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October 4, 2013

Update + My First Few Weeks in Blogging

Upon arriving early morning at school today, I was surprised with what I saw! Girls clad in greek goddess outfits and gowns, and boys whose upper bodies were painted with black. How could I forget, today is language day! I missed dressing up in a costume too! The rooms were once again occupied for exhibits and fun and games! I could see colorful banderitas (fiesta banners) everywhere! I know I should have gone inside the classrooms and enjoyed what each booth and exhibit had to offer, but I had something going on. Besides I wasn't in the mood to so.

Anyway, today I finally submitted my portfolio, and I'm very glad that it's all done! Well it's not really finished, though. I know I could have done better. But it's already there and today is the deadline, so there you have it. :)

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It's Day 4 of the October Daily! The -ber months just seem to pass by so quickly! I bet this challenge will be over before we even know it! Before I proceed, I would like to add that The October Daily Challenge is not just a challenge but also a link-up (and sort of a blog hop) too! :) So I recommend you link up daily so others can find you and read what you have to say! :)

Today's prompt is to share my experience during my first few weeks or months in blogging. I have started this blog sometime in April. Given that it was the summer season here in our country, I was pretty much hyped and excited to start over a new blog - because that would mean a new environment, new people and of course, new friends! For starters, I would post everyday (sometimes even twice a day), look for blogs to read and my most favorite part, work on my layout! I have to admit, I would face the html editor all day long until I could get that certain look I want for my blog. How could html be so addicting? Lol! The downside: I was too engrossed with it that I was not paying attention to my surroundings anymore. My bonding time with my family was lessened and I can never be disturbed. :( 

My usual routine would be opening the browser, typing in the letter "b" (for blogger) as well as the first letters of the names of my favorite blogs! I have to add that I hardly ever went to facebook, or twitter or any other sites. Haha! So long, facebook people! One day, I came to this blog networking site called the Better Blogger Network or the BBN. I can't recall whether someone recommended me or whether I found it randomly. So that was it. I had gained a few friends, too (Hi Apple!)! I read their forums and discovered this things called blog hops and link-ups. I still had to search what it meant at that time! Ha! And so, the blog hop frenzy begins! I would link my blog then click randomly on other blogs, follow them and comment something nice on their posts! I wanted my own followers too (because who doesn't?) so I thought that if I followed them, they would follow me back. I wouldn't deny the fact that I had clicked and followed blogs that had the word {Follows Back} at the end of their name on the link-up! Haha! 

After a few weeks or about a month, I found more and more blogs that had me learn some blogging tips as well as coding tips. I actually learned a lot that I was able to make my own blogging tips too! I also had learned so much from the lives of personal bloggers that I know I may be able to apply in the future. In summary, my first few weeks in blogging was a fun and learning experience and it still is. It had made me learn so much about what blogging should be and what blogging is all about. Hopefully, it will teach me how to schedule too! I'm bad at following my own schedule most times!

So I guess it all ends here since I don't know what to add anymore. Haha! My mind is tired and drained from all the thinking I had to do last night and this morning. I need a good night's sleep. :)

How was your first few weeks of blogging?

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