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October 13, 2013

A Quote to Remember

I didn't know this prompt fell on a Sunday, which is perfect timing. :)


One of the most powerful forces in the world, other than those explained by science, is the power of a prayer. It reaches the heavens faster than the speed of light. It doesn't need a single penny in order to be sent, and is the most effective and efficient means of communication. You may not always get a reply fast, but it will come sooner or later. All you need to do is to trust and have faith.

I have heard and witnessed several proofs to this. Once, a friend of mine was sitting at a bench very early in the morning, waiting for her (high school) classmates bound to take an all important college admission exam. Thus, the streets were empty. It was just her. A few minutes later, a group of guys (drunk guys) was in sight. She sensed danger coming, for when they looked at her, she saw in their eyes that they were not to be trusted. She didn't know what to do. If she ran, surely those guys would run after her. She had no choice but to stay and mutter a silent prayer. She prayed and prayed, until those guys were almost near her. She was just there with her head down, still praying and not moving. Afterwards, she was surprised when one of the guys said "Wait, you said there was a girl in here! Where is she?". She was still sitting at the bench and looking at the guys who are wondering where she went. She was in awe. Having found nothing, the guys left and my friend let out a deep sigh. It was an extraordinary experience for my friend, and a proof that prayer really works if we sincerely ask for it!

I too have experienced the wonders of a prayer for countless of times - not in an uncanny way. Once I was caught in a very stressful school situation. I prayed for strength and guidance. I made it out in joyful tears. It was the best feeling ever - letting out all the emotions after a very stressful month.

Whenever I would take an exam, I always pray "Let me, through You, receive the best and fruitful results." The test would come easy, and I would pass it, sometimes with flying colors.

Our org's laptop was lost. I was the one who handled it last, but I was sure that I had returned it days before they came looking for it. I was blamed. I blamed myself, too. It was horrible. I felt my heart burn everytime someone would call me to ask for it. I was sure I had returned it, but they couldn't find it. I didn't have thousands of money to replace it, so I sincerely asked God that it be found. Indeed, a few days later, our school security guard returned it.

Problems and difficulties, no matter how much we try to avoid it, will still come. "If problems are deep seated and long standing, try kneeling." Prayer is power. But let us not just look up when we are in dire need. We should learn to pray and communicate with him as often as we can. We are sons and daughters of God after all.


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How do you interpret the quote above? :)

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  1. Love your picture for this post! The colors are beautiful! :)