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November 15, 2013

#AskAwayFriday with Wendy + Giveaway Winners

Thank goodness for Fridays! And you know what that means - it's time for another Ask Away Friday! Hurrah! During my first week of AAF, Mrs Tiffany of Love Life Laughter paired up with me and I've had so much fun answering all of her questionsLast week, I wasn't able to join in because of 'things', but now I'm back! This time, I paired up with fabulous Wendy of Effie Girl! She's one of the great friends I've met through the October Daily, and here she is! :) One fact I know about her is that she's the only sibling to have her father's green eyes! 

Here are her questions for me! But wait! Make sure to visit Wendy's blog too to see what she answered to my questions after you read this! :)

1. Have you ever played in snow?
Sadly, I haven't played in real snow. I haven't experienced snowball fights or making angels in the snow. But I did play in artificial snow once. It was at Snow World at Shenzhen, China during our Asian Adventure last year. I had tried pulling up a tire up above a 'hill' and had a swift ride downwards in it! What's it called? Hehe. It was so fun and I very much wanted a second round, but the tire was so heavy and I was already freezing! I was only wearing a thin coat provided and shirt and pants underneath, so thirty more minutes in there and I probably would have fainted! Haha!  
2. Your Travel and Cruise Management is an interesting career, where do you wish to start your first job?
The truth is that, I've been thinking about that question for the past few days too. I know there are many jobs out there, I just don't know where to place myself. Most probably I would be working at the airport or at a hotel for a start. OR I can start at a 5-star hotel and apply at a cruise ship about a couple of years after! That would be great! (At least a one year experience at a 5-star hotel is needed to apply for work at a cruise ship.)
3. Have you ever traveled to the U.S., or wish to?
I haven't gone outside of Asia but I very much would want to travel the US! I'd love to visit the countrysides too! :)
4. What is your Christmas morning tradition?
We would start the day by going to Mass usually at 8:00. :)  
5. You recently posted, "How to Brighten Someone's Day".  Do you practice this each day?
Yes I do practice some of it, especially the first one. :) It frequently happens that I stare at people a lot. And when I catch myself, I just smile at them. I don't do a lot of hugs though. I also often encourage my friends when they need it, as well as give them compliments. I help when I can and I'm trying to take part in Operation Beautiful, too. 
6. Are you honest if a friends haircut looks bad, to say so, or would say something nice to not hurt their feelings?
Usually, I would be like "Hey, you cut your hair! Nice!" "But why so short?" or "You should have done this or that instead." And after that, I would say, "But it looks good/okay on you anyway." I think that's how the conversation would go if the haircut is okay. No hurt feelings right there! :)  But if it really really looks bad then I think I would go tell him/her straight away, in a nice manner of course.
7. If you were to get your first pet, what would it be?  Cat, dog, parrot, pig? :-)
Uh, yeah Daphne. Hahah! Yup, I made up my mind - I'd have a dachshund.
8. Sell me on a visit to the Philippines.
7107 amazing islands and more than 7107 tourist destinations to choose from! If you love a new and amazing adventure in the city or the country, the Philippines is the one to choose! We have huge chocolate kisses in 50 square kilometers of land, an underground river included as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, a primate who loves hugging trees, stairs of rice, and an awesome waterfall restaurant! The Philippines owns that beautiful lake you see in Katy Perry's Roar, too! To add to that, we have a huge salad bowl, the perfect cone (but not to hold your ice cream)! If it's the beaches you want, we've got them with all colors of sand! Historical sites, beautiful old structures, museums, we've hundreds of them! I know you've been waiting for me to mention food! If it's food you're looking for, the Philippines offers a wide variety of meals you just can't resist! We have the famous adobo loved by foreigners, the mouth watering pig in a bamboo pole with an apple in its mouth, kare-kare, and for dessert, the halo-halo! There's just hundreds of wonderful things about the Philippines and it's all waiting for you!
Are you sold already?:D
9. Do you have a pen-pal outside of the Philippines? (other than daily bloggers) 
I currently don't have a pen-pal right now, but I did once (she's an email-pal) in 2009! That's like four years ago when I was still in my internet-discovery stages. Haha. Her name was Lianne and she's from Hong Kong. I was able to open my msn account yesterday and found my old emails for her! Sadly, I can't seem to find the emails she sent to me. I think it was deleted. :( If you want to know more about my penpal and our conversation, you can read My Mailpal Story. :)

10. Do you have a daily routine of working out, or running, or anything of the like? 

Sadly, I don't. But if running up and down the stairs is considered a work out, then I think I do have a workout routine..? Haha!

Finally, we've come to the most awaited part! The announcement of the winners! Without further ado, here they are! Drumroll please!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

These are your prizes:
Set # 1: Shane Prather
Set # 2: Sharon
Set # 3: Susannah Kellogg

Congratulations guys! :)) And because I'm feeling extra generous today, I've randomly picked another five winners for a discount in my ad shop! Sweet! Here are the winners and their prizes!

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All winners will be contacted via email within 24 hours. If winner fails to respond within 48 hours after receiving the email, another winner will be chosen. I hope everyone enjoy their prizes! :)) Happy Friday! Oh, and don't forget to see Wendy's answers to my questions

**Please note that prizes are not convertible to cash.


  1. Mary, this new look is GORGEOUS!! I love it :).

  2. Love the new website design Mary! :)
    how you sell Philippines was so good!

  3. Mrs. Chevalley RHOCCNovember 16, 2013 12:26 AM

    you must come to the US and visit and see/play in real snow! you will love it!

  4. You sell the Philippines well. I have never been but I could venture there, no problem. You will have to definitely go somewhere to play in real snow at some point but it's COLD ... it's fun for about ten minutes .. than it's just COLD! Ha!

    Great getting to know about you Mary.

    You'll enjoy the Ask Away Friday series ... you get to meet some great bloggers!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. Haha if running errands could go into work out , I might be the queen on running after my school van (that I catch so late)

  6. The Philippines sound lovely through your words! I have lived in a place with snow for 40 years and I hope that you get the opportunity to travel somewhere with some. It can be fun, but it is cold and I am not crazy about driving in it...but it sure is pretty! Very nice getting to know you through Ask Away Friday! Have a great weekend!

  7. Well you have DEFINITELY sold me on visiting the Philippines!! I'll let you know when I get there ;] and I love this feature you've started on your blog...it's a really creative way to get to know you better!

  8. Brittnei WashingtonNovember 16, 2013 7:33 AM

    This is my first time at your blgo! I love it! I definitely would love to visit the Philippines one day! Awsome way to describe how awesome it is there! That photo of Wendy is so adorable! Don't you just love her? :)

  9. Come to Iowa, I'll take you to play in the snow LOL. Yah I'm totally sold on the Philippines, where do I sign up?!

  10. Mary, when I saw the photo of me and my dad, it brought tears of memories. So sweet of you XO I wish I could send you a truck full of snow to play in. Come to the US and ski with me. I like it when it first falls, all glistening and pretty on the trees...then I want it to go away! Haha. Ok, if it's going to be cold it may as well snow. I need to move, it's too cold in winter for me. I think I could visit the Philippines one day, except I don't want to see the pig in the pit. Veggies please. My hubster needs to go to China again and wants me to go - I'd have to think about that. I think working in a 5-star hotel would be awesome, do it! Then go on to cruises, although, there have been many cruise-mishaps the past few years. Pick a good one.

    Loved your responses to my questions, and learning a bit more about you xo
    Always a pleasure, my friend.

  11. I've especially picked that photo of you and your Dad because I know it means a lot to you :) If only snow doesn't melt...I'd loooove to come and go skiing with you (if only I were rich, I could fly to the US everyday! haha)! I guess I can find a good reason as to why were somehow lucky we don't have snow here - snow storms for example.

    You're a vegetarian? Whoops! Sorry about that. But we have a salad bowl so you're all good when you go here. :) I hope that if you do go with him, you'll take a chance and see a little bit of my country too. It's just one ticket away :)

    Chances are, I will! Then hopefully I'll get accepted at a cruiseline! Thanks for the tip! :) I have a teacher who worked at a cruiseship once so maybe I can enter there too. Hehe

    I absolutely loved all of your questions! ♥ Thanks so much! :))

  12. If only I can fly or have some sort of teleportation powers, I'll be there in a moment! Someday, though, I know I will be able to experience snow! :) You can sign up through the internet by buying a ticket to the Philippines! Haha

  13. Weee! In that case, welcome to my blog Brittnei! :) Thank you much! There's just lots of good things about the Philippines despite what's happening right now. And yes, Wendy is a total darling! (I say this like she's a teen & were ultimate BFF's. ha!) ;)

  14. Hurray! I'm glad I sold you with that :) I just love making pieces like this. :D I'll be looking forward to when that happens Marla! I'll tell you a little secret, I'll be posting more things about my country soon! Yay! And you should join this too! All you have to do is find a partner, send each other questions on or before wednesday, and post your answers on friday!

  15. Thank you so much Stacy! :) Wow! 40 years of snow season! That's a very long time. I sure do hope I can. But first, I need to finish college. Haha. If artificial snow is cold, then how much more are the real ones! Just a few minutes in it and I'm all good! :) Have a great weekend too! :D

  16. I think that counts too Noor! Haha! But you shouldn't do that often or else you'd always arrive at school looking all tired from all the catching up you do...

  17. Thank you Lanaya! I seriously had so much fun writing that! :) I know and Korea would probably be the closest place where there is snow.

    Haha! I see that. I bet it's colder than artificial ones. And being from a tropical country, I think I can't stand too much cold.

    Thank you! Looking forward to next week! <3

  18. Thank you Anna! It was fun writing it! :)

  19. Tiffany Mrsh HaywoodNovember 17, 2013 12:15 PM

    I like how you would respond to a not so great haircut. I would probably take a similar approach since I wouldn't anyone to hurt my feelings if the roles were reversed. so glad you are joining us again! :)