coolest thing Ive ever heard! :))

    P.S. Have you met? :D