Happiness is...

Hey everyone! It's the 29th day of October Daily! Can you believe it's almost over? Yeah, me too! It's been a long month full of fun! High five to all whose been with me until today in this challenge! I've received about a couple of messages a week ago if there would be another challenge next month. Well I've got good and bad news for you all! The bad news is: No. There won't be a November challenge because I feel like we'll all be busy during the month, (right?) and that having another challenge immediately after one sounds stressful. I wouldn't want us all to be all stressed out of a blog-everyday schedule since all of us also has work and school to attend to. But the good news is that I have planned out another blog challenge for December that I hope you'll all love! Yay! I'll be posting the information during the last week of November so watch out for that! :) 

Today's prompt tells us to define happiness. I think I'm gonna pass writing a long post explaining happiness today because 1) it's almost ten and I'm feeling like I'm not having enough sleep and 2) I'm tired. I went to school today for enrolment and yes, I am officially enrolled in the last semester of college! I can't believe this is it. Just thinking about the future gives me shivers. But anyway, to make up for it, here's a song that pretty much describes what happiness is all about (and the first song that came into my mind for today's prompt! Sweet!) You can also find my definition of happiness in my Happy Lists! I wish you all a happy and wonderful week! :) Enjoy! 

Happiness Is from the musical "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown".
You can find the lyrics here.

How do you define happiness?
P.S. I'll get back to all of your email and comments soon. :)


  1. So cute :] Sorry I totally stopped participating! I ended up being so much busier than anticipated haha.

  2. I totally got behind this week. I linked up this prompt, but did it today. And I am sorry, but with my kids and Halloween tomorrow won't be linking up, because of that. But love the idea of a December challenge and keep me posted. :)


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