Soundspiration. How creative! Lol! It's Day 2 of the October Daily everyone! You just don't know how giddy happy I am that a lot of you have decided to join this challenge! I'm glad to be able to discover more wonderful blogs through this. I'm doing my best to read all of your posts and give each of your blogs some lovin'! :) If you need something or anything, you can always reach me through the comments or email. :)

It's a wonderful Wednesday morning in here. Though it's a bit cloudy, the sun is still shining bright. Thank God for today. :) I am currently a bit busy with making my portfolio and filling up my daily log which is due on Friday. It's our final requirement in school and I must not be late. It would have been already finished and submitted if I had it done last month. Lol! But what can I say, I love cramming and procrastinating and staying up late at night! Banzaii!!

Now on to the challenge. Day 2 tells us to get a certain or favorite lyric/s from our favorite song, and tell how it inspires or describes us. Okay. Let me tell you a little secret. :) I'm a fan of Barbie. I still am. Who's with me?! :D This has something to do with Barbie since one of my favorite songs is from one of the movies - Barbie and the Swan Lake. The song is entitled Wings sang by Leslie Mills. This has always been one of my feel-good songs. And these are my favorite lyrics - the chorus:
If I wasn't meant to fly, I wouldn't have these wings. 
I wouldn't reach up to the sky every night in my dreams.
There's a voice inside of me saying, "I can do anything".
'Cause if I wasn't meant to fly, I wouldn't have these wings.
Give it a listen!

Sometimes, in life we tend to give up even in the smallest of problems. There are times when we feel like there is a big responsibility ahead of us, that we tend to give up easily. It happened to me. There was a time where I felt like I had a heavy task on my shoulder. Everybody relied on me. The task would have been lighter if everybody was cooperating, but they really weren't. I felt bad, especially for myself. I told myself, "Why me? Why not them?" I thought of giving up and saying 'Oh what the heck. I don't care anymore!', but I had to do it because it will still affect me. If I didn't, who else will?

This part of the song inspires me in a way that Philippians 4:13 does. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So, whenever I'm given a responsibility, big or small, I can always say that I can do it because I know I can, and I know that I have a God I can lean on. It wouldn't have been given to me in the first place if they knew that I couldn't do it. Also, I have to remember that I was given this task so I can grow into a better person.

With that, I have come up with these:

FLY = grow, WINGS = responsibility, VOICE = God 

I am given a responsibility because He wants me to grow. He is also that voice in my head telling me that I can do all things through him. All I needed to do is ask Him for guidance and do my best in whatever it is that I am tasked to do, and leave the rest to Him. :)
    What's your Soundspiration?

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