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Sunday Currently 6.0

Howdy mates! :)) Earlier, after the news had finished, the number of days before Christmas was flashed on the screen. 31 days before Christmas, it said. I was like, WHAAAT?! I seem to say this a lot, but let me say it again: Where has time gone? Last year's Christmas, though the memories are vague, seemed like only months ago. And now, another Christmas is rolling in! 
Anyway, here is what's currently happening in here: Reading my twitter feed and some of my favorite blogs. :) I'm also on Chapter 29 (out of 43) of Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. I've been reading it during my spare time since Friday and I am so in love with it! If you still haven't read the book, then you should! It's a story I've never read before, nor has it been told in other books! Another unputdownable one! :)Writing (yep you guessed it!) this Sunday Currently post. :)Listening to the sound of the television, the distant thud of a sound system and the sound…

Inspiring Saturday: Mind Power

Robinvaneijk | Deviantart
A few days ago (Tuesday to be exact), during our first meeting with our instructor particularly in the Tourism Planning and Development class, we were asked about what we expect in the subject. I gathered the courage to answer first, and here's what I said: 'We expect that this subject will not be that easy. But with the help of each other, the work will be easier.' Or something that goes along with those lines. Other answers included statements like, 'We expect this subject to be challenging and fun', 'We expect to learn more', 'We expect that it will be difficult...' and etcetera.
The subject, more known as Feasib (short for Feasibility), appears to us as a somewhat difficult subject; this is based on what we have observed with our seniors, or on what they have told us when they were taking the subject. Add our teacher who, like most students say, is very strict, intimidating and a bit of a terror. Anyway, we met with him…

101 in 1001: A Bucketlist

Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple challenges such as New Year's resolutions or a 'Bucket List'. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities. - Day Zero Project

A few days ago, Jenni left a comment in my letter to my future self. She made mention about this 101 in 1001 challenge, and I became curious. So here I am, making yet another bucketlist that I can hopefully will finish in two years. I admit I'm not too keen on crossing off a whole bucketlist, but with the time frame, I know I can do it! :) And you can, too! All you have to do is make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and keep track of them. If you're running out of ideas, just search the challenge on go…

Iraira (Pet Peeves)

Iraira?! What?Haha! No, iraira is not 'Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act'. Why would I write about that anyway? Haha! Iraira is a Japanese word for 'pet peeves' or 'the state of being irritated'! (Please do correct me if I'm wrong.)  I'm currently taking Japanese Language classes as part of our curriculum and I figured I should put it to use here in my blog. ;) So anyway, going back to the topic, here are some things that tick me off:

1. Smoking. I just can't describe further how I totally looove the pungent smell of cigarette smoke! Don't you just like it when you stand beside a smoking person while waiting for the traffic, and he's just there enjoying every millimeter of it? Bonus points if he says 'hi', thus breathing out the smoke right in front of you! 

2. Whistling. It's annoying every time my brother does that. It makes my ears feel, well, irritated. The more I tell him to stop, the more he does it. I ca…

A Letter to my Future Self

Happy Mondays! I hope you all had/are having a great day! Earlier, I had managed to go through my Bloglovin and came upon Rachel's blog post. It was a letter from her 2011 self! So guess what? I wrote myself a letter too, using, to be sent today next year! Yup-yup! So I encourage you too to write yourself a letter and send it months or years later, too! You'll feel surprised, happy, great, wonderful and a lot of other emotions when you receive it - though I'm not sure myself as I have just sent my first letter to my future self. You can go take a peek or read the whole letter that I wrote me.

Dear Mary of 2014,

Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing fine. :) You might probably be at work right now, but I hope that you do receive and take time to read this letter I wrote to you.
Today, one year ago, was your first day of school in the last semester of your college life - the day you wore your uniform again after six months. You were very eager to go to school a…

Sunday Currently 5.0

I have been looking through my archives and noticed that there are two 'Sunday Currently 4.0's. This is the 5th so, haha. My bad.
What a tiring Sunday it has been! If you have been reading some of my previous posts, I've mentioned that we're having a Sports Meet here in our little town. It started last week, but due to the typhoon, it was postponed and continued last Saturday. A closing program was held earlier (but there are still a few unfinished games). I'd love to share this event with you too but I've been sort of busy (and part lazy). Hopefully I can ask for photos and post it here! Heheh. Earlier, I had helped cook lunch for 50 students together with one of the parents. These students are ushers and usherettes for the event, and my mom (the  teacher in-charge of them) can't find someone to cook for them because it seems every cook in town is busy as well. So, yeah. It was tiring, but it was fun! And of course, I get to learn a few secrets in cooking,…

Inspiring Saturday + Giveaway

Was there a time when you’ve done your best for something, but it didn’t pay off? Like joining a competition, doing your best, giving your all, but still you didn’t bring home the bacon? There are times in life when we feel forsaken or betrayed, when we feel that our best efforts were useless. We ask Him, “Why? I have done everything. I have put my heart to what I did, but why didn’t it work?”

Dear, do not question nor doubt the will of God. We are just actors in this movie entitled “Life”. HE is our director. Everything happens according to Him. You lost the fight not because He wanted you to. You didn’t lose because you thought your best wasn’t good enough. I believe that there is a reason for everything. Have faith in Him, because He, and only He knows what will happen next. Think: “I have done my best. It’s okay if I didn’t win. This is because I was made for something better or something bigger.” Only He knows what it is - and it is yet to come. My mother always told me, “If it i…

#AskAwayFriday with Wendy + Giveaway Winners

Thank goodness for Fridays! And you know what that means - it's time for another Ask Away Friday! Hurrah! During my first week of AAF, Mrs Tiffany of Love Life Laughter paired up with me and I've had so much fun answering all of her questions! Last week, I wasn't able to join in because of 'things', but now I'm back! This time, I paired up with fabulous Wendy of Effie Girl! She's one of the great friends I've met through the October Daily, and here she is! :) One fact I know about her is that she's the only sibling to have her father's green eyes! 

Here are her questions for me! But wait! Make sure to visit Wendy's blog too to see what she answered to my questions after you read this! :)

1. Have you ever played in snow?
Sadly, I haven't played in real snow. I haven't experienced snowball fights or making angels in the snow. But I did play in artificial snow once. It was at Snow World at Shenzhen, China during our Asian Adventure last y…

Emails from the Past: My Mail-pal Story

Happy Thursday! Whoa! Is it really Thursday already? Time is so much in a hurry that 5 minutes feel like 5 seconds and a year doesn't even feel like a whole year at all! Is it just me? This gives us all the more reason to enjoy every second of our lives while using time wisely. I need reminding of that.
Anyway, since it's a Thursday, I'm going to do a throwback! Hooray for throwback Thursdays! :) This might be the second or third time I'm actually doing this on a thursday - most of my throwback thursdays are not during thursdays at all! Hahah! Today, I'll be sharing a blast from the past - my penpal story! The idea of this post came from Wendy, since she asked in one of her questions for Ask Away Friday if I had a penpal outside of the country. It was perfect since I was out of post ideas today! You definitely deserve a shoutout dear Wendy! :)

Have you ever had a penpal when you were still a teenager? Come on, I know you did! :) Penpals existed waaayy before the i…

October Beachcapade + Why Majeanta?

That shirt is obviously my favorite. Haha!
Beach + Escapade = Beachcapade. I'm good at forming words, yeah? :) I know it's late, but let me just share to you yet another little high school class reunion we had last 27th of October!

Say hello to my high school buddies - we don't seem to look like senior college students! Haha! I'm not in here since I arrived late. I was with my aunt the whole morning paying a visit in advance to our ancestors - she went home before All Souls Day. I arrived at the beach only that afternoon and found them having fun while playing Spin the Bottle. It's sad that I missed half of the fun!

So I found a seat while they went on with the game. The bottle was spun again and it found me! I was then asked, as a consequence, to choose whether to tell a Truth or do a Dare. That's how the game goes. :)

After that, we talked and talked and talked about the things currently happening in our lives plus little gossips. Hehe. With all the talking, n…

How to brighten someone's day

Keep the good vibes coming, they say. Positivity is a state of the mind, so we ourselves mostly determine the outcome of our day, say 70-80% of the time (wild guess). And this remaining 20-30% is determined by the people around us, the weather, the surroundings and other factors. This is little compared to our ability to determine the outcome of our day, but we should keep in mind that even a little rotten tomato can affect the entire basket. Right? So, even the smallest delay or nuisance can continue until the time we go to bed - which is bad.
How can we help? Well, here are a few ways that we all can contribute to that 20% and make everyone's day brighter, lift their spirits up and keep the protons rising! These may be little things, but they still matter! Remember, even the smallest gestures combined can create a huge impact or change!
1. SMILE -It is the equivalent of a 'hello' or a 'hi'. A smile is a language that everyone knows and understands. It is a curve t…