Filling in the blanks

Literally. Hi everyone! It's Day 5 of the October Daily! This is perhaps the easiest prompt of all...or not? Today's prompt tells us to complete this sentence: If I had ________, I would_______. Given that we can all make as many sentences as we want, I'm going to write mine as a list! :)

  • If I had a car, I would go on a road trip with my friends, or probably all by myself.
  • If I had a Canon EOS (or at least any kind of DSLR, hihi), I would be running around town or the city taking photos (mostly in weird positions! Haha!) !
  • If I had payed attention to my piano lessons when I was in grade school, I would have been a master pianist by now written about a couple of songs by now. 
  • If I had Senator Miriam Defensor's humor, I would have been famous in school.
  • If I had an iPhone (or atleast an Android phone), I would update you with instaphotos every minute hour!
  • If I had plenty of money, I would buy all of the books I've been meaning to buy at Booksale.
  • If I had the luxury of both time and money, I would take my family to a tour around the world! That would be fantastic!
  • If I had a twin and say we went to different colleges, I would ask her to switch places with me and see if our friends would notice that I'm not me! Hahah!
  • If I had been more careful, I would not have been spammed.
  • If I had an invisible cloak, I would be able to stalk my crush without worries of me being caught.
  • If I had a lot of money, I would indulge myself in the beauty that is Thailand. :)
I must say that today is a productive day! Though I woke up a bit later than the usual, I was able to do the laundry and several other chores that my Mom wanted me to finish. Now I'm off to catch up on the novel The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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