Even a little help can feel fulfilling

Bonjour! Today's prompt is to share a generous act you did to a complete stranger. It's the second to the last prompt people! =)

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 

It was already afternoon at that time, a couple of years ago, and I was in a hurry to get home for some reason. So, I hurriedly went out of the mall to the jeepney terminal. Passing by an ATM Machine, I noticed a lady - in her 30’s maybe - staring innocently at it, as if figuring out how to work it. I took a glimpse of her from the corner of my eye and swiftly passed by. Just as I passed, I heard her call me. Without second thought, I asked her if there’s something wrong. I knew it! She didn’t know how to use the machine. Oh, she’s like my Mom who needs to bring me everytime she has to use the ATM. Hehe. Anyway, considering that was in a hurry, I was hesitant to help her at first. Oh dear me, I didn’t know what to tell her. I’m not that all good at telling people directly what I really wanted to say, especially to a stranger. So, after a quick conversation with my conscience, I decided to give her a hand. It won’t take long. You just have to help her then go, I told myself. Besides, what harm would it make to help a person who asked nicely for assistance?

I instructed her how to do it. You put your card like this right here, wait a few seconds for the screen to change, then enter your pin, I told the lady. Of course, I was careful not to look over her shoulder haha. After a few more instructions, she finally retrieved a hundred peso bill. She then went on to get the remaining money in her ATM card while I waited until she finished.

After that, I kindly told her that I needed to get going. You know what she said? She thanked me and invited me for a snack! Being a shy girl that I am, I kindly declined her offer and made a move to go. But then she held my hand and put something in it. It was the hundred-peso bill that she withdrawed first. I sheepishly smiled and tried to return it but she hesitated. It was no big deal but I really did appreciate her token of kindness. :) As you may have expected, I walked away with a smile on my face that afternoon. I have to say that after that, the feeling of urgency was no longer there. :) 

More often, we tend to disregard the little things we do for people. Little do we know that for them, it's already big help. Even the littlest things we do make a mark on some people's lives. It may not be the noblest little thing you do, but as long as it helps, it counts. :)

What kind gesture did you offer a stranger lately?

Today is my Mom's birthday as well as the day my Aunt went back to Cebu! We started the day by attending mass and prepared a little feast for the celebrant which included chicken adobo and chicken tinola! Pinoy goodness! :) My brother and I also planned to buy Mom a surprise cake. My brother was supposed to buy the cake at the neighboring town after their beach party that afternoon. Unforunately they were not able to find a ride so the cake will have to wait till tomorrow. During the afternoon (they were at school), I found myself watching short films on Youtube. A Wong Fu Production film entitled The Last (which was posted on Facebook) started the little frenzy. Then I went on and clicked a few more clips that I actually enjoyed watching! Go take a peek at some of these wonderful videos! You Are Loved | The Plan | Signs


  1. SUCH an amazing story! It is crazy how gestures that seem so tiny can really mean to world to someone else! I love doing nice things for strangers...it is very fulfilling and makes your heart full.

  2. Aw, this is so lovely... what you did for her and her gratitude! Lovely!


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