The Real Purpose of Blogging

Holla! It Thursday! And you know what that means! Time for Throwback Thursday! And speaking of that, I totally forgot to post this week's Takeover Tuesday! Whoops!

Today's prompt is to raid your archives and post something you want your readers to read again. As for me, I raided my other blog's archives, and found this! I wrote this probably when I started my first blog under this account. This other blog contained all my past Tumblr posts that I had imported thru Wordpress. Yup. Tumblr-Wordpress-Blogger because I couldn't find a tutorial on how to import Tumblr to Blogger directly. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading thoughts of my 19 year old self!

When I was in my pre-teen years, I've read about blogging in the magazines. I've always wondered what this 'blogging' was all about, so one day I tried to look up this blog featured on it. Though the stylistic headers of these blogs caught my attention more than the blog itself, I still found the whole thing pretty interesting. I've signed up to various platforms such as Wordpress, LiveJournal etcetera. No luck. I forgot all my passwords. Lately, I signed up about twice into Tumblr and finally got the hang of it. I knew how blogging worked - maybe not. Everyday, (as I have read from blogging articles) you have to come up with a brilliant idea of what to blog - something that your readers would like and make them coming back for more every single day. Yet I just can't keep up with that idea. Then, due to a little bit of laziness and a lot of school work, my daily posts (which mostly consisted of the daily routine) turned to weekly. So here goes the question "What do I get when I blog?". Pimples, probably because I stay late at night thinking about what to blog the next day. Friends, yes because I just don't blog, I interact with my readers too. So I get readers and friends. What's next? After years (some, months) of blogging, my blog becomes famous, making it earn. So when I blog, I get to have money. But let's not get to the part where my blog sells (because I've never been there, not even close) because that's not the whole point of having a blog (unless it's a business-driven blog). I realized that blogging has another purpose - and by purpose, I mean real purpose. You've often seen blogs (perhaps Tumblr blogs) that say 'I blog to express, not to impress.' When you get a new camera, you brag blog. When you had a fight with a friend, you blog, and then cry. When you have to deal with a really big problem, you blog (but you don't just blog when you're dealing with a big problem, you pray too.) That's what you call real purpose. To express. To let your feelings out. To tell the world beautiful things. To share to the world how you see things or what you know that we don't.

To blog is to express. It's like your diary - the only difference is that you can't doodle on your monitor the way you doodle on your diary.

A blog is a friend. When I blog something out, I can feel that certain satisfaction from within me. You can't explain it, but it's there. A blog is a friend. It is a friend because you can talk to it (but the truth is that you're merely talking to yourself). It does not answer back, but it listens. It does - plus the whole world (if they ever get to read your posts).

So there, I've made yet another blog with an unbelievably lengthy introduction which, for some may appear as a short essay. All I really want to say is, Welcome Readers! Hakuna Matata! :)

Post written last November 3, 2012. 

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  1. That's true! We are entitled to our own opinions anyway and we blog mainly for ourselves. It's not that what they say is not important, but they should also respect what we write too because we own the blog after all. :)

  2. I think so too since the Internet was still being developed until then? :) Blogging, for me, is like an addiction now lol! :D If only we had found it earlier.


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