Beautiful Brights

It's Day 28 of the October Daily! Only three days left and were almost done! Now I think we all probably know what it's like blogging everyday for a month! Ha!

Today's prompt is to do an outfit post. It's so unlikely of me to do an outfit post, but maybe I'll try sooner or later. Meanwhile, here is a photo of an outfit! Close enough? :)

Aren't the colors pretty? :) 

Show us some OOTD!


  1. I love the colours in the outfit and I am inspired to grab a pair of brown jeans! Never through about brown on bottom but they compliment coral so nicely!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt! Coral is one of my favorite colors (not for me to wear personally because I don't wear much color...just in general!) and I LOVE those buttons! Matches the pants perfectly! And I love those shoes and bag :]

  3. those are lovely colours! I never would have thought to pair blue and coral together, but it looks great! :)


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