Goals and Dreams before 2014 Ends

Hello you guys! Today's prompt tells us to share our goals and dreams in life. I'm twenty, young and still have so much to do in life. So I say a bucketlist is very essential to keep track of my goals and keep me inspired. 

Way back when I started this blog, I had written 25 things that I plan to do before I reach the age of 25. What I had written back then were things like 'Go back to Disneyland', 'Write a feature for Living Asia', and 'Learn how to drive a car' among others. Some weren't really goals or dreams, but dares. But reading those list again, I told myself "It won't take five years for all of these to be done!". I should have made something like a 20 things to do before I say buh-bye to twenty, right? Lol.

So today, I'll be listing down my goals and dreams before the year 2014 ends. Hopefully, I'll be able to cross everything out from this list before that times comes. I have more or less a year and a quarter to do these things. I'll also be including goals from my bucketlist of 25. Here it is. :)
  1. Learn Nihonggo for a subject this second semester.
  2. Have a successful Tourism Fair come February next year.
  3. Graduate college with flying colors.
  4. Have an overnight stay at the beach with High School batchmates for a Graduation celebration!
  5. Get a good paying job after college. 
  6. Take the Civil Service Sub-Professional Exam.
  7. Open a savings account.
  8. Apply for a job abroad.
  9. Write a feature for Living Asia.
  10. Formally open a blog design website.
  11. Host yet another blogging challenge.
  12. Celebrate the first year of my blog with a giveaway! Surprise?
  13. Own a dachshund.
  14. Get into photography classes.
  15. Learn how to drive a car.
  16. Travel solo to a totally different place.
  17. Buy myself a Canon 600D.
I think that's all - for now. :) I have lots of things going on in my mind when I get inspired, and sometimes I forget, so I really need to write 'em down before the thoughts fade away. Sometimes I even talk to myself about the future like a lunatic. Haha! So there goes my list!

What're your goals and dreams?


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