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November 24, 2013

Sunday Currently 6.0

Howdy mates! :)) Earlier, after the news had finished, the number of days before Christmas was flashed on the screen. 31 days before Christmas, it said. I was like, WHAAAT?! I seem to say this a lot, but let me say it again: Where has time gone? Last year's Christmas, though the memories are vague, seemed like only months ago. And now, another Christmas is rolling in! 

Anyway, here is what's currently happening in here:
  • Reading my twitter feed and some of my favorite blogs. :) I'm also on Chapter 29 (out of 43) of Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. I've been reading it during my spare time since Friday and I am so in love with it! If you still haven't read the book, then you should! It's a story I've never read before, nor has it been told in other books! Another unputdownable one! :)
  • Writing (yep you guessed it!) this Sunday Currently post. :)
  • Listening to the sound of the television, the distant thud of a sound system and the sound of my laptop.
  • Thinking about a lot of things, actually. My mind is filled with ideas for our incoming Tourism Night that we are in charge of, our Feasibility Study, as well as my 101 in 1001 challenge
  • Smelling uhhh nothing...
  • Wishing that time would slow down, again. 
  • Hoping that all our plans will be materialized, that we'll have a successful Fair and that I can survive this last semester of school! I know I can! :)
  • Wearing a gray shirt with the word 'LOVE' printed in big playful letters, a pink heart under it and the phrase 'Where are you soulmate?'. Hahah! 
  • Loving the conversation between me and twinnies Aree and Noor! Haha! We're making our own secret language! Sshhh...
  • Wanting a boyfriend. Haha. Or at least a guy friend who can be my best friend.
  • Needing whole 8 hours of sleep. I usually only get 6-7. Whoops.
  • Feeling butterflies in my stomach. Although it's just a movie I'm watching, it still gives me butterflies. Haha. How childish.
  • Clicking my keyboard! :)
P.S. I can watch this gif all day long and never get bored! :)) 

November 23, 2013

Inspiring Saturday: Mind Power

A few days ago (Tuesday to be exact), during our first meeting with our instructor particularly in the Tourism Planning and Development class, we were asked about what we expect in the subject. I gathered the courage to answer first, and here's what I said: 'We expect that this subject will not be that easy. But with the help of each other, the work will be easier.' Or something that goes along with those lines. Other answers included statements like, 'We expect this subject to be challenging and fun', 'We expect to learn more', 'We expect that it will be difficult...' and etcetera.

The subject, more known as Feasib (short for Feasibility), appears to us as a somewhat difficult subject; this is based on what we have observed with our seniors, or on what they have told us when they were taking the subject. Add our teacher who, like most students say, is very strict, intimidating and a bit of a terror. Anyway, we met with him (our teacher) for the first time, and we were a bit nervous. Ok, a lot. But when he started talking about the power of the mind after we told our expectations, we began to ease a bit.

He told us that we should not see something as 'difficult'. A more appropriate term for that would be 'challenging'. We should always see the good side of things, because if we keep dwelling on the bad side of it, then most likely that will be the result.

After a couple of meetings, he got to share bits of his life and we realized that he was not that scary at all - he can crack a joke and make the class laugh hysterically! Though he talks like he's angry sometimes, I think that's just how he talks. For a few years, we have set our minds that he was such a teacher, but we realized that he is not. I think this goes hand in hand with the saying 'Don't judge a book by it's cover.' OR 'Don't judge a book by the reviews. Read it yourself to find out if it's good or not.' Haha.

We are still yet to know if the subject really is easy or challenging. But one thing is for sure - we have initial plans and I am so over the moon excited! So to end this, a little reminder that the mind is a very powerful tool. Use it to your advantage, not to your disadvantage. Something isn't that hard if you don't think of it as 'hard'. Think positive. Be an optimist. You can do anything if you believe you can.

November 21, 2013

101 in 1001: A Bucketlist

Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple challenges such as New Year's resolutions or a 'Bucket List'. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities. - Day Zero Project

A few days ago, Jenni left a comment in my letter to my future self. She made mention about this 101 in 1001 challenge, and I became curious. So here I am, making yet another bucketlist that I can hopefully will finish in two years. I admit I'm not too keen on crossing off a whole bucketlist, but with the time frame, I know I can do it! :) And you can, too! All you have to do is make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and keep track of them. If you're running out of ideas, just search the challenge on google and hundreds of other blogs will appear with thousands of task ideas to choose from! So Jenni, thank you for inspiring me to do this! Goodluck to me, to you, and to everyone who plans to do this challenge. :)

The Challenge: 
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. 

The Criteria: 
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Start Date: November 20, 2013
End Date: August 18, 2016

001 Write a list 101 of things to do in 1001 days. Done November 21, 2012
002 Send snail mail to at least 10 friends.
003 Send inspirational quotes to at least 10 random strangers through snail mail.
004 Write a 400 word feature story for Living Asia Channel.
005 Using futureme.org, write a letter to myself at the start of this challenge, to be sent after I finish my 101 in 1001 challenge in 2016.
006 Using futureme.org, everytime I finish a task, write a letter about how the task is finished. This is to be sent on the same day a year after. (0/101)
007 Make a list of 10 things I like about myself.
008 Write and give a 'Thank You' card to both of my parents.
009 Finish the mini novel I started years ago.
010 Write a letter to my future husband.

011 Leave an inspirational note on at least 10 books or notebooks at stores for someone to find.
012 Write quotes on sticky notes and paste them in at least 20 bathroom stall doors.
013 Write at least 10 inspirational posts on the blog.
014 Write a list of inspirational things, one thing for each letter of the alphabet.
015 Post an inspiring quote on at least 50 walls on facebook.

016 Tell the people I know about my blog.
017 Send a secret to PostSecret.
018 Confess to a person.

019 Buy a beggar a meal.
020 Paint a sunset view and frame it.
021 Get a full body massage/spa.
022 Get a Christmas tree and a small feast on Christmas Eve.
023 Sleep under the stars.
024 Watch a sun set from start till the end twice.
025 Go to a concert (doesnt matter if big or small).
026 Have a family picture taken and framed.

027 Find and read at least 3 more Cecelia Ahern books.
       1) If You Could See Me Now (Found: 11/22/13, Finished: 11/25/13)
       2) Where Rainbows End (Found: 11/24/13, Finished: 11/29/13)
       3) P.S. I Love You (Found: 11/25/13, Finished 12/27/13)
028 Finish the Hunger Games trilogy.
029 List all the unread books in my shelf and finish reading all of them. (not yet listed)
030 Read at least 5 classic novels. (0/5)
031 Read and memorize at least 5 poems. (0/5)

032 Complete the Misa de Gallo. (I only have one chance left before this challenge finishes!)
033 Memorize the Mysteries of the Rosary.
034 Read, internalize and memorize at least 50 scriptures from the bible.

035 Learn how to cook at least three new recipes perfectly.
036 Learn how to play the guitar.
037 Learn the basics of at least two languages other than French and Nihonggo. (Been learning German and Italian at Duolingo!)
038 Learn how to drive a car.
039 Join a cooking class.
040 Learn how to sew with the sewing machine.

041 Take my parents and siblings to Disneyland.
042 Buy a huge cake for them on at least one of their birthdays.
043 Take them on a joyride outside our town.
044 Make a photo + word collage and frame it.
045 Treat them to a fancy dinner at the city for at least three times.

046 Get a perfect score on at least one term on each of the five subjects.
047 Graduate in college with high honors.
048 Take the Civil Service Professional Exam.
049 Get promoted at work.

050 Reach 2,000 published posts (137/2000)
051 Host yet another blogging challenge.
052 Get a total of 1000 followers or more.
053 Create a clean and new blog layout.
054 Schedule a weeks blog post.
055 Reach 50,000 pageviews.
056 Host at least 5 giveaways.

057 Plan an event for a friend.
058 Have an overnight stay at the beach with High School classmates. April 21, 2014
059 Treat them to a fancy dinner.
060 Host a slumber party.

061 Visit the Underground River in Palawan.
062 Travel solo outside the province but within the country.
063 Spend a day at a 5-Star hotel in Boracay.
064 Go on a 3-day tour anywhere in Asia.
065 Travel to an island I've never set foot in before. December 2, 2013 at Guimaras Island.

066 Open a bank account. Did it in my 21st birthday!
067 Create a budget and stick to it.
068 Have a total of  Php1,000 in my savings per month for three months.
069 Don't spend more than Php100 on lunch after school until the school year ends.
070 Get a raise. September 2014

071 Try at least 10 new kinds of food. 1. Ramen at Comma Cafe
072 Find 5 new favorite meals.
073 Bake chocolate chip cookies without a recipe.
074 Make creme brulee.
075 Go to a food fair.

076 Buy myself a DSLR using money from my own salary.
077 Collect at least 20 cute blank notebooks. (5/20)
078 Be at least 5'6" tall.
079 Get an Android Phone.
080 Get a nice little black dress.

081 Join a 3K Run for a Cause
082 Create a daily exercise routine and follow it.
083 Go on a night out with my girls.
084 Send a message in a bottle with my contact details written in it and see if someone gets it even before I finish this challenge.
085 Take a risk and get a hair treatment.

086 50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind (10/50)
087 35 Questions that Will Change Your Life  (0/35)
088 100 Interesting Questions to Answer  (0/100)
089 50 Interesting Questions  (0/50)

090 Send flowers to at least ten people without telling them.
091 Send a care package to a bloggy friend.
092 Help strangers who are in need.
093 Pay for someone else's meal at least three times.
094 Send emails to at least 10 people and tell them how they're wonderful.
095 Shop online and send it anonymously to at least 3 random people.

096 Name a star after someone.
097 Write even a short song of my own.
098 Go ziplining (superman style).
099 Inspire someone to write their own list. (Jem 11/24/13 / Toni 12/1/2013)
100 Put Php100 in my savings for every task accomplished. (1 x 100)
101 Create a new 101 in 1001 bucketlist.

Total: 11/1001

Ooookay! I guess I'll be busy! Haha!

Go and create your own list now! :)
November 20, 2013

Iraira (Pet Peeves)

Iraira?! What? Haha! No, iraira is not 'Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act'. Why would I write about that anyway? Haha! Iraira is a Japanese word for 'pet peeves' or 'the state of being irritated'! (Please do correct me if I'm wrong.)  I'm currently taking Japanese Language classes as part of our curriculum and I figured I should put it to use here in my blog. ;) So anyway, going back to the topic, here are some things that tick me off:

1. Smoking. I just can't describe further how I totally looove the pungent smell of cigarette smoke! Don't you just like it when you stand beside a smoking person while waiting for the traffic, and he's just there enjoying every millimeter of it? Bonus points if he says 'hi', thus breathing out the smoke right in front of you! 

2. Whistling. It's annoying every time my brother does that. It makes my ears feel, well, irritated. The more I tell him to stop, the more he does it. I can't even.

3. People who talk with food in their mouth. Who else wants to see what's inside people's mouths? Definitely not me. If I do, I might as well be done eating.

4. Waiting / Tardiness. Once upon a time, someone sets 8:00 as the assembly time for a meeting etc. Little Miss Mary, as time conscious as she is, arrived just in time or earlier than that. One hour later, only three more have arrived among the ten or more people expected to attend. Isn't that just great? And when you ask them why they're late, they would answer 'Aren't you used to Filipino Time?'. Oh boy I sure am! So in the future, when you already have a job, that's what you will answer your boss when you come in late?

5. Loud eaters. Let this girl (this is Britney, right?) say this on my behalf.

6. People walking slowly ahead of me It just happens sometimes that I am in a hurry and there's a crowd in front of me, chatting and walking ever so slowly like they're on a leisure park or at a funeral (excuse me)! When I'm not excused, sometimes I try to bump one of them (haha) or step behind their shoes for them to notice that someone behind them is trying to get through. And when they still can't notice, I finally believe that I have invisibility powers.

7. Spitting beside hallways or in the streets (with matching gleeking). Gleeking is the word, right?

Please.Just.Don't. Do it someplace else and not where I can see you.

What are your pet peeves?

P.S. Gifs are fun! Haha!
November 18, 2013

A Letter to my Future Self

Happy Mondays! I hope you all had/are having a great day! Earlier, I had managed to go through my Bloglovin and came upon Rachel's blog post. It was a letter from her 2011 self! So guess what? I wrote myself a letter too, using futureme.org, to be sent today next year! Yup-yup! So I encourage you too to write yourself a letter and send it months or years later, too! You'll feel surprised, happy, great, wonderful and a lot of other emotions when you receive it - though I'm not sure myself as I have just sent my first letter to my future self. You can go take a peek or read the whole letter that I wrote me.

Dear Mary of 2014,

Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing fine. :) You might probably be at work right now, but I hope that you do receive and take time to read this letter I wrote to you.

Today, one year ago, was your first day of school in the last semester of your college life - the day you wore your uniform again after six months. You were very eager to go to school and see your classmates. The first day of school was, as usual, made up of crowded and chaotic hallways (with students searching for their schedules) and half empty classrooms. It was a sunny Monday morning and everything was great! You had your first period class at eight in the morning, with your Program Head as your teacher. 

It was an all important class - the Events Management class. You listened attentively, like you always did. You discussed classroom policies, requirements etc and at last, the appointment of tasks and choosing of the event to be handled.

When your teacher asked the whole class on who will be the Events Manager/Coordinator for your class' chosen event, they immediately chorused your name. 'Someone with an eye for detail. Responsible.' That was what your teacher said the Events Manager should be - and your classmates chose you! You felt the rush of excitement as well as the nervousness of what is yet to come - but you were really mostly excited. Together with your classmates, you chose to handle the Tourism Night - which will be the last Tourism Night you'll probably ever have. With that, ideas kept flowing into your mind like a river that never runs dry. You can be this creative! :)

Right now, one year ago, it's several minutes past 9 in the evening, and you were sitting in your desk, still writing this letter. You were thinking about how much your classmates put their trust in you, how much they believe in you. You were always the one they voted because they knew you were capable of doing things. You told yourself, 'I can do this! We can all do this!'.

Before I end this letter, let me just tell you that there are more of this to come. They are chronicles of your last semester in college. I figured this would serve as a wonderful diary - a wonderful reminder of how you were and what you were doing a year ago as well as the progress and the outcome of your Tourism Night. I hope you read all of it. :)

I wish you well and all the best in life Mary! 
Always be happy! :)

Love lots,
Mary of 2013

November 17, 2013

Sunday Currently 5.0

I have been looking through my archives and noticed that there are two 'Sunday Currently 4.0's. This is the 5th so, haha. My bad.

What a tiring Sunday it has been! If you have been reading some of my previous posts, I've mentioned that we're having a Sports Meet here in our little town. It started last week, but due to the typhoon, it was postponed and continued last Saturday. A closing program was held earlier (but there are still a few unfinished games). I'd love to share this event with you too but I've been sort of busy (and part lazy). Hopefully I can ask for photos and post it here! Heheh. Earlier, I had helped cook lunch for 50 students together with one of the parents. These students are ushers and usherettes for the event, and my mom (the  teacher in-charge of them) can't find someone to cook for them because it seems every cook in town is busy as well. So, yeah. It was tiring, but it was fun! And of course, I get to learn a few secrets in cooking, too! Yay! Might as well become a chef someday hahah!

  • Reading my twitter feed as well as some of my favorite blogs. :)
  • Writing this Sunday Currently post (typing, rather).
  • Listening to the silence of the surroundings and the sound of rushing motorcycles in the streets.
  • Thinking about what I would post tomorrow. Haha! Also, I'm thinking of what else to put on my new blog planner that also is a school planner. It's just a very simple one, nothing fancy. I would love to hear your ideas about this! :)
  • Smelling and feeling the cold November air.
  • Wishing, again, that time would slow down. I can't believe that 2014 is just around the corner! (Calm down, Mary. It's just November 17!) 
  • Hoping to start crossing off my Goals and Dreams before 2014 ends
  • Wearing one of my favorite shirts and brown shorts, and as always, a ponytail.
  • Loving the fact that it's cold and that it's quiet. 
  • Wanting to sleep already because I have a class at 8 tomorrow. Cross fingers that I doze off the moment I hit the sack.
  • Needing height. Haha! I'm 5'3-ish and I think I need to add more height because I know I will need it in the future. Hello growth food supplements!
  • Feeling good. I took a nap for about an hour late in the afternoon and I don't look as haggard as yesterday anymore. Haha!
  • Clicking my keyboard! :)
Happy Sunday everyone! And wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! :)

Linking up with Lauren.
November 16, 2013

Inspiring Saturday + Giveaway

Was there a time when you’ve done your best for something, but it didn’t pay off? Like joining a competition, doing your best, giving your all, but still you didn’t bring home the bacon? There are times in life when we feel forsaken or betrayed, when we feel that our best efforts were useless. We ask Him, “Why? I have done everything. I have put my heart to what I did, but why didn’t it work?”

Dear, do not question nor doubt the will of God. We are just actors in this movie entitled “Life”. HE is our director. Everything happens according to Him. You lost the fight not because He wanted you to. You didn’t lose because you thought your best wasn’t good enough. I believe that there is a reason for everything. Have faith in Him, because He, and only He knows what will happen next. Think: “I have done my best. It’s okay if I didn’t win. This is because I was made for something better or something bigger.” Only He knows what it is - and it is yet to come. My mother always told me, “If it is meant for you, it will be no matter what.”

Trust. Have faith. He knows what He’s doing. :) 


           WHAT YOU CAN WIN!

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November 15, 2013

#AskAwayFriday with Wendy + Giveaway Winners

Thank goodness for Fridays! And you know what that means - it's time for another Ask Away Friday! Hurrah! During my first week of AAF, Mrs Tiffany of Love Life Laughter paired up with me and I've had so much fun answering all of her questionsLast week, I wasn't able to join in because of 'things', but now I'm back! This time, I paired up with fabulous Wendy of Effie Girl! She's one of the great friends I've met through the October Daily, and here she is! :) One fact I know about her is that she's the only sibling to have her father's green eyes! 

Here are her questions for me! But wait! Make sure to visit Wendy's blog too to see what she answered to my questions after you read this! :)

1. Have you ever played in snow?
Sadly, I haven't played in real snow. I haven't experienced snowball fights or making angels in the snow. But I did play in artificial snow once. It was at Snow World at Shenzhen, China during our Asian Adventure last year. I had tried pulling up a tire up above a 'hill' and had a swift ride downwards in it! What's it called? Hehe. It was so fun and I very much wanted a second round, but the tire was so heavy and I was already freezing! I was only wearing a thin coat provided and shirt and pants underneath, so thirty more minutes in there and I probably would have fainted! Haha!  
2. Your Travel and Cruise Management is an interesting career, where do you wish to start your first job?
The truth is that, I've been thinking about that question for the past few days too. I know there are many jobs out there, I just don't know where to place myself. Most probably I would be working at the airport or at a hotel for a start. OR I can start at a 5-star hotel and apply at a cruise ship about a couple of years after! That would be great! (At least a one year experience at a 5-star hotel is needed to apply for work at a cruise ship.)
3. Have you ever traveled to the U.S., or wish to?
I haven't gone outside of Asia but I very much would want to travel the US! I'd love to visit the countrysides too! :)
4. What is your Christmas morning tradition?
We would start the day by going to Mass usually at 8:00. :)  
5. You recently posted, "How to Brighten Someone's Day".  Do you practice this each day?
Yes I do practice some of it, especially the first one. :) It frequently happens that I stare at people a lot. And when I catch myself, I just smile at them. I don't do a lot of hugs though. I also often encourage my friends when they need it, as well as give them compliments. I help when I can and I'm trying to take part in Operation Beautiful, too. 
6. Are you honest if a friends haircut looks bad, to say so, or would say something nice to not hurt their feelings?
Usually, I would be like "Hey, you cut your hair! Nice!" "But why so short?" or "You should have done this or that instead." And after that, I would say, "But it looks good/okay on you anyway." I think that's how the conversation would go if the haircut is okay. No hurt feelings right there! :)  But if it really really looks bad then I think I would go tell him/her straight away, in a nice manner of course.
7. If you were to get your first pet, what would it be?  Cat, dog, parrot, pig? :-)
Uh, yeah Daphne. Hahah! Yup, I made up my mind - I'd have a dachshund.
8. Sell me on a visit to the Philippines.
7107 amazing islands and more than 7107 tourist destinations to choose from! If you love a new and amazing adventure in the city or the country, the Philippines is the one to choose! We have huge chocolate kisses in 50 square kilometers of land, an underground river included as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, a primate who loves hugging trees, stairs of rice, and an awesome waterfall restaurant! The Philippines owns that beautiful lake you see in Katy Perry's Roar, too! To add to that, we have a huge salad bowl, the perfect cone (but not to hold your ice cream)! If it's the beaches you want, we've got them with all colors of sand! Historical sites, beautiful old structures, museums, we've hundreds of them! I know you've been waiting for me to mention food! If it's food you're looking for, the Philippines offers a wide variety of meals you just can't resist! We have the famous adobo loved by foreigners, the mouth watering pig in a bamboo pole with an apple in its mouth, kare-kare, and for dessert, the halo-halo! There's just hundreds of wonderful things about the Philippines and it's all waiting for you!
Are you sold already?:D
9. Do you have a pen-pal outside of the Philippines? (other than daily bloggers) 
I currently don't have a pen-pal right now, but I did once (she's an email-pal) in 2009! That's like four years ago when I was still in my internet-discovery stages. Haha. Her name was Lianne and she's from Hong Kong. I was able to open my msn account yesterday and found my old emails for her! Sadly, I can't seem to find the emails she sent to me. I think it was deleted. :( If you want to know more about my penpal and our conversation, you can read My Mailpal Story. :)

10. Do you have a daily routine of working out, or running, or anything of the like? 

Sadly, I don't. But if running up and down the stairs is considered a work out, then I think I do have a workout routine..? Haha!

Finally, we've come to the most awaited part! The announcement of the winners! Without further ado, here they are! Drumroll please!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

These are your prizes:
Set # 1: Shane Prather
Set # 2: Sharon
Set # 3: Susannah Kellogg

Congratulations guys! :)) And because I'm feeling extra generous today, I've randomly picked another five winners for a discount in my ad shop! Sweet! Here are the winners and their prizes!

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All winners will be contacted via email within 24 hours. If winner fails to respond within 48 hours after receiving the email, another winner will be chosen. I hope everyone enjoy their prizes! :)) Happy Friday! Oh, and don't forget to see Wendy's answers to my questions

**Please note that prizes are not convertible to cash.
November 14, 2013

Emails from the Past: My Mail-pal Story

Happy Thursday! Whoa! Is it really Thursday already? Time is so much in a hurry that 5 minutes feel like 5 seconds and a year doesn't even feel like a whole year at all! Is it just me? This gives us all the more reason to enjoy every second of our lives while using time wisely. I need reminding of that.

Anyway, since it's a Thursday, I'm going to do a throwback! Hooray for throwback Thursdays! :) This might be the second or third time I'm actually doing this on a thursday - most of my throwback thursdays are not during thursdays at all! Hahah! Today, I'll be sharing a blast from the past - my penpal story! The idea of this post came from Wendy, since she asked in one of her questions for Ask Away Friday if I had a penpal outside of the country. It was perfect since I was out of post ideas today! You definitely deserve a shoutout dear Wendy! :)

Have you ever had a penpal when you were still a teenager? Come on, I know you did! :) Penpals existed waaayy before the internet (am I right?), and other than walkie talkies, penpals are one of the greatest ways to connect and make friends with people from across the country or all over the world - in traditional snail mail! Penpals still do exist today. And since we're highly modernized now, penpals have evolved into the form of electronic mails - one which I prefer to call mailpals. :)

Once upon a 2009, I was still in my internet-discovery stages and was busy clicking around. I think I was still all over friendster and knowing the perks of myspace at that time. Also, I made an email account. Haha. Then one day, I can't recall who emailed who first, but one thing was for sure - I had made a mailpal. 

Her english name was Lianne and she's from from Hong Kong. She is Chinese (but of course) and has Chung Yan as a name, too. I can recall her on her email display photo wearing black and a pair of eyeglasses. She's very nice and I bet we'd be great friends if we didn't stop the emails. I myself didn't know what happened. Haha! We've had a few email exchanges and I'm about to share to you the conversations that went! Although, these are only my own messages to her. I don't know where her emails and the rest of the conversation went - probably deleted by msn. 

This must be my first or second email to her. Like two typical teenage girls, we shared our lives at school! I told her about our town fiesta done every January - a town celebration in honor of our town's Saint.

I was being curious so I asked her what her real name was. Haha!


Just so you know, I used to love lots of periods! Haha! I don't know what's up with the one-sentence-per-line, but that was how I emailed when I was seventeen. I thought there was snow in HongKong! Haha! It's pretty obvious what we were talking about - school, exams and the happenings in our places. She had difficulties learning English in school. I hope she's fluent now...

Honestly, I've never been to a night club! Hahaha!

So we decided to exchange photos. I sent her a photo of our prom while she sent me a couple of photos of their colorful dragons during their Lunar New Year!  

This was the last email I sent to her - or maybe not. I forgot if she replied. But I guess that was the end of our being pen-friends? Even so, I really had fun exchanging emails with her and knowing something about Hong Kong and the Chinese people. Hopefully, I can contact her thru the same email and I'll let you know if she replies! :)

Having a penpal is fun and enjoying! This was what kept me eager to go home and jump right on the computer every afternoon at that time! Hahah! If you haven't experienced what it's like to have a penpal/mailpal (aside from bloggers), go and try have one. I'm sure you will have a great time!

What's your penpal/mailpal story?

November 13, 2013

October Beachcapade + Why Majeanta?

That shirt is obviously my favorite. Haha!

Beach + Escapade = Beachcapade. I'm good at forming words, yeah? :) I know it's late, but let me just share to you yet another little high school class reunion we had last 27th of October!

Say hello to my high school buddies - we don't seem to look like senior college students! Haha! I'm not in here since I arrived late. I was with my aunt the whole morning paying a visit in advance to our ancestors - she went home before All Souls Day. I arrived at the beach only that afternoon and found them having fun while playing Spin the Bottle. It's sad that I missed half of the fun!

So I found a seat while they went on with the game. The bottle was spun again and it found me! I was then asked, as a consequence, to choose whether to tell a Truth or do a Dare. That's how the game goes. :)

After that, we talked and talked and talked about the things currently happening in our lives plus little gossips. Hehe. With all the talking, none of us even cared to swim! Hahah! Why did we even choose the beach? We could have just chosen the park in town or have a little picnic at our high school! But then, the beach holds a special place in our hearts, that's why we always choose the beach for our reunions. :)

That's a slumbook/autograph notebook I'm holding. :) If you had this back in high school, grade school even, then your childhood/teenage was awesome! Ha! Can you believe this book has been with the owner for 5 years or so? She kept it the whole time and I'm glad she brought it with her. I felt kind of  ecstatic reading about my high school self! Haha!

There's a funny story I made up behind the photo above! Haha! But that's between us. ;)

If you want someone to take the best jumpshot ever, don't ask me. I took this shot and it's a total failure! Haha! Yes, they did jump from the top of that wall down to the sands, only I wasn't able to capture it perfectly. Hey, nobody's perfect. I asked them for a second try but they were afraid to jump since it was high. So, yeah.

If you've watched Meteor Garden, then you can totally relate to this. ;)

An attempt to make the L-O-V-E sign. They were having trouble with regards to forming the E, so we had the SMS version of it instead- LUV U. Lol!

It was a rather gloomy kind of sunny, if you know what I mean.

We were the only group of people in the beach that day, so we realized how noisy we were.

To finish is off, three group photos! Yayy!!

I went ahead with some of my friends before sundown, but the rest stayed until about seven, and actually managed to swim! Haha! Being with them for two to three short hours were not enough, but it was still fun - another memory to be treasured. :)


Drumroll please! After months of blogging, I finally got a domain! Hurrah! From the long secretobsessionblog.blogspot.com, I am now officially at majeanta.com - short and memorable. :) You can still access my blog using the previous url - it will redirect you to the new one. :)

Why majeanta? I've always wanted a domain name that has either my name on it or something that describes me. So, I found the perfect one with my whole name in it (or all the first syllables of my whole name in it) - majeanta. Clever, eh? Mary Belle is sort of a pseudonym and my name is actually Mary Jeanette Ta_____. So, there you have it. :)

Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

November 11, 2013

How to brighten someone's day

Keep the good vibes coming, they say. Positivity is a state of the mind, so we ourselves mostly determine the outcome of our day, say 70-80% of the time (wild guess). And this remaining 20-30% is determined by the people around us, the weather, the surroundings and other factors. This is little compared to our ability to determine the outcome of our day, but we should keep in mind that even a little rotten tomato can affect the entire basket. Right? So, even the smallest delay or nuisance can continue until the time we go to bed - which is bad.

How can we help? Well, here are a few ways that we all can contribute to that 20% and make everyone's day brighter, lift their spirits up and keep the protons rising! These may be little things, but they still matter! Remember, even the smallest gestures combined can create a huge impact or change!

1. SMILE -It is the equivalent of a 'hello' or a 'hi'. A smile is a language that everyone knows and understands. It is a curve that sets everything straight, and is free! It takes only a few seconds, nanoseconds even, to bring out those pearly whites a smile! If you've read this story, I bet you'll believe how powerful a smile is! So today, tomorrow and everyday, while walking down the street, give that serious or sort-of-problematic-looking stranger a sweet and reassuring smile that says 'Everything will be alright! Have a great day!'.

2. HUG - Did you know we do not only need a glass of water 8 times a day? We need  hugs, too! According to an article from MindBodyGreen, hugging is a therapy and is a powerful way of healing. Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one's serotonin levels, thus elevating mood and creating happiness! Once upon a time, I was feeling so low because I was bombarded with so many school tasks (the one where I don't even know where to start). I cried, then my Mom saw me and gave me a hug. Everything felt better after that and the rest of the day went pretty well! Sometimes, when were down and lonely, all we really need is just a hug - a tight and comforting hug. :)

“We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.” - Virginia Satir

3. ENCOURAGING WORDS -  'You can do it!',  'I'm so proud of you!', 'I've always believed in you!' or 'You are the best!'. These are only some of the magic words or phrases that do the trick! They may be short but they can make anyone's day brighter! If you know or see someone struggling on getting a job, tell him or her that 'It's not yet the end of the world. There are still more jobs out there. If they won't accept you, then that only means something better is waiting for you. Just keep looking.' You did not only brighten his day, you also made him believe in himself and not give up too easily! Words are very powerful and we should use it to boost ourselves as well as others.


4. A NOTE - Isn't it sweet when you find a wonderful note like that between the pages of your notebook or taped on a mirror at a public bathroom? It's a little gesture, but it's echoes are endless. Since were talking about notes now, let me share to you a movement called Operation Beautiful. It's mission is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find, and aims to remind everyone that we are all enough and beautiful just the way we are. So why don't we all start writing encouraging little notes, post 'em on mirrors, some library books, hallways, doors etc and spread the positivity! :)

5. HELP - A little help goes a long way. Yes it does! Whether it be helping an old lady with her groceries or in crossing the street, helping a neighbor mow the lawn or pick apples, or helping children in learning how to read and write! It's a small act, but they will be forever grateful and glad for what you did. The old lady would be happy that she didn't need to carry all those bags all by herself, your neighbors will be happy and thankful that they were able to do more important things because you volunteered to do the lawn, and those children will be forever grateful that you did not only brighten their day, but also their future. :)

6. COMPLIMENTS - 'Hey you look beautiful today!' 'I love your dress!' 'Your new haircut looks great on you!'. Admit it, we all love it when people notice the little things and say something nice about it. All wonderful compliments instantly put a smile on our faces, and a compliment a day doesn't keep anyone away! (Now that's a new quote!) So instead of staying in a corner at a party, approach someone who seems to be having a bad time and give him or her a nice compliment! Congratulations! You didn't just make someone smile, you also made a new friend!

I know you also have ideas!
So go post them in the comments, or tweet it to me at @itsmaryspeaks
I may add them here, or make another post with you and your ideas. Yay!

Image credits: Happy Girl | Free Hugs | Smile! You're beautiful!