Tips: Designing your Blogger Blog

Howdy you guys! :) How is everybody's Wednesday? I hope everybody's doing fine! Today is the 8th day of the October Daily and the prompts are getting more exciting, yes? Yes. So today we all get to share a blogging or a photography tip/tutorial!

Today I am excited to share to you some tips on how to design your blogger blog! Having no actual subjects in html, css or whatsoever, I know I'm no professional to even teach you this. But years of blogging made me learn the basics, enough to enable me to come up these tips! I have pointed out several blogging tips a month ago. So I think it's also time that I share to you what I've learned when it comes to designing a blog. :)

                       WAYS OF DESIGNING YOUR BLOGGER BLOG                        

There are two ways of designing your blog. One is through the HTML editor. This is a pretty complicated way of editing your blog elements and requires that you are well versed, or at least have an idea about html coding.

I have to admit that I also had a hard time figuring out which code goes where, but somehow through time, I got the hang of it. But fear not, for designing your blogger blog is as easy as pie with the blogger template designer!

This is the easiest way where you can do wonders to your blog without having to worry about variables and tags and div styles! You can edit almost all of the elements of your blog through the template designer. All you have to do is click around and use your imagination!

                           DESIGNING YOUR BLOGGER BLOG                            

Now let's get on to the topic: Designing your blogger blog and wanting to achieve that certain look or feel that you want is hard. But if you're just starting out and want to make your blog nice and pretty, then read on! :)

When designing a blog, we should put these elements into consideration:

1. Blog header. This is, perhaps the first thing that your readers notice when they come to your blog. Therefore, a good header image is important. It doesn't need to be fancy. A single word and a tagline will do provided that they are friendly to the eyes. To give you some ideas, you can also check out Dana's tutorial on how to create a good looking blog header.

2. Fonts. This is also very important as this takes the most space and affects the overall impact of your blog. It is important that you choose reader-friendly fonts in reader-friendly sizes. Here are some of my favorite title fonts:

You can also choose cursive fonts provided they are readable. For body fonts, I personally prefer sans-serif fonts (like Arial, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Verdana etc) in 12 or 13 since they can be easily read. Now, you've probably read that the maximum number of fonts you should use can only amount to three. T'is true since the aim here is to have a blog that will look neat and clean. If you can't decide which font to use, there are font combos over on Pinterest that you can apply! 

3. Organization.  Since were aiming for a blog that's neat and clean, we should learn how to tidy up. If you feel like your sidebar is too crowded with far too many ads and whatnot, why not try a three-column layout and balance it? If you feel like you already have way too many ads, why not dedicate a single page for it? Organization does not only pertain to your layout, but also your posts. This is where tags come in handy. Use tags to categorize your posts under (e.g.) life, travels, blogging, design and etc. This will make it easier for your readers to find what they're looking for in your blog, as well as for you when you want to edit that certain post.

4. Colors, in my opinion, is one of the ways to make your blog more appealing! To do this, try looking for a photo that appeals to you. Take this one for example:

Once you open the image on photoshop, open the eye-dropper tool as well as the color picker. Then, click on the image at the color you want, and the color value will appear beside the # sign on the color picker. To make things easier, there's also design-seeds and colourlovers to help you pick out a color scheme for your blog! Ain't designing fun?

5. Backgrounds. I should have included this in #4 but I think this one also deserves its own number. Body and post backgrounds are also of importance. The ideal background for the post body would be white, but if you want to try on say gray or vintage-y tones, then go for it as long as it goes with the overall look of your blog. Body backgrounds can be of any color too, provided it also goes well with everything in your blog. You may choose body background colors that make your post body pop, making your readers more inclined to read it. Just don't be afraid to experiment with colors because you never know, right?

So I guess that would be all for now. :) I hope you've learned a thing or two from this. If there's something that needs correction, or something that you want to add, don't hesitate to write it in the comments! I'd be glad to read it! :)

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