An unforgettable High School memory

Hooray for Day 3 of the October Daily! But before that, I would like to say 'Hi!' to those who have just joined the challenge! :) Yesterday's prompt was great since I was able to discover more singers and bands, and hear wonderful music that I have never heard before!

Today, we are to share a high school memory that we will never forget. This prompt got me thinking - I had a lot of very wonderful memories all throughout high school! Of course, who doesn't, right? High school is just about the best four years of a person's school life - in my opinion! I thought it over and told myself, hm, why not this? So, please excuse me while I brag share a wonderful high school memory. :)

FCDSA 2009

I was in my third year when I started joining pageants like this. Back then, I was a timid and shy kind of girl. I'm not one to join beauty pageants. Sure, I've been chosen as Second Princess through a fund-raising back when I was still in preparatory school. After that, I had chicken pox. I didn't like it and it took me perhaps weeks to recover. I didn't like how the scars remained on my skin, making it like I could play connect the dots on it. Since then, I had never bothered joining anything like it because of the belief that if I joined those kind of contests, I'd get chicken pox again. Hahah. Don't laugh at me! I was a little kid! :) And you all know that you can only get chicken pox once. And I'm thankful that the scars were gone.

So that was a little bit of history. Now, back to high school. I guess it was in Arts class that our teacher announced that our year level needed a representative for our school's pageant. I didn't know what hit me that time. But the moment I heard my teacher say that there will be a pageant, I told myself  I'd want to join. And join I did. I didn't fear having chicken pox anymore, since I already knew you only get it once. Lol! Long story short, the pageant came and I won. I didn't think I'd be able to win the crown since my fellow contestants were all pretty and competitive and I knew nothing about walking the ramp and posing. I still wasn't acquainted to ANTM back then, so I really had no idea. I'm glad that my parents were always there to support me. I never would have done it without them. :)

During my fourth and last year in high school, another pageant came. It was the Search for Mr. and Miss FCDSA. FCDSA is an event where each town send their students to compete with other towns' representatives in the field of sports and cultural competitions. One day, my mom just approached me and told me that I was chosen to be our town's representative for the pageant. I was like, "Huh?". Since I was Miss HS, I think it is only fair that I would be chosen to represent the town. I was hesitant, but I secretly wanted to join. Upon meeting with the other towns' contestants, I grew nervous since there was no way I was gonna win. I mean, look at them! They're all pretty and smart. And all very competitive. The more I get to meet them during our practices, the more I see their chances of winning.

L-R: my teachers, us, our municipal officials, and my classmates

One thing I cannot forget about this event is our municipal trip and outreach. Before that, we had a little pictorial at a beach resort. We then went to a far barangay and had a little bonding with the little kids there. We bathed them, made them eat and played games. We also went to the town's wet market and sold fish! Imagine: Boys in polos and pants, and girls in casual cocktails and heels (with make-up!) selling fish. :) How appropriate! Lol! That was October 14th. It was fun because we never considered ourselves as rivals - no hate, no battling eyes, no schemes, nothing. We were just like a huge group of friends hanging out, and I liked that.

Then, the competition came. Another long story short, I won! I didn't even expect it! I was already happy that I was able to win a single sash, but I never expected to bag most of it. :D I was very happy that night! I had brought honor to my town! We were all very very happy! Just look at our faces in the photo above! :) I felt like the whole town was there! 

Say whaaaaat? :)

I'm very glad that I took the chance to experience being in a competition like this. I was able to win new friends (I was voted Miss Congeniality! Didn't see that coming!). After four years, were all still friends, and were planning on going for a reunion maybe before the next semester starts!

What's your unforgettable high school moment?

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