Saturday in Photos

8:37 PM. Whoopsies! I do know that today's prompt is supposed to have lots of photos. My apologies. I'm having a problem with this good ol' card reader of mine. I'm sure it worked very much well yesterday or a couple of days ago. I wonder why it got grumpy today. Hopefully, I can find a decent one tomorrow and get my photos uploaded! Hm don't be too excited, I only took not more than five photos haha! So I hope this photo of a french village and a post full of words will suffice for today. :)

I don't even know what this has to do with anything, but aren't those houses cute? (Ain't mine.)

Saturdays may be, for some, a time to relax, go out and enjoy freedom from the stressing weekdays. Normally, that would be the scene. But today was different (because days can never be the same, yes?). I woke up a little later than usual. The cold mornings are to be blamed. I lied in bed for a few more minutes before getting up and prepared breakfast. We had corned beef. I then took a long nice bath - about thirty minutes or so. Next, the laundry. It wasn't a lot really. Actually, I enjoy doing laundry since I can think of things, or make little movies in my head while listening to music and leisurely washing the clothes. It has become a 'me-time' lately. Haha! After me-time, I went on to catch up with The Book Thief. I'm at the part where, as the book says, Max Vandenburg arrived in the kitchen of 33 Himmel Street. I also had a dictionary at my side in case I met some words I haven't encountered yet.

Afterwhich, lunch. I cooked some Fish Sinigang, which was really good! Haha Of course I would praise my cooking. I think I put in a lot of sinigang mix, though. Next was my most awaited part of all - blogging! I decided to make a few little changes on my blog today, hence the header. I also wanted to make a horizontal navigation bar above the header. The codes worked perfectly on my test blog, but it just doesn't work on this blog. Maybe I missed something? Like do I need to enable/disable something for the codes to work? Help, anyone? I would really appreciate it. :)

By 2pm, my brother arrived from the city and brought home some little Lanzones! The afternoon went by ever so swiftly. The weather was crazy, though. The rain would pour heavily for about a minute or two and stop. After a while, it would rain again (this time with strong winds). The skies did become clear in the late afternoon, but then rain poured in again. Dinner came, and you guessed it - I did cook, again. :) My sister and I roasted some chicken under the leaking roof at the dirty-kitchen. It was raining heavily, we can't even hear ourselves! So we finished the roast and went on to eat dinner. Saturday evenings are always fun since we eat as a complete family! My brother lives at the city right now and only comes home during Saturdays because of Uni. So after that, the dishes. And here I am right now, typing this post and visiting your blogs aaannd yawning. Haha!

9:27 PM. Can't believe it took me almost an hour to write this! Ha!

 I'm excited to see what you did today! :)


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