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Ahoy mi hearties! How do you like me being all pirate-y? Haha! Before I proceed with today's prompt, allow me to thank you for keeping up with the rest of us for this challenge! The past few days has been pretty awesome and I honestly learned so much from all of you! I'm really looking forward to be friends with you all, not only until the end of this challenge but forever! ♥

So today's October Daily prompt tells us to choose three random blogs from the very first link-up and describe them! But how can I choose only three from among the wonderful bloggers who linked-up? Know what I did? Lol! Don't laugh. Instead of using a randomizer (because I can be biased and just click until I get the number I want), I used a method from the olden days (I guess) - the pick-a-number-from-the-fishbowl method. I forgot how it's called. Haha! Is it the lottery method? Anyway, I came up with these three wonderful blogs to describe! So let's get to it!

A real life, Merida! :) You know, from the movie Brave? She's a twenty-something student and illustrator! She's also married to her bestfriend, Brad! And they're celebrating their first Wedding Anniversary come November 17, so let me grab this opportunity to give a shoutout to ya: Advance Happy Wedding Anniversary, and may your years be filled with more love! | As her tagline says, her blog is a place to find simple things that make you smile! Indeed! She has this little series called 'Reason's To Be Happy' that features little recipes, diy and anything she fancies. She also almost always leaves little reminders at the end of her posts like Life is short. Make it amazing. Now isn't that wonderful? :)

Here's Nikki everyone! She's a 23 year old girl living with her daughter Jada. She fancies crafting, blogging, design, fashion, and among others, being a mother. Her 4 year old cutie has become her inspiration in living a happy life! You should check her little monkey (that's what she calls her) out! She's is totally cute and looks a lot like her mother, yes? :) She (her daughter), I believe, is the reason why Nikki started blogging. | I love her blog design, especially her header - a wonderful combination of pink and brown! Adorable! :)

Marla, as she describes herself, is a regular Californian girl. She loves sushi, animals, and photography! Also, she's a lover of languages and history that's why she's a double major! I figured I should tell you that. :) Her blog is a place where she writes about her travels and her observations. She's also a major, lifelong booklover which makes her even cooler! Also, I love her hair! :D | I just adore her travel photos and envy how she's gone to places like Versailles, London and Amsterdam! Oh please take me with you! *pleading XD

Whose blogs did you choose? Let me know!


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