What's in my [School] Bag

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you had/are having a great Sunday! :) Today's prompt is to show what's inside our bag! This is fun! I've been meaning to do this months ago but today seems the right time! These are my school essentials aka the things you can always find in my school bag! :) 

Let's start from the bottom!

1. G-tech Pen - I am in love with this one! I've had this pen since a year ago, perhaps, and I've refilled this for about three times already! It's fine pointed which is why my handwriting always comes out clean and nice! :p

2. Blog Notebook - You never know when that brilliant blogging/post idea might come up! I'm the kind who just writes something important everywhere and I tend to forget afterwards. So it's important to always have this notebook everytime. That's how it looks like once opened. Excuse the sloppy handwriting. :D

3. Steno Notebook - That would be my notebook for French, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Finance and pretty much just about every subject! Were all about handouts and photocopies now so there's really no need to buy a notebook for every subject. Well that's college.

4. Diary - I just felt the need to bring this just in case someone comes rummaging through my drawer, finds and reads this...*facepalm*, end of the world! It contains some of my deepest, darkest secrets...or not. Just some details of good and bad days plus photos of me and my cousins!


5. Wallet - This is where all the discount cards, receipts and other little pieces of paper are found. Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but yes, I'm a fangirl! Lol!

6. Coin purse - for the coins duh. :)

7. Earphones - because sometimes I want to enjoy my playlist alone.

8. Uhhh, beauty kit? - Lol! that's about it, folks! Oh I forgot to include the comb in the photo! But I tell you, these three remain untouched inside my bag. Except maybe for the compact powder. But the lipsticks? Nah.

9. Handouts - last but not the least! This is what takes the most space inside my bag. Psh.

There you have it! :) I hope I did not miss anything. Haha.

You? What's in your bag?


  1. Awww... It makes me miss college! :D But then I'll be studying again next year and I'm so excited. I used back pack all the time since its easier to lug around.

  2. I need to do this day's prompt. Although my bag is filled with a lot more junk!

  3. Mary, love your new photo! Pretty, pretty!
    Your purse looks neat and orderly, compared to mine normally!

  4. Thank you Wendy! :)) It's not always like that! Lol! Most times it would be filled with receipts and whatnot!

  5. LOL! :) Reading past diaries and are fun! Though it makes us ashamed of ourselves most of the time! Haha

  6. Good luck with that Trish! :D I don't wear backpacks anymore (coz it'd look ridiculous with the kind of uniform we wear lol), but I do miss wearing them!

  7. Forgot to tell you... I love your 'about me' picture, ineng! Taray ng beauty mo. So fierce! Tyra would be proud ;)

  8. Bahahah!!! Thanks ate! I dont have any other decent photo na pwedeng ilagay eh hahaha XD

  9. thank you Mary!!! ;D I've never been happier and I'm so glad things are finally looking up. God bless to you ;D

  10. Oh I love the idea of a blog planner ;)

  11. What did you use for your blog notebook? Is that a normal notebook, or a calendar planner? I'm thinking of getting one kasi!

  12. Omg I carry my diary around too haha. And thanks for the blog planning inspo...I seriously need to start doing better with this.


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