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October 11, 2013

Things to Do on a Sweater Weather

Photo: Danielyunhx

Hmmkay. If it were about to rain right now, I would have started this post with something like "So today's weather forecast is cloudy - with a chance of meatballs rain. The Gods must have heard news about this challenge and read today's prompt that they decided to let it pour to keep us inspired!" But since it's a pleasantly sunny/cloudy Thursday afternoon in this little town, I'm just going to carry on with today's prompt! Hahah!

Here are the things you can do (and I do) during rainy days!

1. Have a nice snack while watching your favorite movie on tv or on your laptop. A cup of something hot, like hot chocolate + some cookies, bread or anything you fancy + a chick flick = perfect. Also, a few marshmallows added to the hot choco will make it even more purrfect!

2. Sleep. Yep! Rainy days are the perfect weather to sleep! That's why most of us are, more often than not, late on rainy mornings. :)

3. Cuddle. Whoops! Might not be a really good idea if you don't have someone to cuddle with. But then again, what are pillows for? Haha! Come here pillow. It's just you and me on this wonderful rainy day.

4. Listen to songs. If you're not doing anything for the day, then maybe it's time to zone out (earphones in, highest volume on). If your looking for some wonderful songs for the rainy day, you can check this Sweater Weather Playlist from Kisty!

5. Read a book.
Grab a pillow, a warm, cozy blanket and a book! It can be True Blue by Luanne Rice, The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards, The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, or the Sweet Valley High Series by Francine Pascal! Or you can just continue the book you've started. You might get it finished on the day!

6. Write.
I believe that the perfect time to write is when it's raining - letting your thoughts pour like rain (wow). The setting seems perfect, especially when you're at a place surrounded with fresh air and the quiet, and all you can hear is the sound of rain.

7. Dance in the rain! If it only rains once in a blue moon in your place, then you totally should grab the chance while it lasts! Trust me, it's fun and you might just find yourself like a child again. I think I should too, since my last 'dancing in the rain' moment was such a long time ago!

What do you love to do on rainy days? Link 'em up below!

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