A Letter to Yong Hwa

Today's prompt is: Write a letter to someone whom you judged by first impression. It can be a serious or a humorous one! I don't like serious so I'm gonna do a bit of a humorous take on this one! Lol! I hope you do find my humor humorous, if that makes sense. Haha.

So I am going to write a letter to Yong Hwa, one of my errr... celeb crushes. I don't usually let people see my fangirl side but for the sake of this one, here ya go! Haha!


Dearest Yong Hwa:

Hi Yooo~ng! First of all, I apologize for I can't find a handsome photo of you. In most of the photos on google, either you were serious or the photo is crappy. Are you still reading this? Lol! Anyway, I'm sorry if I judged you based on first and physical impression. The first time I saw you, I thought "Oh here comes another Korean Heartthrob, another playboy. Tsss." Sorry about that but come on, you definitely look the part! You were another K-pop guy my friends go gaga all over. I am a Koreanovela/K-pop fan too, but not to the point that I shriek whenever I see my Korean idol on TV or even learn their complete biography. Haha! Only a die-hard fan does that. But you know what made me change my mind about you? I mean, about the playboy part? If you're guessing your We Got Married show with Seo Hyun, you got it right! 

My friends have been watching your reality show during vacant periods, and I happen to take a peek. Eventually, I found out that you're not just another gangsta guitarist. You are actually a good guy! And what's great to know is that you are caring and have such high respect for women. I loved your humor and how you are able to break the ice! Ever since I took a peek, I was hooked! From then on, I've become a fan. I've seen your movie Heartstrings and To a Beautiful You which are all good! And another thing: I don't know where you get it but your voice is just powerful! When I heard you and Seo Hyun sing your first and unrehearsed duet, I was blown away! 

So to end this short letter, I'd like to wish you all the best of luck in your career! Fighting! :)

Your fan,

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  1. Beautiful letter and I missed you yesterday Mary. Hope all is well on your end!! :)


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